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Blood Twilight
Location Castle Thorn
Species Grievous Twilight
Health Normal(?)Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Thorn Legion
Blood Twilight

The Blood Twilight is a grievous twilight summoned by Talfyg after he steals some of Gwendis's essence. It appears in the Garden Conservatory of Castle Thorn, and serves as the second boss of the dungeon.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Standing Phase[edit]

Blood Twilight

The Blood Twilight engages the group up close during this phase. The change of phases is on a one-minute timer.

Dark Barrage
The Blood Twilight attacks one person by rapidly shooting purple bolts at them. The tank can get in front of the target and absorb the damage by blocking. Alternatively, the healer should go nuts to keep the target alive. However, the former is the more viable option. To best mitigate the damage without having the tank block in front of the target, the target should block, set up damage shields and make use of whatever heals they or the healer can throw at them. Attempting to survive without the help of a tank is not viable on Veteran difficulty.
Shadow Strike
The Blood Twilight teleports and slams down upon its target, dealing devastating physical damage. This can be survived by blocking, warding and healing on normal, but on Veteran, the Twilight should be focused on the tank to prevent weaker group members from being killed in one shot.
Summon Blood Channeler
Summons four Blood Channelers on all four sides of the room to empower the Blood Twilight. Kill them as soon as possible, they channel a beam into the Blood Twilight that causes it to deal more damage.
Blood Mines
Blood mines are occasionally summoned after the Blood Channelers die. Stepping on these mines deals magic damage. Try to avoid them; they're very obvious, and look like little red lumps sitting on the ground.
Threshing Wings
The Blood Twilight hits its target with its wings.
Blood Slash
The Blood Twilight slashes you with its claws, dealing major physical damage.

Blood Pool Phase[edit]

Blood Pool Phase

The Blood Twilight hovers above the center of the arena, becoming invulnerable and causing a pool of red Ichor to rise beneath it. A Reanimated Vampire is summoned during this phase. The change of phases is on a one-minute timer.

Standing in the ichor applies a slowing debuff, and deals a lot of magic damage over time. Stay out of the ichor. If you get hit into the pool, there are stairwells that you can climb to get out of it. Mitigate the damage as best you can as you make your way back up.
  • Shades: The Blood Twilight will summon red shades (identical copies of itself that cannot be hit) to try to push players into the center. If they manage to push you, they deal mild damage.
  • Strategy for Avoiding Being Hit Into the Ichor: Try to hug the wall. Your group should pick a corner to huddle in together and burn the Reanimated Vampire down. Huddling in a corner makes the shades less likely to hit you into the center. When the shades show up, stay in the corner and move around. Do not stray too far from the corner, lest you get shoved into the center.
Blood Channelers
If there are any Blood Channelers alive during this phase, now would be a good time to take them out, as the Blood Twilight itself will not face you to deal any damage.
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