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"A form of scrip paid out for participation in the Alliance War or Battlegrounds exercises. This currency is used to purchase siege equipment and item sets to help you in your war effort."Daily Rewards description
ON-icon-misc-Alliance Points.png

ON-icon-Alliance Points.png Alliance Points are the currency used in Cyrodiil to purchase gear, siege weapons, repair kits and other items in the Alliance War. Points can be earned by killing other players, participating in the capture or defense of Keeps and Resources, recovering Elder Scrolls, and by completing certain PvP quests. Accumulation of Alliance Points goes towards your Alliance War rank, provides inspiration for the Alliance War skills, and determines your position on the campaign leaderboard. Also, the player gains 1 personal Skill Point for each rank gained in the Alliance War, up to the maximum of 50.

Earning Alliance Points[edit]

Participating in Player vs Player combat is one of the best sources of Alliance Points; but is naturally one of the hardest, since it pits players against other players. In addition, it can turn out to be an unreliable source, if enemy players cannot be found - or, indeed, if you tend to lose rather than win. Grouping with friendly players will cause points received to be distributed evenly, however the total amount of points per kill may decrease as the number of grouped players increases.[verification needed] Note that direct combat is not necessary to earn Alliance points, and that playing a support or healing role to allies gives just as many points as killing players.

Attacking or defending keeps and their resources automatically distributes a flat amount of Alliance Points to the victors. When attacking, the points are awarded the moment the keep is secured; while defending, points are awarded after combat dies down enough for the keep to be considered safe. Both keeps and resources have a "bonus pool" of Alliance Points, which is filled as players die during the battle. When the keep has been successfully taken or defended, these bonus points are also distributed among the victors.[1] Therefore, heavily contested keeps are more profitable than taking empty keeps.

Alliance Points can also be earned by participating in Battlegrounds matches. The amount you earn is dependent upon both one's team ranking at the end of the match, and one's own medal score.

Finally, repeatable quests handed out by faction notice boards and commanders award Alliance Points upon their conclusion. These include quests to kill opposing players, scouting keeps and resources, secure keeps and resources, and steal Elder Scrolls held by opposing factions. Only one of each type of quest can be given to a player at once, and each type of quest gives a different amount of points based on relative difficulty; with the least points given by scouting quests and the most by quests for the Elder Scrolls. Quests to take keeps, resources, and Elder Scrolls will not be given out if your alliance already controls all of the related objectives. In addition, participation in those objectives is mandatory to satisfy the quest - for instance, if a quest is taken to secure a keep, but the keep is then taken without your assistance, the quest will not register success. In order for such a quest to complete, either the objective must fall back into enemy hands to give another chance to succeed, or the quest must be abandoned.

The various repeatable daily quests in Cyrodiil's five minor towns - Bruma, Cheydinhal, Vlastarus, Cropsford and Chorrol (half of the Chorrol quests are given at nearby Weynon Priory) also give a few hundred Alliance Points each, which can add up if you succeed in doing all ten quests for the town that day: although if the town in question is under enemy control, the problem of actually getting close enough to speak to the quest giver to start or finish the quest without alerting the patrolling guards (or indeed any nearby enemy players) is left as an exercise for the reader. Cheydinhal and Chorrol are a little easier in this respect, since both towns are officially neutral in the war (although deep within a faction territory) and are patrolled by their own non-factional guards - although both players and guards of the controlling faction may pass through: the other three towns are in a state of open warfare, usually between the factions on whose borders they lie (if the third faction takes the town, it's either a quick smash-and-grab raid for a Conquest-board daily quest, or they dominate the entire board!), and in Bruma's case with an invasion of Dremora as well thanks to a Dolmen that has erupted in the town.

In addition, Alliance Points are frequently given out as Daily Rewards. These rewards will increase your alliance rank and skill lines just like those earned by participating in PVP, but only for the character that claims the rewards, so if you have multiple characters, be mindful of which one you use to claim Alliance point rewards.

Alliance Points Boosts[edit]

There are various methods to boost the number of Alliance Points earned. These buffs can stack.

  • The Pelinal's Ferocity buff boosts Alliance Points and Experience Points earned from player kills by 100%. It can be obtained by activating a Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity or Basin of the Gore Virtuous during the Whitestrake's Mayhem event.
  • The Blessing of War buff boosts Alliance Points earned by 20% in Cyrodiil. It can be obtained by killing any delve boss in Cyrodiil.
  • A campaign may have a Low Population Bonus and Low Score Bonus for alliances that have fallen behind in the leaderboard. These bonuses double the amount of Alliance Points earned in that campaign. These two bonuses can be stacked.
  • Other Alliance Point bonuses may be made available from time to time, as part of limited-time events or PvP live testing.

Colovian War Torte, Molten War Torte, and White-Gold War Torte can be eaten to boost the rate at which experience is earned towards Alliance Rank and the Assault and Support Alliance War skill lines, but these foods do not actually increase the number of Alliance Points you earn.

Alliance War Ranks[edit]

Rank Name Grade AP to
Next Rank
Total AP
for Rank
Skill Lines Armor Dye Furnishings
0 ON-icon-ava-Citizen.png
N/A 700 0 Assault and Support Rank 1
Unlocked on entering Cyrodiil
1 ON-icon-ava-Volunteer.png
Grade 1 900 700 Assault and Support Rank 2
Unlocked at 0000700700Alliance Points
Volunteer's IronVolunteer's Iron
(00000607607 Gold or 0000200200Alliance Points)
2 Grade 2 6,400 1,600
3 ON-icon-ava-Recruit.png
Grade 1 14,400 8,000 Assault and Support Rank 3
Unlocked at 00080008,000Alliance Points

(00000607607 Gold or 0000400400Alliance Points)
4 Grade 2 25,600 22,400 Assault and Support Rank 4
Unlocked at 003800038,000Alliance Points
5 ON-icon-ava-Tyro.png
Grade 1 40,000 48,000
(00000607607 Gold or 0000600600Alliance Points)
6 Grade 2 57,600 88,000 Assault and Support Rank 5
Unlocked at 009800098,000Alliance Points
7 ON-icon-ava-Legionary.png
Grade 1 78,400 145,600 Assault and Support Rank 6
Unlocked at 0188000188,000Alliance Points
Legionary's LeadLegionary's Lead
(00000607607 Gold or 00010001,000Alliance Points)
8 Grade 2 102,400 224,000 Assault and Support Rank 7
Unlocked at 0308000308,000Alliance Points
9 ON-icon-ava-Veteran.png
Grade 1 129,600 326,400
(00030003,000Alliance Points)
10 Grade 2 160,000 456,000 Assault and Support Rank 8
Unlocked at 0488000488,000Alliance Points
11 ON-icon-ava-Corporal.png
Grade 1 193,600 616,000 Assault and Support Rank 9
Unlocked at 0758000758,000Alliance Points
Corporal's GreenCorporal's Green
(00040004,000Alliance Points)
12 Grade 2 230,400 809,600
13 ON-icon-ava-Sergeant.png
Grade 1 270,400 1,040,000 Assault and Support Rank 10
Unlocked at 11580001,158,000Alliance Points
Sergeant's CharcoalSergeant's Charcoal
(00050005,000Alliance Points)
14 Grade 2 313,600 1,310,400
15 ON-icon-ava-First Sergeant.png
First Sergeant
Grade 1 360,000 1,624,000 Surplus Flaming Oil (page)
(001000010,000Alliance Points)
16 Grade 2 409,600 1,984,000
17 ON-icon-ava-Lieutenant.png
Grade 1 462,400 2,393,600
(002000020,000Alliance Points)
18 Grade 2 518,400 2,856,000
19 ON-icon-ava-Captain.png
Grade 1 577,600 3,374,400 Captain's VioletCaptain's Violet
(001500015,000Alliance Points)
20 Grade 2 640,000 3,952,000
21 ON-icon-ava-Major.png
Grade 1 705,600 4,592,000
(002000020,000Alliance Points)
22 Grade 2 774,400 5,297,600
23 ON-icon-ava-Centurion.png
Grade 1 846,400 6,072,000 Centurion MetalCenturion Metal
(002500025,000Alliance Points)
24 Grade 2 921,600 6,918,400
25 ON-icon-ava-Colonel.png
Grade 1 1,000,000 7,840,000
(003000030,000Alliance Points)
26 Grade 2 1,081,600 8,840,000
27 ON-icon-ava-Tribune.png
Grade 1 1,166,400 9,921,600 Tribune's SteelTribune's Steel
(002500025,000Alliance Points)
28 Grade 2 1,254,400 11,088,000
29 ON-icon-ava-Brigadier.png
Grade 1 1,345,600 12,342,400
(004500045,000Alliance Points)
30 Grade 2 1,440,000 13,688,000
31 ON-icon-ava-Prefect.png
Grade 1 1,537,600 15,128,000 Prefect's GrayPrefect's Gray
(005000050,000Alliance Points)
32 Grade 2 1,638,400 16,665,600
33 ON-icon-ava-Praetorian.png
Grade 1 1,742,400 18,304,000
(003000030,000Alliance Points)
34 Grade 2 1,849,600 20,044,600
35 ON-icon-ava-Palatine.png
Grade 1 1,960,000 21,896,000 Palatine's WhitePalatine's White
(003000030,000Alliance Points)
36 Grade 2 2,073,600 23,856,000
37 ON-icon-ava-August Palatine.png
August Palatine
Grade 1 2,190,400 25,929,600
(005000050,000Alliance Points)
38 Grade 2 2,310,400 28,120,000
39 ON-icon-ava-Legate.png
Grade 1 2,433,600 30,430,400 Legate's BlackLegate's Black
(00020002,000Alliance Points)
40 Grade 2 2,560,000 32,864,000
41 ON-icon-ava-General.png
Grade 1 2,689,600 35,424,000 General's GoldGeneral's Gold
(003000030,000Alliance Points)
42 Grade 2 2,822,400 38,113,600
43 ON-icon-ava-Warlord.png
Grade 1 2,958,400 40,936,000 Warlord's RedWarlord's Red
(005000050,000Alliance Points)
44 Grade 2 3,097,600 43,894,400
45 ON-icon-ava-Grand Warlord.png
Grand Warlord
Grade 1 3,240,000 46,992,000 Grand Warlord's VioletGrand Warlord's Violet
(00080008,000Alliance Points)
46 Grade 2 3,385,600 50,232,000
47 ON-icon-ava-Overlord.png
Grade 1 3,534,400 53,617,600 Overlord's PurpleOverlord's Purple Disconnected Transitus Shrine (page)
(0100000100,000Alliance Points)
48 Grade 2 3,686,400 57,152,000
49 ON-icon-ava-Grand Overlord.png
Grand Overlord
Grade 1 3,841,600 60,838,400 Grand Overlord's BrassGrand Overlord's Brass Decoy Elder Scroll (page)
(0200000200,000Alliance Points)
50 Grade 2 64,680,000
Emperor Ruby Throne RedRuby Throne Red Throne of Cyrodiil (page)
(0250000250,000Alliance Points)


  • In appearance, Alliance Points resemble the rhombus-shaped Chim-el Adabal, and are stamped with the Imperial dragon.


  • When Update 13 was released, Decoy Elder Scrolls were unbound. These versions can be sold to players who have not achieved the rank of Grand Overlord. This was quickly hotfixed, so all new Decoy Elder Scrolls are now bound on pickup.