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Crafting Motif 99: Waking Flame Style
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Crafting Motif 99: Waking Flame Style
Designs by Renowned Master Armorer and Metalworker Edmund Mido
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Waking Flame style

A guide on dressing and armoring the supplicants of the Waking Flame Cult in the fashion to best please Lord Dagon and commit atrocities on the tiresome "innocents" roaming Tamriel.

These are the accounts of my life's designs and works. Do not make me look like a fool or seek to 'improve upon' my designs with your lesser input. I tailored my life's work to serve Dagon. I crafted each piece to evoke the Prince of Fire and Flame's destructive might. Your ill-advised input into these designs—should you be stupid enough to attempt to provide it—is unneeded and will not even be successful. My work is perfection itself.


The last thing those foolish enough to cross our sacred order see is the axes of the executioner. Adorn them liberally with jagged points for martial combat as well. If any weapon you create cannot be used to disarm an enemy of our Lord, then you will be carted through a portal into his realm and left for the scamps.


Belts should be crafted from plain leather, functional but not eye-catching. The point of a belt is to keep the wearer's body armor from falling and, as such, it had better not be gaudy. Dagon cannot abide useless garments.


Interlock the plates protecting the top of the foot and ensure there is plenty of coverage. Stealth is not a concern for the followers of Mehrunes Dagon. There is no point in subterfuge or concealed actions, not when we hold dominion over Tamriel.


As with everything, ensure that bows and quivers are functional. But go beyond that; make them multifunctional. Bows should be made from metal-plated wood, with fangs and points to stab or trap an enemy's sword.


Our hearts beat strong for the Prince of Destruction. Protect those organs with overlapping slabs of metal. Fit the chest pieces to the wearer's torso, but leave the ribs exposed. Anyone without the stomach to die in the service of Dagon does not deserve to keep it.


Daggers are nothing but small swords. Keep the blades simple, but ensure the style is kept. The daggers should mirror the design of the swords. If the daggers do not evoke the fearsome, towering structures of Dagon's lands, your position will be forfeit.


The greatest feature of my glove design are their clawed fingertips. If you forget the claws on any of the gloves you create, I will personally show you exactly what they are used for. Do not test my patience on this.


Suit the helmet's heft and style to match your supplicant's needs. Add a cowl—change the location of the horns—do what you must evoke the majesty of the Daedra that serve our Lord, for they are brothers to our cause.


Provide protection only to the front of the leg. If a warrior allows an enemy to attack them from behind, then the warrior should suffer the consequences of their inadequacy.


Model the mace head after the machines created by the Daedra to aid the Prince of Destruction in his plans. The grip is long and straight with a short, spiked end that can be thrust through an enemy's armor.


The shields wielded by our warriors are made in the image of the doors to Oblivion, which is where the warriors will send our enemies. Craft them with overlapping metalwork with pointed ribs exposed from the sides of the shields. Waking Flame fighters delight in using the shield's vengeful side faces to slam into other combatants, spilling blood for Lord Dagon.


The shoulders bear the brunt of the weight of Dagon's expectations. Fortify the shoulder guards well to ensure no cowardice or foolhardiness stands in the way of our Lord's plans. Overlap the metal shoulder plates and bind them securely to your supplicant's arms. Ensure they can never be removed.


Long polearms with wicked-looking, bulbous spikes on either end, the staves created for the cult borrow their imagery from the structures of Dagon's lands. One imperfection in the assembly could cause the staff to be unable to properly expel the power it holds and explode. The deaths your laziness or incompetence causes are on your hands.


The blade of a sword should rise out of the pommel like a Deadlands spire. If you dare to make a curved blade, I will personally see to it that you are sacrificed to Lord Dagon.