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Crafting Motif 111: Ascendant Order Style
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Crafting Motif 111: Ascendant Order Style
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Ascendant Order style

Welcome to the cause, recruit! Not so long ago I was a new aspirant in the Order, just like you. With devotion and hard work, I advanced through the ranks of knight, guardian, and banneret until the Ascendant Lord himself selected me to serve as the Order's chosen champion. Let my example inspire you to embrace your duties with similar zeal.

While we must hide our faces as we go about the Order's work, it is important that our arms and our uniforms declare our allegiance for all to see. We are no rabble, no mere bandits! We are the knights who rise from the shadows, challenging those who mistreat and misrule us. Wear your hood and helm with pride, recruit. You share a bond of fraternity with all who bear them.

This is what the Order requires of our arms and armor.


In close battle all parts of a weapon may come into play. The blade of an Ascendant Order axe features a strong forward point for thrusting, as well as a sturdy steel haft for blocking enemy blows. The blade's hook can also be used to dismount riders.


A wide, sturdy belt made from reinforced leather guards an Ascendant soldier's waist and supports weapons and armor worn on the lower body. For heavy armor, a hinged plate adds protection for the knight's groin.


Speed and stealth are just as important as protection for an Ascendant Order knight. Soft leather reinforced by steel plate at the knee and ankle provides good mobility and a quieter footfall than sabatons with more extensive coverage. The heavy armor adds a shin-guard of steel sandwiched between layers of dark leather.


Every land seems to have its own preferred material and pattern for a bow, but one of the advantages of recruiting from all over Tamriel is the ability to take the best each offers. An Ascendant Order bow is a compound weapon made from sturdy rosewood or yew, powerful enough to pierce heavy plate at close range.


Much of the Ascendant Order's work requires stealth and subterfuge. Dark leather helps a knight to remain concealed until the moment they strike, and to vanish again when their work is done. Even the breastplate of heavy armor is typically covered by soft leather to muffle sounds and hide the telltale gleam of steel.


Relatively narrow for its length, an Ascendant Order dagger is designed for the thrust, not the slash. Its thin blade easily pierces mail, but it is strong enough to resist bending or breaking. The crossguard can also be used to catch or disarm an enemy's blade.


The arms and hands of an Ascendant Order soldier are protected by vambraces of boiled leather (for lighter suits) or steel (for heavier armor). Sturdy leather gloves cover the wearer's fingers. Flexibility and ease of wear help our knights to conceal their armor when needed.


As the Ascendant Lord likes to say, "Anonymity is our sword and our shield." Knights of the Order hide their faces because they belong to all races and all lands. Even the lightest armor features a mask and hood to conceal the wearer's identity.


An Ascendant Order knight may be called upon to slip unnoticed through a crowd, scramble over rooftops, or outrun enemies in heavier armor. The best pattern for our greaves is a light, close-fitting plate of stiffened leather or steel that provides the best protection possible without sacrificing speed.


The Ascendant Order often confronts well-armored enemies, and nothing is better for crushing armor than a good heavy mace. Even a knight in plate can be disabled by a mace-blow to the leg or knocked senseless by a strike to the helm. A strong steel haft balances the weapon's weight and ensures it won't break in battle.


Made from overlapping plates of light, strong steel, the Ascendant Order shield is a sturdy heater distinguished by its engrailed upper edge and nicked sides. A skilled fighter can easily catch an enemy's blade with these seemingly decorative elements. Naturally, the shield proudly displays our crown-and-gauntlet emblem.


An Ascendant Order warrior typically wears close-fitting, rounded spaulders to protect the shoulders and upper arms. These pieces have few embellishments and fit snugly, so that the wearer can easily don or remove a cloak in order to disappear into a crowd. They are also less likely to snag in brush or foliage.


Some knights fight with sword and shield; others fight with spell and staff. The Ascendant Order welcomes all who are ready to fight against tyranny. An Ascendant Order staff is a strong rod of steel with a dark leather grip. The weapon's head is heavy enough to deal a deadly blow in melee, if a battle comes to that.


Few swords can defeat plate armor with the edge alone, so the Ascendant Order favors a narrow blade with a sturdy cross-section suitable for thrusting as well as slashing. Punching the point through a joint or visor is more effective than trying to club down a well-armored adversary with the edge. Strong quillons help to protect the wielder's hands in the thick of the fight.