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Crafting Motif 54: Bloodforge Style
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Crafting Motif 54: Bloodforge Style
by Stoneheart the Heartstone
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Bloodforge style

Clanfellows, in the name of the Hunt-Father, whom I invoke in his aspect as Alrabeg the Hunter, take now to heart these sacred schema that define the trappings of we who work the Bloodroot Forge. For it is as Bloodforge Smiths that we shall hammer the Nords upon the anvil of our rage and hatred, until all bend the knee before the Hunters of Hircine. Fellihboh!


Forge the axe, fine the work, broad the blade, filigree, wrap the haft, leatherly.


Broad the belt, interweave, strongly girt, buckle wide, cinch the sash, mammoth-hide.


Leather and stud, foot defense, kick and stomp, on offense, chase the prey, forward hence.


Strong recurved, simple bow, hurling darts, at the foe, quiver bulge, with swift arrow.


Bloodforged breast, tied to back, intricate, weave and tack, flexible, for the hunt.


Straight and broad, guard and blade, tang in hilt, Bloodforge made, cut and thrust, Hunter's knife.


Gauntlets tough, fingers free, forearms wrapped, guarding thews, Hunter's hand, grips and hews.


Antlers sprout , [sic] from helmet brow, casque is thick, cradling head, enemy sees, enemy's fled.


Serpentine, interweave, on front plate, of the greave, strap to calf, above the boot.


Heavy sledge, crushing arm, pounds the prey, deadly harm, weapon true, of Bloodforge.


Keyhole shape, writhing cord, brazen boss, five more round, Hunter praise, Hircine lord.


Oblong cops, curved at crest, metal plate, steel is best, forged in blood, fringed in fur.


Magic staff, tipped with horns, sharp and ringed, potent thorns, oaken haft, battle bred.


Double edged, long and strong, point for thrust, edge for slash, death in steel, doesn't rhyme.