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The Ascendant Champion
Location Sareloth Grotto, Sword's Rest Isle
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 267687 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Ascendant Order
The Ascendant Champion

The Ascendant Champion is a Breton member of the Ascendant Order. She is in charge of the plot involving the abduction of Guild Scholar Valessea and the theft of some very special medallions.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Ascending Doubt[edit]

She is first encountered deep in Sareloth Grotto where she is speaking with a fellow Ascendant about the medallions you are collecting:

Ascendant Acolyte: "We hid the medallions throughout the grotto as you requested. Do you want to take them with you?"
The Ascendant Champion: "Are you questioning my orders, worm? Leave the medallions exactly as I instructed."
The Ascendant Champion: "Now I must take my leave. I have other matters to attend to."
<A portal is opened and she leaves.>

A King's Retreat‎[edit]

After it is revealed that the medallions were sabotaged to kill whoever wore them, you race against time to locate the medallions that were handed out and dispel the magical trap on them. However, Valessea soon contacts you with bad news, she can no longer get in contact with Lady Arabelle who was delivering the amulet to High King Emeric directly on Sword's Rest Isle. When you arrive at the island with Jakarn, you find that the Ascendant Order have already attacked. And according to the Ascendant Champion's New Orders, the new plan is to murder King Emeric.

While trying to find Lady Arabelle in the Keep, you and Jakarn will witness a conversation between the Ascendant Champion and her superior—the Ascendant Magus:

The Ascendant Magus: "Have you breached High King Emeric's quarters yet?"
The Ascendant Champion: "Soon, my lord. We are almost through the wards."
The Ascendant Magus: "I will suffer no more delays. You have this last chance, Champion."
The Ascendant Champion: "Yes, Magus."
<The pair will walk away from the location.>
Jakarn: "Just how many people are in charge of the Ascendant Order?"

Moving along the passage, you will witness another conversation between the Magus and the Champion. This time about Lady Arabelle:

The Ascendant Magus: "What news of the woman?"
The Ascendant Champion: "She still eludes us, Magus. But there are only so many places she can hide."
The Ascendant Magus: "A careless mistake. Deal with Emeric. Then find the woman and kill her."
The Ascendant Champion: "It will be done, my lord."
<The Magus opens a yello-red portal and disappears.>
Jakarn: "It sounds like they haven't found Lady Arabelle yet. Come on, let's get to her first!"

After you find Lady Arabelle, she asks you to deal with the Ascendant Champion while they deal with the mages trying to break the wards protecting King Emeric. When you reach the courtyard, you will find the Ascendant Champion directing the mages to bring down the ward. Lady Arabelle and Jakarn will be sneaking around:

Ascendant Order Mage: "We're almost through the wards, champion."
Lady Arabelle: "Take this, you coward! Look out!"
<As Lady Arabelle attacks, the Champion unleashes a burst of lightning.>
The Ascendant Champion: "I will take care of this!"

If you stay idle, the Ascendant Champion will shout threats at you:

The Ascendant Champion: "You are powerless before us."
The Ascendant Champion: "You have no idea the threat you're facing!"
The Ascendant Champion: "Oppose the Ascendant Order and die!"

During the fight she will use lightning magic and her greatsword.

The Ascendant Champion: "Come! Test your might against the Ascendant Champion!"
The Ascendant Champion: "You dare challenge me? Fine! Step forward and die!"

From time to time, she will shield herself with lightning and summons cyclones to chase you, along with other Ascendant members fighting you instead.

The Ascendant Champion: "Enough! You try my patience!"
The Ascendant Champion: "Fool! You can't defeat the Ascendant Order!"

Finally, she will summon a Giant Haj Mota

The Ascendant Champion: "You can't hold out forever!"


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