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Crafting Motif 105: Crimson Oath Style
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Crafting Motif 105: Crimson Oath Style
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Crimson Oath style

We are the oathsworn of the Red Father. The scarlet reavers of the Razor King. The bloodletters of the Fire-Veined God. We are the Crimson Oath! We offer endless death and destruction to Lord Dagon be it our enemy's or our own. When we take the field of battle, we vow one thing: blood will spill. Take your oath garb and drench it in the gore of our enemies. This is the greatest offering you can make to our Great Prince.


An axe serves no purpose but to cleave. It is made for destruction alone. It is the blessed weapon of Lord Dagon. A Crimson Oath axe must be rugged and sharp, for you will wield it until the blade is worn to a nub and every part of it is stained red.


A gut wound is your worst enemy. It offers you nothing but a lingering death, uselessly languishing on the battlefield instead of dying in a glorious display. For this reason, we wear the rigid girdles around our abdomens. Trade your arm, leg, or even your neck to protect it, or you'll suffer a wretched end beneath the gaze of our Lord.


Ironclad and spiked! Heavy enough to crack stone! Let them hear the Oath's march thunder far and wide like a coming storm! Drive your knees into the enemy's guts and trample their entrails! Kneel upon the neck of your conquered foes and let the spikes drink deep of their despair!


The barbs of arrows are best used to hinder a foe, not slay them. There is no enjoyment to be had in quick strike to the head or the heart. Leave your enemy hobbling and you will know the joys of beating your foes with the springy snap of a spike covered bow. It is a slow and satisfying process.


Leave your chests bare and show your scars, or wrap them in the many bloodied bandages of battles prior. Let the enemy see how long it has been since you have tasted failure and death. Mourn the loss of them when next the Deadlands spits you out naked and fresh.


Jagged and hooked! Razored and sawed! This is a tool of pain! It must be made to cut and rend and tear! I find them more fitting for entertainment after a battle, but I will admit some of you can make a delightful display of toying with your prey.


Protect your hands as dearly as your guts. What use will you be unable to carry a weapon or strangle life out of a foe? Heavy hides, iron, and good sharp spines will ensure your fists carry on dishing out pain for eons to come.


A secret I'll share: the mortals are unsettled by an unclear face and patterns of holes. Something in their weak, little minds quavers at the sight of them. Replace your face with such sights and you'll taste a rare treat in the nectar of their fear.


Much like the girdles protect our guts, the skirts and leggings are key to keeping your legs and groin intact. Wounds to either will rarely kill us, but they'll leave you struggling to continue the fight while your fellows leap and stride over you for glory.


Is there no more brutish weapon than the maul? It is the avalanche embodied! A simple weapon with one embellishment suggested by our tormentors. The mortals possess small hammers called tenderizers they use to pulverize meat for consumption. This is one of their rare, good inventions.


Shields may seem like a waste, but if made well—and used skillfully—even these tools for protection can bring pain and destruction to your enemies. Find the sturdiest plates, rivet them together, add as many spikes as you fancy and ram your enemy with it in a headlong charge. You'll see.


Always strap at least one strong, sharp piece of metal to your shoulder. It can keep you from having your arm lopped off, but more importantly you can throw all your weight behind it and gore some fool who thought your only weapon was what you had in hand.


Hurling fire and lightning is all well and good in the eyes of the Prince of Destruction, but when you've exhausted your limited power: what then? Well, what is a staff if not an overlong mace? A sturdy, pointy, bludgeon on the end of your precious stick will get some real blood on your hands.


The Crimson Oath has no need for what the loathsome mortals call "swordplay." Just writing it makes me retch. A sword is not a plaything. It requires no artistry. It needs to cut and cut well. Hone a hunk of forge-smudged iron to an edge you can put all your might behind. That is all you need.