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A Transitus Shrine

The Transitus Network is the chief means of long-distance travel in Cyrodiil, by means of the Transitus Shrines located in each of the Alliance-controlled Keeps. Wayshrines also exist, but only in the Border Keeps, and their purpose is to facilitate travel back to the PvE areas outside of Cyrodiil.

Each of the nodes on the network is connected by a link. If two nodes are controlled by the same Alliance, and neither is currently under siege, then members of that Alliance may use the Transitus Shrines within those locations to travel instantly between nodes, or to any other nodes where a completely connected path exists. Certain links are only usable by the home Alliance of a territory; that is, the faction which initially controls that territory. There are six types of nodes on the network:

  • Border Keeps - These form the roots of the network. Each Alliance has two, and they cannot be taken over by other Alliances. They also provide all of the services for that Alliance within Cyrodiil, and transport back to the PvE areas. Each Border Keep is connected to a Temple Keep, an Outer Keep, and the other Border Keep for its Alliance. Only the home Alliance can use these links.
  • Temple Keeps - These are the last line of defense over the Scroll Temples. They are generally the most well-defended, and least likely to change hands (at least not for very long) over the course of a campaign. Each is connected to one of the Border Keeps, as well as the Hub Keep for its Alliance. Only the home Alliance can use these links.
  • Hub Keeps - Each Alliance controls one Hub Keep. These form a critical connection between the Border Gate and Temple Keeps and the Ring Keeps around the Imperial City. By default, they are surrounded by other Keeps of the same Alliance, two Temple Keeps, and two Ring Keeps. This makes them difficult to attack without first taking out some of the surrounding Keeps. The links to the Temple Keeps can only be used by the home Alliance, but all Alliances can use the links to the Ring Keeps.
  • Ring Keeps - These six Keeps surround the Imperial City, and form the most hotly contested areas. It is necessary for a single Alliance to control all six of them in order to crown an Emperor from their ranks. Each is connected to the other Ring Keep of its starting Alliance, as well as the Alliance's Hub Keep, an Outer Keep, and an Outpost. Only the home Alliance can use the links between Ring Keeps and Outer Keeps. All Alliances can use the other links.
  • Outer Keeps - These three keeps on the outskirts of Cyrodiil are important mainly to keep a Transitus line open when attempting to expand into enemy territory. They are each connected to one Border Keep and one Ring Keep from each of the two Alliances whose areas they sit on the border between, as well as the nearby AvA Town and Outpost. The controlling Alliance may only use the network to travel into their own territory; even if the enemy controls the Ring Keep and the Outer Keep, they cannot use the link between them.
  • Outposts - Six of these more weakly-defended forts also sit on the borders between the Alliances' zones; three of them closer to the center, along the ring around the Imperial City, while the other three are connected to the Outer Keeps, and are at the edges of their respective territories. Due to their weaker defenses and desirable locations along the network, they are likely to change hands far more frequently. The former three are connected only to two Ring Keeps from opposing Alliances, and they are the only nodes that can expand the network beyond an Alliance's home territory. Because of this, they form a weak point in the network for Alliances attempting to expand into enemy territory. They became a full part of the Network in Update 12, having it previously only be possible to transit into the outposts from the Network due to damage to their Transitus Shrines. The latter three Outposts are only connected to the nearby Outer Keep.
  • Towns - For Bruma, Cropsford, and Vlastarus, the Alliance that controls the town has access to the Safe House. A Transitus Shrine can be found here, with a single connection to the nearest Outer Keep.
Cyrodiil Transitus Network in the initial state
Aldmeri Dominion Daggerfall Covenant Ebonheart Pact
Border Keeps ON-mapicon-BorderKeep-Aldmeri.pngEastern Elsweyr Gate
ON-mapicon-BorderKeep-Aldmeri.pngWestern Elsweyr Gate
ON-mapicon-BorderKeep-Daggerfall.pngNorthern High Rock Gate
ON-mapicon-BorderKeep-Daggerfall.pngSouthern High Rock Gate
ON-mapicon-BorderKeep-Ebonheart.pngNorthern Morrowind Gate
ON-mapicon-BorderKeep-Ebonheart.pngSouthern Morrowind Gate
Temple Keeps ON-mapicon-Keep (AD).pngCastle Black Boot
ON-mapicon-Keep (AD).pngCastle Bloodmayne
ON-mapicon-Keep (DC).pngFort Rayles
ON-mapicon-Keep (DC).pngFort Warden
ON-mapicon-Keep (EP).pngFarragut Keep
ON-mapicon-Keep (EP).pngKingscrest Keep
Hub Keeps ON-mapicon-Keep (AD).pngCastle Faregyl ON-mapicon-Keep (DC).pngFort Glademist ON-mapicon-Keep (EP).pngArrius Keep
Ring Keeps ON-mapicon-Keep (AD).pngCastle Alessia
ON-mapicon-Keep (AD).pngCastle Roebeck
ON-mapicon-Keep (DC).pngFort Aleswell
ON-mapicon-Keep (DC).pngFort Ash
ON-mapicon-Keep (EP).pngBlue Road Keep
ON-mapicon-Keep (EP).pngChalman Keep
Outer Keeps ON-mapicon-Keep (AD).pngCastle Brindle ON-mapicon-Keep (DC).pngFort Dragonclaw ON-mapicon-Keep (EP).pngDrakelowe Keep
Outposts ON-mapicon-Outpost (AD).pngNikel Outpost
ON-mapicon-Outpost (AD).pngCarmala Outpost
ON-mapicon-Outpost (DC).pngBleaker's Outpost
ON-mapicon-Outpost (DC).pngWinter's Peak Outpost
ON-mapicon-Outpost (EP).pngSejanus Outpost
ON-mapicon-Outpost (EP).pngHarlun's Outpost
AvA Towns ON-mapicon-AvA Town.pngVlastarus ON-mapicon-AvA Town.pngBruma ON-mapicon-AvA Town.pngCropsford

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