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Location Castle Thorn
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Vampire

Talfyg is a Nord vampire who can be found in Castle Thorn.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Deals moderate magic damage over time.
Cross Swipe
Deals devastating physical damage with his claws.
Basic melee attack that deals moderate physical damage.


When you first approach, Gwendis is arguing with him.

Gwendis: "Seems fairly quiet here so far, Talfyg. You're not misleading me, are you?"
Talfyg: "I swear, what I told you is true. I see no need for this distrust between us."
Gwendis: "Showing me a spooky castle proves nothing, Talfyg. Get us inside without drawing attention, then I'll decide how to feel about you."
Talfyg: "Then maybe we could move faster, hmm? I'd like to get in before the fiends see us."

Speaking to him here:


Speaking to him after accepting the quest:


When you move up the hill towards the first add pull, Gwendis and Talfyg get moving.

Gwendis: "All right, that should draw the patrols. Now show me this secret door."
Talfyg: "Yes, this way. And step quietly. The stones have ears."

The pair will meet up with you in the Garden Conservatory. Lady Thorn's voice suddenly booms out.

Lady Thorn: "Well done, Talfyg. You brought me a daughter of Verandis, as requested. She will complement our lord's army well."
<Talfyg strikes Gwendis, taking some of her essence and summoning a Blood Twilight.>
Gwendis: "What is this? Damn it, Talfyg, what have you done?"
Talfyg: "Your blood flows strong, Gwendis! My lady has need of you. But she has no use for the others."
Gwendis: "No! You won't get away so easily!"
<Talfyg transforms into mist and escapes through the door on the other side of the room. Gwendis follows suit.>
Gwendis: "You can handle this. I refuse to let him win!"

When you enter his chamber:

Talfyg: "How dare you reject Lady Thorn's offer? Look! Tremble before the power you might have wielded!"
<Talfyg transforms into a Bloodknight.>
Gwendis: "There's no running away this time, monster!"
Talfyg: "My lady demands your head as tribute!"

Location Castle Thorn (Statuary Garden)
Race Bloodknight Gender Male
Health Normal(?)Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Thorn Legion
Condition Vampire
Talfyg (Bloodknight)

Idling before battle:

"Stop stalling and fight!"
"Well come on then! Feel the power that you could have held!"

Starting combat:


Summoning Volatile Hounds:

"Rise and feast!"

Summoning a gargoyle:

"Come to me! Shatter these fools!"
"You will become ashes!"
"Watch silently no longer! Take flight and attack!"
"The power of my blood brings you to life!"
"Break free and crush these bugs!"

Group wipe:

"I'll feast well on your blood tonight!"
"Lady Thorn will reward me for this victory!"
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