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Crafting Motif 119: Blessed Inheritor Style
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Crafting Motif 119: Blessed Inheritor Style
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Blessed Inheritor style

So follows the instructions for vestments of the followers of our Blessed Founder, Matriarch Lladi. By my visions through the Blessed Stone, I have seen us on the day of her return. She will know us by the adornments that protect us against the Scourge. Adorn yourself, and at your life's end, pass them on to those who come after to witness our lady's blessed arrival.


Our axes are double bit with clean, elegant, curved blades. Let each fall of your axe rend as much ruin as if it were the fall of our beloved Tower of Shadow's Blessing.


At our waists, the sigils of our order surround a fixed point: a symbol of our Matriarch Lladi, our society fixed around her blessed return, the strands of our sigil in dark leather to show no fear of the shadows that cloak our blessed valley.


Our boots are built with sturdiness about the shins, that we stride forward with purpose to meet our Matriarch's arrival. Our knees are bared, such that we will feel it all the more keenly when we fall to them in her presence.


Our bows are fashioned in recurve, as in the recursive nature of time. The limbs are bound in the same cloth and leather strips of our vestments. May your aim be as unwavering as our faith in our Matriarch Lladi's return.


These vestments are secured with laces to stand for the interconnectedness of all things. We may adorn ourselves with scarves and modest fastenings of gold, but little else that may lead us from the humbleness of my visions.


Our daggers have no guard. The flame-blade hungers for the return of the Scourge, to cut first and sink deep and be their fated end.


Our bracers and gauntlets must leave our arms free to move: to cast, to draw bowstrings, to strike the Scourge in heavy, lethal blows. Make sturdy and emboss with the sigil of our order, but leave wrists and elbows free to do what must be done.


On the day of our Matriarch's return, I have seen our heads hooded in leather. With penitence, we bow our heads in conspiracy to see the end of the interlopers, the Scourge that may follow our blessed lady.


I have seen that we wear sturdy leather, draped in somber patterns. We evoke the sturdiness of Ash Mountain, which does not ask for grace or swiftness, but stands sturdy to exhibit its power all the same. So must we root ourselves in place and chance the world that surrounds us.


I have seen our maces topped with five points, a head sharp with thoughts of malice and ruin. It dreams of a day to be used against the Scourge, to crack their bones and feast on their blood.


Faith is your first line of defense. For ceremony as well as practicality, let the intricate sigil of our order face the Scourge first. Let it be crowned with three points, for that which shields may also serve as a weapon in dire times.


Our shoulders are curved, holding to the traditional stylings of our people. But let their dependable leather be embossed with the strands of our sigil—reassuring hands on both shoulders that guide you forward.


The staves carried by our mages will carry a marking like a star breaking the night and secured with fasteners of gold. The head is split like two arrowheads: our Matriarch's departure, and her blessed return, but joined in steadfast promise.


We carry blades with undulating edges, long and dark like columns of rising smoke. The guards are weapons in their own right, shaped into points, and of course embossed with the strands of our order's sigil.