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This article is about the creature. For the item set, see Lady Thorn (set).

Lady Thorn
(lore page)
Location Castle Thorn
Race Vampire Lord Gender Female
Health Normal3283772Veteran7412883
Veteran20607814 (Hard Mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Thorn Legion, Gray Host
Direnni (former)
Condition Vampire
Lady Thorn

Lady Thorn is a High Elf Vampire Lord who rules over Castle Thorn. She used to be known as Lady Ingerien of Clan Direnni.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Bat Swarm
Lady Thorn summons a swarm of bats to blanket the entire arena, dealing increasing damage over time to those who stand in it. A single green AoE (reminiscent of Zaan the Scalecaller's shield throw) will appear in the thick of the swarm, somewhere on the ground. Standing in that circle will protect you from the bats.
Lady Thorn approaches a player with alarming speed and drains some of their blood, dealing major physical damage.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you enter the castle proper after passing Dread Tindulra:

Lady Thorn: "Uninvited guests! In my home! Please forgive my hospitality. I have not entertained in centuries."

Upon entering the Garden Conservatory with Gwendis and Talfyg, Lady Thorn's voice to suddenly boom out as Talfyg performs his sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Lady Thorn: "Well done, Talfyg. You brought me a daughter of Verandis, as requested. She will complement our lord's army well."
<Talfyg strikes Gwendis, taking some of her essence and summoning a Blood Twilight.>
Gwendis: "What is this? Damn it, Talfyg, what have you done?"
Talfyg: "Your blood flows strong, Gwendis! My lady has need of you. But she has no use for the others."
Gwendis: "No! You won't get away so easily!"
<Talfyg transforms into mist and escapes through the door on the other side of the room. Gwendis follows suit.>
Gwendis: "You can handle this. I refuse to let him win!"

Defeating groups of her Thorn Legion before entering Vaduroth's chamber, Lady Thorn will be impressed.

Lady Thorn: "Such power! Perhaps I should not let my pets tear you limb from limb. Vaduroth can take your soul, instead."

When you finally reach the Great Cathedral to confront Lady Thorn, she will be waiting for you.

Lady Thorn: "The absolute gall! Little people, coming into my home and destroying my creations! You will pay!"

Combat Dialogue[edit]

Idling before combat:

"I'm ready for a meal. Let us begin."
"You smell powerfully delicious!"
"I hope you fight well, blood is so much tastier when terrified."
"How good of you to join me for dinner."

Starting combat:

"The feast begins!"
"Try not to die too quickly."


"Expose your veins, I want a taste."
"I enjoy playing with a meal."
"Don't look so worn out. I'm just getting started!"
"Make me work for it. The blood becomes even sweeter!"
"Your struggle gets tastier by the second."


"Die, fool!"
"I will taste your agony!"
"You flounder in your fear!"


"Let loose your blood!"
"Embrace the pain!"

Sea of bats[verification needed]:

"Gather up so I can get a tasty look at you!"
"Don't be shy. It's almost time for dinner."
"Don't move around so much. You never know what lies in the dark."


"Let me get a taste of you!"
"Such delicious power."

When summoning her Blood Crawler: or whatever she does at 75% of hp

"There is no escape!"
"You cannot run!"
"You will die!"


"Accept my embrace!"
"Come to me morsel!"
"Let me feast on your terror!"
"Step into my domain!"
"Become the feast!"

When you throw Corrupted Blood at her:

"This blood is weak!"
"What inferior taste!"
"Ugh! The taste of rodents!"
"Don't feed me this trash!"

???[verification needed — her dialogue?]

"Now you're trapped!"
"Caught you in my trap!"


"Enough playtime. I thirst for blood!"
"Now witness the fury of blood!"
"The blood runs weak!"
"Release the power within your blood! Let the feast begin!"
"Come, let me drink your strength."
"I hunger for more!"

At around 25% health, she says:

"Every scratch, every cut, the power in your veins fills the air. This meal will be the finest in years!"

Group wipe:

"Your blood will fuel my growing power!"
"You see what happens when you come into my home uninvited!"
"You wrecked my beautiful castle on your way to me. You deserve more than such a simple death."
"There will be no graves for you. Only ashes!"
"My Thorn Legion shall storm across all of Skyrim!"

When she dies:

"My lord … will … hear of this."



  • If you move her towards the entrance during combat, Lady Thorn may stop moving, talking and attacking entirely, simply hovering in place. If you bring her health down to zero in this state, she will not die. At this point, the battle is unwinnable and the instance has been softlocked, as Lady Thorn cannot kill any members of your group, and you cannot kill her. ?
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