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Juline Courcelles
Daily Job Broker
Home Settlement Vastyr
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Juline Courcelles

Juline Courcelles is a Breton daily job broker who can be found in Vastyr. She is also an entrepreneur who has started her own tour company—Savage Systres Tours—and her quests relate to setting her business up.

Related Quests[edit]


Speaking with Juline when starting your first quest with her, will have her give a unique greeting:

"Now here's an intrepid explorer if I've ever seen one! How would you like to help Savage Systres Tours get on its feet? I've got a satchel of coin ready to reward anyone brave enough to step up!"

For subsequent quests, she will instead say one of the following:

"If it isn't my favorite explorer! Savage Systres Tours has need of you again, my friend!"
"There's still so much to get done before we can invite guests! Any chance you're looking for a job?"
"Ready to head out into the beautiful, lush wilds of Galen? Well, do I have a job for you!"
"What sounds better? The Great Galen Tour or Gallivanting Across Galen? Oh, apologies, you're probably here for work."

You will reply with one of the following:

What do you need help with?
How can I be of assistance?
What do you need me to do?
How can I help?

After coming back with quest completed:

"You're back! And I'm just certain you got the job done, right?"
"Now you look like a person who has seen the world! Do you have good news for me?"
"Now that's the smell of a job completed, if I've ever … er, never mind. How'd you make out?"
"Now there's my favorite sellsword. How did Galen treat you? Not too harshly, I hope?"

Speaking to her again after completing quest:

"Look at you! All enthusiastic. Wish I had something to give you, but you'll just have to come back tomorrow."
"I wish more visitors had your zest for adventure. Our tours would already be in full swing! Unfortunately, I don't have any contracts for you now. Come by tomorrow for more work!"
"I know you want to help Savage Systres Tours get up and running, but sadly I don't have any work for you right now.
Please come back soon, though!"
"You're so enthusiastic! I love it! But unfortunately I don't have any new jobs for you.
Swing by later! Something is bound to pop up soon!"

During and after her daily quest, you can ask Juline about her company:

So what exactly is Savage Systres Tours?
"Oh, just the next big thing to come to Galen! Perhaps the biggest thing to come to all of the Systres Archipelago!
Gonfalon Bay on High Isle attracts all the well-to-do from Tamriel. Well, my tour is going to change that!"
Why do you say that?
"Savage Systres Tours will combine the grandeur of High Isle with the … well, savageness … of Galen. We'll attract the most intrepid and adventurous tourists from across Tamriel!
And you can be a part of it!"
By performing these jobs for you?
"Exactly so! I need scouts to find the best spots for our patrons to explore. And since I'm so busy here in Vastyr, that means I need heroes like you to help out.
Together, we'll put Galen on the map!"

Quest Dialogue[edit]

Critter Capture[edit]

"Have you heard of Fauns' Thicket? It's a druidic site northwest of Vastyr. I hear it's filled with cute critters infused by its latent magic.
Now, what if you brought back some of these adorable critters for Savage Systres Tours to display?"
How am I supposed to capture these creatures for you?
"My friend Meshden said that placing lures near wispleaf blooms would do the trick. He told me all about Fauns' Thicket, but he refuses to go in. Poor fellow must be scared of those adorable critters.
I have the lures. Are you willing to go?"
I'll go to Fauns' Thicket and capture some critters for you.

Talking to her again:

"I'm sure Meshden can tell you more about Fauns' Thicket. You can find him in the Jaded Ornaug Tavern. Anyway, he said he always found critters near wispleaf blooms.
Oooo! Perhaps placing these lures near the flowers will attract some little friends?"

Speaking with Juline again after capturing some critters in Fauns' Thicket:

I captured a handful of critters in Fauns' Thicket.
"And look at how cute they are! With these adorable little critters on display, Savage Systres Tours will surely be a success!
I don't know which one I love more. It's impossible to choose! Oh, right— your reward!"

Helpful Handbills[edit]

"Did you know Sea Elves live on this island? How exotic is that? Could you imagine having a Sea Elf pirate captain lead your tour through the jungles and shoals of Galen?
That would certainly put Savage Systres Tours on the map!"
Aren't pirates dangerous?
"That's what makes it exciting! A captain named Dervalas tells me we can find Sea Elves in Llanshara, a settlement in northeast Galen. I need you to go there and post these handbills promising a job to any Sea Elf who steps forward.
I'll post the handbills for you.
"If you need to know more, talk to Captain Dervalas. He's usually down by the southern docks. And make sure you post those handbills where the Sea Elves can see them!
Sea Elves can read, right? Oh, no. Is it rude of me to even ask?"

After completing quest:

I placed all of the handbills in Llanshara.
"That's wonderful news! I'd better get ready for a flood of applicants coming my way any moment now!
And I'd better get your payment ready, too. You have brought Savage Systres Tours one step closer to reality, friend!"

Flower Fancier[edit]

"Galen is savage, untamed, and rugged. That brings in the intrepid explorers. But this island is also downright gorgeous, too. And no place is more gorgeous than Fauns' Thicket on the western coast.
The flowers there are simply lovely!"
I'm sure they are. What do you need me to do?
"Go to Fauns' Thicket and collect blossoms of kingsblood. Druid Yrene of the Stonelore Circle says the ones that grow there are the finest examples in Galen. They would be lovely for tour patrons who simply admire beauty!
Are you interested?"
I'll go to Fauns' Thicket and collect kingsblood blossoms.

Speaking with her again after starting the quest:

"We only need a few flowers. Savage Systres Tours has a reputation of ruggedness and danger, but a few pretty things would not go amiss.
Druid Yrene is down in the Vine District, if you'd like to know more about Fauns' Thicket or kingsblood."

After collecting the Kingsblood Flowers:

I have the kingsblood blossoms you asked for.
"My, these are lovely! And they just grew all over Fauns' Thicket? Perhaps I should add it as a stop on the tour. With a few reasonable precautions for our guests, of course. Here. A good job earns a good reward!"

Marking the Path[edit]

Start of conversation with Juline Courcelles:

"Do you know what Savage Systres Tours needs? We have jungles and volcanoes and caverns but what we really need is some history! We like to cater to a patron's mind as well as body.
So to Y'ffre's Path we go!"
Y'ffre's Path? What do you need me to do there?
"A knight named Sir Aval—oh, so handsome!—warned me of the area's dangers. I have the perfect solution: trail markers! Just place them along the route and it should be safe as can be.
I'll work out a deal with the Eldertide druids later."
I'll go and place the trail markers in Y'ffre's Path.

Speaking with Juline again after starting the quest:

"The markers should be placed in Y'ffre's Path along the best, er, paths. Oh, you know what I mean!
Hmm, maybe you should talk to Sir Aval before you set out. You can find him near the Fighters Guild here in Vastyr."

Returning to Juline after placing the markers:

I placed the trail markers in Y'ffre's Path.
"You placed the markers? Y'ffre's Path is as safe as can be, then! Sir Aval will be so pleased.
If you see him, send him my way! Or maybe I'll just give the handsome knight a visit …. Oh! And here's your reward, of course!"

Radiant Souvenirs[edit]

"You know what I've been thinking? Savage Systres Tours is missing the one thing every tourist loves: souvenirs! Thankfully I have just the idea to solve this pressing issue.
Radiant cores from Embervine! The perfect keepsake!"
And you want me to collect these radiant cores for you?
"Precisely! Nothing more exciting than small, glowing rocks. Very exotic! They will sell like sweetrolls! Or hot cakes. Or hot rocks, I guess.
A nice man named Filimor Vette was telling me all about them. He seemed very excited. Now I am too!"
I'll go to Embervine and collect these radiant cores.
"Once you collect enough radiant cores, bring them here! Filimor Vette can tell you more about them. You can find him around the stable near the north gate of Vastyr.
Hopefully the cores aren't hot. Or dirty. Hmm … you might want gloves!"

Returning to Juline after collecting the Radiant Cores:

I found several radiant cores inside Embervine.
"Oh, wonderful! They are so pretty! Now our gracious guests can have a keepsake to remember their tour of Galen forever and ever!
Hmm … I wonder how long these things glow?"

Volcanic Virtuoso[edit]

"Have you heard of Embervine? It's a volcanic area in eastern Galen. Picture burning magma, lush jungles, and twisting caverns … all at once! A Dark Elf named Urtisa Drolnor told me all about it.
I wish I could see it, but I'm busy here."
Where do I come into this?
"Please, go to Embervine and sketch its wonders. Drawings of the cave features, lava flows, and jungles will help convince patrons that Savage Systres Tours can show them sights they've never seen before!
What do you say?"
I'll go to Embervine and make sketches of what I find.

Speaking with Juline again after starting the quest:

"A handful of sketches, how hard can that be? Just ask Urtisa Drolnor about Embervine if you need to know more. I think I saw her at the fountain outside the cathedral's gate.
Oh, if only I could go! People say I have an eye for beauty."

Returning the Juline after making the charcoal sketches in Embervine:

Here are the sketches of the natural features found inside Embervine.
"These are really good! The scorch marks on the edges really sell them. Now all it needs is a splash of color, a fun little caption, and we'll have ourselves a Savage Systres Tour flyer.
You've earned this reward, friend!"