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Syvarra of the Deep
Location Ko Estaran
Species Lamia
Health 1,592,276 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Motifs: Outlaw Axes, Outlaw Belts
Syvarra of the Deep

Syvarra of the Deep is a powerful lamia matriarch found in the ruins of Ko Estaran. She is one of the two world bosses in Hew's Bane. Two groups of lamias and snakes must be dispatched before she will appear.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Syvarra slashes at the player with her claws should they be in close quarters, dealing a moderate amount of physical damage.
Vicious Bite
Syvarra rears back before lunging forward to bite you, dealing very high physical damage. This attack can be blocked.
Poison Spew
Syvarra quickly spits a cloud of poison mist at the player, indicated by a quickly growing conal AoE, dealing high poison damage. She often uses this attack after Dash.
Syvarra slithers across the ground and towards the player in a quick dash, in an effort to bridge the gap. Does not deal any damage.
Ripples of Water
Syvarra manipulates the water to form three batches of spreading ripples that she sends out in front of her in a 90 degree angle. Stepping on one of the ripples will stagger the player and deal high physical damage each. Should the player move away from front of the boss during this attack, she will reposition herself and send out the remaining batches towards the player's current position.
Syvarra starts channeling a spell in a large radius around her, pulling players close by towards her while stunning them. Once fully charged, she unleashes a powerful water blast, dealing a massive amount of physical damage should the player be within the AoE effect. Break free from the stun and run out of the circle before the wave is released.
Syvarra burrows into the ground, bursting out towards the players' position, dealing immediate high physical damage if caught in her path as well as leaving lingering pools of toxic water, dealing high continuous poison damage, both indicated by large circular AoEs. She does this around three times before finally coming to the surface, allowing her to be targeted once more.
Summon Snakes
Syvarra periodically summons her serpentine minions, usually in batches of three. These snakes are able to spit poison from long range, but have relatively low health.
Summon Lamia Spellslinger
Syvarra summons her lamia minions, who utilize spells in battle.


There are two Achievements associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Deepest Shallows.png Deepest Shallows 10 Kill Syvarra of the Deep at Ko Estaran.
ON-icon-achievement-Defender of Hew's Bane.png Defender of Hew's Bane 15 Defeat both Hew's Bane world bosses.