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"Despite Lady Thorn's mysterious past, the Ravenwatch never felt the need to deal with her directly. She seemed content to hide away in the mountains, alone in her horrific castle. This one wonders if ignoring her was a terrible mistake." —Adusa-daro
Castle Thorn
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Group Dungeon
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
KarthaldWestern Skyrim
Instanced Dungeon
Group Size 4
Castle Thorn

Castle Thorn is a group dungeon nestled in the Haafingar Mountains of Western Skyrim. It will be part of the upcoming Stonethorn dungeon pack DLC, along with Stone Garden. The Vampire Lord Lady Thorn rules from here, commanding her Thorn Legion.

Biding her time in her mountain stronghold, Lady Thorn has quietly built her forces for some nefarious means. Now, whispers and rumors in Western Skyrim point to large host gathered at the castle, preparing to march to war … but to where and for what purpose?

Castle Thorn

Related Quests[edit]



Elite Enemies[edit]


Hard Mode[edit]


Boss Mechanics[edit]

Dread Tindulra[edit]

Dread Tindulra isn't very complicated when hard mode isn't active. She spits a lot of fire, and starting at 75% health, she periodically raises her head to the sky and howls, calling a swarm of Death Hound Broodlings to chase the group. Avoid the fire, kill the broodlings and defeat Dread Tindulra. It may be a smart idea to leave one of the Death Hound Broodlings alive, as Dread Tindulra will call another group of broodlings some time after one of her swarms has been completely culled.

Blood Twilight[edit]

Blood Pool Phase

The Blood Twilight is complicated compared to Dread Tindulra. There are two phases that the Twilight alternates between during the fight. Phase changes are on a one minute timer.

Standing Phase[edit]

The Blood Twilight engages the group up close during this phase. The change of phases is on a one-minute timer.

Dark Barrage
The Blood Twilight attacks one person by rapidly shooting purple bolts at them. The tank can get in front of the target and absorb the damage by blocking. Alternatively, the healer should go nuts to keep the target alive. However, the former is the more viable option. To best mitigate the damage without having the tank block in front of the target, the target should block, set up damage shields and make use of whatever heals they or the healer can throw at them. Attempting to survive without the help of a tank is not viable on Veteran difficulty.
Shadow Strike
The Blood Twilight teleports and slams down upon its target, dealing devastating physical damage. This can be survived by blocking, warding and healing on normal, but on Veteran, the Twilight should be focused on the tank to prevent weaker group members from being killed in one shot.
Summon Blood Channelers
Summons four Blood Channelers on all four sides of the room to empower the Blood Twilight. Kill them as soon as possible, they channel a beam into the Blood Twilight that causes it to deal more damage.
Blood Mines
Blood mines are occasionally summoned after the Blood Channelers die. Stepping on these mines deals magic damage. Try to avoid them; they're very obvious, and look like little red lumps sitting on the ground.

Blood Pool Phase[edit]

The Blood Twilight hovers above the center of the arena, becoming invulnerable and causing a pool of red Ichor to rise beneath it. A Reanimated Vampire is summoned during this phase. The change of phases is on a one-minute timer.

Standing in the ichor applies a slowing debuff, and deals a lot of magic damage over time. Stay out of the ichor. If you get hit into the pool, there are stairwells that you can climb to get out of it. Mitigate the damage as best you can as you make your way back up.
  • Shades: The Blood Twilight will summon red shades (identical copies of itself that cannot be hit) to try to push players into the center. If they manage to push you, they deal mild damage.
  • Strategy for Avoiding Being Hit Into the Ichor: Try to hug the wall. Your group should pick a corner to huddle in together and burn the Reanimated Vampire down. Huddling in a corner makes the shades less likely to hit you into the center. When the shades show up, stay in the corner and move around. Do not stray too far from the corner, lest you get shoved into the center.
Blood Channelers
If there are any Blood Channelers alive during this phase, now would be a good time to take them out, as the Blood Twilight itself will not face you to deal any damage.



Lady Thorn[edit]

Lady Thorn is the final boss of Castle Thorn.

Hard Mode Mechanics[edit]


Ancestral Necropolis[edit]

Ancestral Necropolis

The Ancestral Necropolis is a large graveyard leading up the the castle's courtyard, and the first area of the dungeon. Gwendis and Talfyg can be seen arguing near the entrance of the dungeon. Several Thorn Legion Sanguimancers, one Thorn Legion Mauler, several Skeletal Hound and plenty of Bloodfiends guard the path to the courtyard.

A single Thorn Legion Senche-raht guards the door to the courtyard. You cannot enter the courtyard unless you defeat the group of enemies in front of the door.

Castle Courtyard[edit]

Castle Courtyard

A large courtyard with a pointed fence blocking off an expanse of land littered with headstones on either side of the walkway. Dread Tindulra guards the entrance to the castle.

Castle Thorn[edit]

Castle Thorn

The castle proper. A chest can be found in the entrance hall, to the right of the stairs. An Architectural Survey Summary Report lies on table in the central hallway. A Thorn Legion Senche-raht must be killed to go through the door to the Garden Conservatory.

Garden Conservatory[edit]

Garden Conservatory

Southern Training Yard[edit]

Southern Training Yard

The Southern Training Yard must be passed to reach the Northern Training Yard. In this area, you will be introduced to the mechanic for the next boss fight. Vampires train for combat here. This is also the first area Hemopteras appear.

Northern Training Yard[edit]

Northern Training Yard

Beyond this area lies the Sanctuary of Lament. More vampires can be seen training for combat here.

Sanctuary of Lament[edit]

Sanctuary of Lament

Many creatures have been hung from the ceiling on hooks. Vaduroth is fought here.

Castle Keep[edit]

Castle Keep

A chest can be found on the northern side of the center hallway, before the stairs with the Seething Gargoyles. A heavy sack can be found in the eastern hallway, by the exit.

Castle Exterior[edit]

Castle Exterior

Statuary Garden[edit]

Statuary Garden

Talfyg serves as the dungeon's fourth boss in this section.



The last bastion before the Cathedral, where Lady Thorn is holed up. Two Seething Gargoyles guard the bridge, and two Thorn Legion Senche-rahts guard the door to the Cathedral.

Cathedral Narthex[edit]

Cathedral Narthex

A note titled A Daedric Proposal can be found on a desk in the center of the Cathedral Narthex.

Grand Cathedral[edit]

Grand Cathedral

Lady Thorn is fought here.


Talfyg’s Treachery (Light)
2 – Adds 833 Spell Critical
3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
4 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
5 – Increases Spell Damage by 372. Increases damage taken from Flame and Fighter’s Guild abilities by 10%.
Unleashed Terror (Medium)
2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
5 – When you deal direct damage with a Charge, Leap, Teleport, or Pull ability, you cut your enemy, causing them to bleed for 5 seconds, dealing 19728 Physical Damage over the duration. This ability can occur once every 10 seconds per target.
Crimson Twilight (Heavy)
2 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
3 – Adds 4% Healing Taken
4 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
5 – After taking damage you surround yourself in an 8 meter mist of blood. After 2 seconds, the mist is violently siphoned into your body, dealing 8220 Bleed Damage to nearby enemies and healing you for 100% of the damage done. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds.
Lady Thorn (Monster Mask)
1 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
2 – Casting an ability that costs Health spawns a blood ball for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.You or an ally near the blood ball can activate the Sanguine Burst synergy, dealing 5000 Disease Damage to nearby enemies and applies Major Maim for 5 seconds, decreasing their damage done by 30%. Enemies can only receive Major Maim from Sanguine Burst once every 30 seconds.


  • The entrance to Castle Thorn has been present since Update 26, with one of the towers also being present in the distance.


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