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Britta Silanus
Daily Job Broker
Home City Leyawiin
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Britta Silanus

Britta Silanus is an Imperial daily job broker who can be found in Leyawiin.

Related Quests[edit]


When you talk to her when she has a quest available, she will say one of the following:

"If you've got the spine for dealing with the worst threats to Blackwood's peace and security, we could use you. And I think we might be able to find something from the city's vaults to reward you for your trouble, too."
"Want to prove yourself? Put your skills to good use in the service of Blackwood. You'll be well rewarded from Leyawiin's vaults if you come back victorious."
"We only employ those who know what they're doing in a fight. Do you think you have what it takes?
There's a fine reward waiting in the coffers of the Chamber of Legates if you do."
"We seek brave, skilled warriors. Does that describe you, or should we keep looking?
Leyawiin's Chamber of Legates authorized me to reward those who prove their worth, if that influences your answer."

You will reply with one of the following:

I'd like the work. How can I help you?
I'm willing. What do you need done?
I'm ready for some work. What's available?
What do you need?

After accepting any quest:

"Never fear, the Chamber of Legates pays its debts. The vaults of Leyawiin are deep, and we have gold to spare for people who can take care of trouble for us."
"You've got a job. Go on, get out there."
"You've got what you need to get going. The sooner started, the sooner done."

Returning from completing the objective:

"How did you fare?"
"You return with good news, I hope?"
"You're back! I confess I was not entirely sure I would see you again. I assume you bring good news?"
"You've returned. What of your task?"

When she has no more quests to offer you:

"I love your enthusiasm, but I don't have anything else for you at this moment. Never fear—something will come up soon."
"The Chamber of Legates appreciates your help. We'll have more work for you soon."
"We don't have any more work for you today. But check back soon!"

You can also ask about:

How many adventurers have you hired for this work?
"A fair question. I'll hire anyone who looks like they know which end of a sword to hold.
It's my job to match up adventurers like yourself and big problems that need solving. Specifically, problems that require a group of adventurers to handle."
Are problems like that common in Blackwood?
"The wilds can be dangerous in the best of times, but things have gotten worse of late. With all Blackwood's troubles, the Ivory Brigade can't spare many brigadines to keep the roads safe and the monsters in check.
So we hire mercenaries."

A Reign of Frogs[edit]

"It's your lucky day. The Chamber of Legates asked us to send someone to a lake in northeast Blackwood to collect singing frogs. It's important for some sort of Argonian cultural exchange.
The problem is, that's the territory of Old Deathwart."
Old Deathwart?
"The biggest, meanest death hopper anyone's ever seen. Imagine a man-eating frog the size of a cow. Then give it a bad temper and decades of froggish guile and dirty tricks.
I guess the legates really want those singing frogs. What do you say?"
I'll collect the singing frogs. And I'll deal with Old Deathwart.

You can ask for more information:

What's so special about these singing frogs?
"Argonian musicians prize singing frogs for use in their instruments. Specifically, a strange device called a vossa-satl. The frogs that live in the area around the Panther River are supposed to have a unique chirping call."
Is Old Deathwart a singing frog too?
"I very much doubt it. And even if it was, I don't think Argonians make a vossa-satl in Old Deathwart's size.
In all seriousness, don't underestimate Old Deathwart. A giant carnivorous frog is no joke."
Why is the Chamber of Legates interested in Argonian musical instruments?
"Some city official wants to curry favor with a local Argonian chief. We've been asked to find something … appropriate. And if we can remove a threat like Old Deathwart at the same time, so much the better.
The job pays well, anyway."

After you complete the task:

I killed Old Deathwart and collected several singing frogs.
"I'm relieved to see you hale and whole. Old Deathwart was a known man-eater. I couldn't remember if I mentioned that part before. Anyway, those singing frogs should make the Argonians happy.
Thank you. We'll have another job for you soon."

Call of the Ruinach[edit]

"There's a dark hollow along the coast to the south. Many travelers have died there. Horribly.
The locals say that it's cultists dabbling in Daedra-summoning. And that the creature they call harvests the souls of its victims."
A Daedra? What kind of Daedra?
"Those few who have escaped report only a name: Ghemvas the Harbinger.
Can you seek out Ghemvas and destroy it? You'll also need to use holy oil to sanctify the bodies of those who have been killed. Their very souls are in peril."
I'll deal with Ghemvas the Harbinger and sanctify the bodies I find in its lair.

You can ask for more information:

If Ghemvas destroys everyone that ventures within its grasp, what chance do I have?
"I'm hoping that you'll prove stronger than those who have confronted the Harbinger already. We can't have a monster like that lurking in the area and feeding on souls.
If we can't save their lives, then at least we can free their spirits."
I'm not sure I know how to sanctify something.
"I asked the priests at Zenithar's temple about that. All you need to do is pour a little of the sanctifying oil I gave you over the body of a fallen warrior. And the priests said it wouldn't hurt to pray for the soul to be at peace."
What's a soul-reaping Daedra doing in Blackwood?
"I've heard that the Ayleids bound Daedra to all sorts of tasks long ago. Perhaps the cultists who are summoning this thing found something the Ayleids left behind.
Feel free to kill any cultists you see, by the way."

After you complete the task:

Ghemvas the Harbinger has been destroyed. And the souls of the fallen are free.
"I thank you. It was a grim and dangerous task I gave you, but it had to be done. The families of those Ghemvas killed will be glad to know those souls are at peace.
Take this, with our gratitude. We'll have more work for you soon."

Goblin Research[edit]

"We've got Goblin trouble. The Toad-Tongue Tribe has a new war chief, a fierce fellow named Zathmoz. They took over the ruins of Atatar, and they're harassing everyone nearby.
Worse yet, some ninny of a scholar went into Atatar to study them."
How did that work out?
"It didn't. But now her assistant wants us to recover any notes the scholar managed to record before the Toad-Tongues ate her.
Can you deal with War Chief Zathmoz and collect the scholar's lost notes? You'll be well paid, of course."
I'll deal with War Chief Zathmoz and recover any research notes I can find.

You can then ask for more:

What can you tell me about War Chief Zathmoz?
"The Toad-Tongues weren't much trouble until Zathmoz came along. Now they're attacking caravans and raiding homesteads. He's the problem.
You won't catch Zathmoz alone, by the way. He's got a small army of Toad-Tongues around him."
What about the researcher?
"Zathmoz left her gnawed bones and a note by the road as a warning not to spy on the Toad-Tongues. But it seems she observed the Goblins for quite some time before they caught her.
Scholars. Not a lick of common sense."

After you complete the task:

The Prowler-Fangs [sic] won't bother anyone for a while. And I collected the research notes.
"Good! Toad-Tongue raids brought trade in northern Blackwood to a standstill. And our unfortunate scholar would be glad to know that her notes survived.
Thank you, on behalf of Leyawiin. We'll have other jobs for you in the future."

Legend of the Man-Bull[edit]

"There's a Minotaur causing trouble in the woods south of Fort Blueblood. They call the brute Bhrum-Koska … but it's only half of the problem.
We think that recent archeological work drew the monster to the area. And may draw more of its kind."
How does an archeological dig draw a Minotaur's interest?
"Most likely, the scholars dug up some sort of cursed heirloom. Minotaurs are often drawn to things like that. So, when you deal with the Minotaur, make sure you collect any unearthed heirlooms or curios you find.
I'll make it worth your while."
I'll deal with the Minotaur and recover any old heirlooms or pieces I find.

You can then ask for more information:

"Several days ago, a huge Minotaur attacked a party of scholars examining old ruins near Fort Blueblood. Only one lived long enough to tell her tale to a passing traveler. She died with the monster's name on her lips: Bhrum-Koska."
What were the scholars looking for?
"A long-lost shrine that was once dedicated to the demigod Morihaus, the Man-Bull. It's said that Morihaus was the father of all Minotaurs, so I suppose I'm not surprised that people digging around in one of his old shrines angered Bhrum-Koska."

When you complete the task:

Bhrum and Koska were two Minotaurs, not one. I defeated them both and recovered the heirlooms.
"Two Minotaurs? I heard rumors about a monster with four arms and two heads—now I know why. Let's hope that removing the heirlooms those scholars dug up keeps Minotaurs from returning to the site.
Take this, with the gratitude of Leyawiin."

Rites of the Sul-Xan[edit]

"Have you heard of the Sul-Xan? They're a hostile Argonian tribe led by chaos-worshiping cultists. They kidnap people for sacrificial rituals.
A dangerous new band of Sul-Xan ritualists recently established a camp north of the road to Gideon."
Sacrificial rituals?
"We want to put a stop to that, as you might expect. I need someone to wipe out this camp of Sul-Xan ritualists and save the captives they're holding before the Sul-Xan sacrifice them.
Are you willing to take the job?"
I'll deal with the Sul-Xan ritualists and save any captives I find.

You can ask for more information: Tell me more about the Sul-Xan.

"They're trouble. The tribe is large and fierce. They hate anybody who isn't Sul-Xan, even other Argonian tribes. Usually you don't see them west of Gideon, but small parties of Sul-Xan raiders pose a threat throughout Blackwood."
Why are they so hostile?
"They're fanatical worshipers of chaos and death. My Argonian friends tell me that the Sul-Xan have a one-sided view of Argonian religion. They embrace the darkest, cruelest beliefs, and scorn the rest as weakness."

When you complete the task:

I defeated the Sul-Xan ritualists in the encampment and saved the captives.
"Thank you. The families of the captives you saved are in your debt. And I'll sleep better knowing that those Sul-Xan fanatics won't trouble us for a while.
Take this, with the appreciation of Leyawiin. And check back for more work soon."

The Trophy-Taker[edit]

"A huge Argonian outlaw by the name of Xeemhok the Trophy-Taker makes his lair in some old ruins near Vunalk. He is a murderous beast, but so far none have succeeded in bringing him to justice. He's killed dozens of challengers."
Why do they call this behemoth the Trophy-Taker?
"Because he decorates his lair with the remains of his victims. Xeemhok mauls them so badly they are unrecognizable.
Not only do we need to defeat the Trophy-Taker, we need to search the bodies in his lair for tokens to identify the fallen."
I'll defeat Xeemhok the Trophy-Taker and bring back tokens to identify his fallen foes.

You can ask for more information:

A huge Argonian? How huge?
"An Argonian behemoth, to be precise. He's as big as an ogre, and not quite as smart. When Xeemhok gets bored, he attacks travelers and rampages through the countryside. Someone has to stop him."
Why did the challengers bring tokens to the fight?
"It's a tribal tradition. Xeemhok is a vicious brute, but he respects the ways of his people. He demands that anyone challenging him must present a token that attests to their bravery.
I think we're done playing by Xeemhok's rules, though."

When you complete the task:

I defeated the Argonian behemoth Xeemhok and collected tokens from fallen warriors.
"Excellent news! At last someone has put an end to Xeemhok's brutal reign. These tokens you brought back should help us to identify those adventurers who were less fortunate than you.
Here—Blackwood thanks you. Check back for more work soon."