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Capture the Relic is a Battlegrounds game mode falling under Flag Games. Its objective is to secure enemy relics five times to earn 500 points for one's team. Enemy relics can only be captured while one's team holds its own relic.

The Relics begin the game at their respective bases, where they will remain until a player of an opposing team picks it up. For a brief duration, the picking up of relics can be interrupted, though it can be attempted again. It will hover above the head of the player who picked it up as it is carried by the player. If the carrier dies, the relic will fall from the carrier and all players will have the opportunity to interact with it to either claim it, or, if the interacting player is a member of the relic's team, send it back to its original position. If the relic run is uninterrupted, the relic runner will be able to earn 100 team points and 500 medal points by bringing it to their own base, where it will then disappear. After a few seconds, it will return to its original position. As with all other Battlegrounds, to earn 500 points is the objective.


As with all other Battlegrounds, Capture the Relic features a number of Battleground-specific medals.

Icon Name Points Description
Relic Capture
ON-icon-medal-First Relic.png First Relic 111 Capture the first Relic of a match
ON-icon-medal-Relic Runner.png Relic Runner 500* Capture a Relic
ON-icon-medal-Relic Hunter.png Relic Hunter 100* Kill a Relic carrier
ON-icon-medal-Assist.png Assist 100* Help a team mate kill a Relic carrier
ON-icon-medal-Relic Bruiser.png Relic Bruiser 50 Deal 5k damage to Relic carriers
ON-icon-medal-Relic Fearsome Fighter.png Relic Fearsome Fighter 100 Deal 25k damage to Relic carriers
ON-icon-medal-Relic Gladiator.png Relic Gladiator 200 Deal 50k damage to Relic carriers
ON-icon-medal-Relic Champion.png Relic Champion 400 Deal 375k damage to Relic carriers
ON-icon-medal-Relic Crushing Blow.png Relic Crushing Blow 10* Score an 11.75k damage hit to a Relic carrier
ON-icon-medal-Humble Protection.png Humble Protection 100 Do 5k healing on a Relic carrier
ON-icon-medal-Devoted Protection.png Devoted Protection 200 Do 18.75k healing on a Relic carrier
ON-icon-medal-Relic Protector.png Relic Protector 300 Do 37.5k healing on a Relic carrier
ON-icon-medal-Divine Guardian.png Divine Guardian 400 Do 375k healing on Relic Carriers
ON-icon-medal-Critical Healer.png Critical Healer 100* Score a 7.5k healing hit on a Relic carrier
*Medal can be earned multiple times per match.


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Newblood Relic Hunter.png Newblood Relic Hunter 5 Capture your first Relic in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Relic Hunter.png Veteran Relic Hunter 10 Capture 20 Relics in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Grand Relic Hunter.png Grand Relic Hunter 15 Capture 100 Relics in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Newblood Relic Guardian.png Newblood Relic Guardian 5 Defeat a Relic carrier for the first time in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Relic Guardian.png Veteran Relic Guardian 10 Defeat 20 Relic carriers in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Grand Relic Guardian.png Grand Relic Guardian 15 Defeat 100 Relic carriers in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Tactician.png Tactician 15 Help your team capture both enemy Relics within 10 seconds of each other.
ON-icon-achievement-Triple Threat.png Triple Threat 15 Capture three enemy Relics in a single Battleground match.
ON-icon-achievement-Divine Guardian.png Divine Guardian 10 Earn your first Divine Guardian Medal by healing at least 375,000 points of damage for Relic carriers in a single Battleground match.


  • As a flag games Battleground, Capture the Relic games have the potential to net Stormlord style pages.
  • A popular stratagem among players it to situate team members at one's own base to prevent the capture of one's own relic while sending other team members to take the relics from enemy bases.