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Crafting Motif 122: Dead Keeper Style
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Crafting Motif 122: Dead Keeper Style
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Dead Keeper style

From: The Desk of Abbot Ilvel
To: All Curates
Regarding: Dress and Weapons Code

Fellow Keepers of the Dead:

It has been brought to my attention that our order has of late been lax in our attention to our appearance. Many members of our organization have allowed personal preferences and affectations to overwhelm our dedicated robes and unique equipment. In many cases it has become difficult to determine true members of our order from followers who have taken to imitating our aspects, as well as those who have found our robes and armor to be a comfortable alternative to their normal gear.

For this reason, I have requested Keeper Davela to standardize of our dress and armament code. A coherent look for our vestments and equipment will help all of us in our duties, providing a common presentation to our fellow worshipers, and aid in the presenting the clarity of our duties. Those seeking their ancestors within our catacombs should know at a glance that one of our Keepers is available to assist them.

Thank you for taking this time to review this material, and I look forward to compliance among our numbers.

May our sainted ancestors watch over us, as we venerate their names.

—Abbot Ilvel


Our order's axes are distinctive in appearance. The heads are engraved with symbology from the founding of Necrom itself, and the "Crows-beak" at the rear of the axe's head provides a dangerous threat as well. Our order's axes are beautiful and practical and should be always well-cared for.


Regardless of material, belts should be well-maintained. Metal fasteners and buckles must be shined, the leather components oiled, and any cloth cleaned on a weekly basis. Worn and damaged materials should be replaced, and continual damage should be reported to Keeper Davela.


The footwear of our order has been crafted with respect to our duties and obligations to the ancestors. Our open sandals allow us to feel the ancient dust and absorb wisdom of our forebearersn [sic], and the soft soles allow us to move with reverence among the crypts. Keep them in good order.


Low ceilings can make bow fire problematic, but we are not always in the crypts, and some challenges are best dealt with at range. Made of steel-shod hornwood, our bows are resilient. However, because of the conditions in the tombs, strings and arrow fletching must be replaced often.


Our robes and jackets are one of the first things that worshipers look for, so they must be kept immaculate and professional-looking. No tattered sleeves, ragged hems, or patched elbows will be allowed, and the clothing should be freshly laundered every third day.


Bone-crafted blades must be treated with respect for the creatures they were forged from. Lightweight but ultimately fragile, they should be kept in secure scabbards before they are deployed. Any cracks or splinters should be called to the attention of Bonecrafter Gilyne.


Our order's gloves and gauntlets are fingerless, the better to allow our Keepers to better commune with the stonework and ashes of our peoples. This does create challenges from a standpoint of protection, so that any blood or other damage must be promptly dealt with before the ichor sets in place.


Hoods and masks provide the uniformity of appearance that brings recognition and honor to our order. There is nothing more thrilling than a procession of well-dressed and well-hidden followers, bearing lamps and tablets. Facial tattoos are not forbidden among our ranks but are discouraged.


Leg protection is key in dark areas with a lot of low, stone benches and crypts set close to the floor. Whether metal leg protectors or our long, kilt-like kirtles, these items must be kept in good order, so they may take the brunt of any inadvertent damage and not the ankles and calves.


Our order's maces are engraved with designs from the days of Prior Durdryn himself, who established the initial abbey in Necrom. The head is steel inlaid with silver, as is the shaft, and the suede-leather grip allows easy handling. All pieces must be kept in working order.


Steel shod over flexible frames, these large shields are capable of shedding off the strongest of blows, protecting both the wielder and their charges. The engraved central shield boss provides added weight and defense to the user. Keep all fasteners and grips tight when in the field.


While the normally traveled reaches of the catacombs are kept clear and accessible, some of the more ancient and abandoned passages suffer from decay and collapse. For this reason, continual upkeep of shoulder protection is key to being able to clear and restore more ancient tunnels. Keep yours in shape.


Our staves are both utilitarian and symbols of our Order. The pronged head is good for both focusing magical energies and fishing out valuables that have fallen between the crypts. The solid base pieces allow the user to administer a reprimanding thump to inattentive novices.


Our blades are bone-crafted - treated osseus remain of loyal creatures and (occasionally heroes of the Order), set in suede-wrapped steel grip. They are treated with respect and should only be drawn when bloodshed is absolutely necessary.