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Dueling is a feature in which you can battle another player in a PvE zone. Dueling can be accessed from the interactions menu or through the /duel command. Once a duel starts, you have five seconds to prepare, after which the duel begins. Duels are centered on a flag and must remain within a certain radius of it; if either player ignores the warnings and leaves the radius, it will be treated as a forfeit. Once a player reaches 0 health, the other player wins the duel, and the losing player can resurrect themselves at no cost.

Excluding AvA areas such as Cyrodiil, dueling can occur anywhere in an overland zone, i.e. not inside dungeons or buildings. This also excludes places such as the Wailing Prison. Dueling invitations can be auto-declined through a toggle in the Options menu if desired.

The Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven is designed specifically for dueling. The area surrounding the Bergama Wayshrine is a popular spot for duelists due to the flat terrain.


There are 3 achievements related to dueling:

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Blooded Duelist.png Blooded Duelist 5 Win your first duel against another player.
ON-icon-achievement-Seasoned Duelist.png Seasoned Duelist 10 Win 25 duels against other players.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Duelist.png Master Duelist 15 Win 100 duels against other players. Title: Duelist