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This article is about The effect in combat. For Scribing script, see Interrupt (script).

A spellcaster who can be interrupted

Interrupt abilities can be used against an enemy who is casting a spell or performing a feat to prevent them from doing so, usually stunning them or applying other Crowd Control effects in the process. You can tell if an attack can be interrupted by red lines that are flowing towards the caster. The simplest way to interrupt an attack is to use a Bash attack. Also most Crowd Control attacks such as Stun, Knockback, Off Balance, or Disorient will effectively interrupt most attackers, though stronger boss enemies may be immune to some or all of these effects.


Skill Affects Cost Notes
Deep Breath (Draconic Power) Enemies in Range 4320 Magicka Stuns and sets Off Balance for 2 sec.
Focused Charge (Aedric Spear) Single Enemy 3510 Magicka Stuns for 3 sec.
Explosive Charge (morph) Enemies in Range
Toppling Charge (morph) Single Enemy Stuns even if not interrupting, sets Off Balance for 5 sec.
Hidden Blade (Dual Wield) Single Enemy 3780 Stamina Stuns and sets Off Balance for 3 sec.
Shrouded Daggers (morph) Up to 3 Enemies
Flying Blade (morph) Single Enemy
Power Bash (One Hand & Shield) Single Enemy 2700 Stamina Includes all morphs
Venom Arrow (Bow) Single Enemy 2430 Stamina Stuns and sets Off Balance for 3 sec.
Crushing Shock (Destruction Staff) Single Enemy 2700 Magicka Stuns for 3 sec.


  • The Noble's Conquest set heals you when you successfully interrupt an attack, and also causes them to take increased damage.
  • The Opportunist perk from 10 points in The Ritual will increase the damage of your next attack after interrupting an attack.