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Try to help keep Alliance War peace talks on track.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Ascendant Order Hideout; Sareloth Grotto; Lady Arabelle's Camp (near Vivec City)
Next Quest: A King's Retreat
Reward: (?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6751
I received a letter from Lady Arabelle Davaux, asking me to meet her agent, Jakarn, in Elden Root, Wayrest, or Mournhold, depending on my alliance. She wants me to assist him in a matter of great importance to all of the alliances.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

  • Get the quest from the Quest Starters link in the crown store menu.
  • Go to your Alliance capital and meet Jakarn, whom you may know from the Daggerfall Covenant quest line. He is near the Guild Traders in Wayrest: just inside the gates of the Altmer Embassy in Elden Root, near the Undaunted Enclave: or just outside the southeastern gate of Mournhold, near Rolis Hlaalu's master writ area. If you are in the wrong faction's capital city, Jakarn will not be present.
  • He is working on behalf of Lady Arabelle of the Society of the Steadfast, and his job is to track down a missing mage of the Guild, an Altmer named Valessea (whom he seems to be seriously enamoured of, and believes she shares his sentiments), and five medallions which apparently serve as an invitation to a meeting.
  • His cart will take you direct to a delve in Vvardenfell, which may be Zainsipilu (from Wayrest), Pulk (from Elden Root) or Khartag Point (from Mournhold): where you will meet a contact of his outside the delve, named Tarazka. However, you're not limited to the delve the cart takes you to. Regardless of your alliance, you can meet Jakarn and Tarazka outside any of the three delves.
    • Note that you will need the Morrowind Chapter to access these Delves: however it is now available permanently for free, in the Crown Store, and in any case is now usually sold bundled in with the main game, so only really old accounts who never purchased the DLC will need to acquire it for free.
  • Enter the delve and follow the trail of clues and notes to the Ascendant Order Hideout. The Hideout is the same zone regardless of which delve you approach it from.
  • Find Valessea in the hideout, discover that the medallions are not there, find and read the note saying where they've gone, and exit the hideout by the underground boat at its opposite end.
  • Exiting at a point in northwest Morrowind and make your way to nearby Sareloth Grotto - an unmarked point except for its quest arrow - and enter.
  • Find the five medallions with the help of Valessea's shell amulet, overhear an Ascendant Champion giving orders, and escape to mysteriously find yourself a lot further south, not far from Balmora.
  • Make your way to Lady Arabelle's camp (also unmarked except for the quest arrow), just east of Vivec City.

Quest Stages[edit]

Ascending Doubt
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should see if I can find Lady Arabelle's agent, Jakarn, in my capital city.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
One of Jakarn's contacts, Tarazka, sent word that he wishes to speak with him, and may have information about Valessea. We should make our way to meet him.
Objective: Meet Jakarn's Contact
Jakarn and I arrived at the place Jakarn's contact specified. I should speak with Tarazka and see if he knows anything about Valessea.
Objective: Talk to Tarazka
Tarazka says he witnessed a group called the Ascendant Order traveling with an unwilling prisoner. I should speak with Jakarn and see what he thinks about this.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
Aldmeri Dominion I should enter Pulk to search for Jakarn's friend Valessea.
Objective: Enter Pulk
Daggerfall Covenant I should enter Zainsipilu to search for Jakarn's friend Valessea.
Objective: Enter Zainsipilu
Ebonheart Pact I should enter Khartag Point to search for Jakarn's friend Valessea.
Objective: Enter Khartag Point
Jakarn and I need to search for signs of the Ascendant Order and the lantern Tarazka left near the cave they disappeared into.
Objective: Search for the Ascendant Order Hideout
Optional Step: Talk to Jakarn
Hidden Objective: Search for the Ascendant Order Hideout
Hidden Objective: Find the Hidden Medallion
Hidden Objective: Use the Shell
We found Tarazka's lantern and the entrance to the Ascendant Order hideout. We need to go inside and explore further.
Objective: Enter the Ascendant Order Hideout
We entered the hideout. Jakarn and I need to look for Valessea.
Objective: Search the Ascendant Order Hideout
We found Valessea. I should speak with her and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Guild Scholar Valessea
Valessea mentioned that she was brought here with the medallions, but she doesn't know what became of them after she was imprisoned. I should look for clues deeper in the Ascendant Order's hideout.
Objective: Search the Hideout for the Medallions
I didn't find the medallions, but I did find a note written by the Ascendant Order. I should discuss my findings with Valessea.
Objective: Talk to Guild Scholar Valessea
I need to make my way to Sareloth Grotto. Jakarn said he will meet up with me after he escorts Valessea to Lady Arabelle's camp.
Objective: Meet Jakarn at Sareloth Grotto
I need to meet Jakarn at Sareloth Grotto so we can track down the stolen medallions.
Objective: Meet Jakarn at Sareloth Grotto
I reached the grotto and Jakarn's waiting outside. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
I should enter Sareloth Grotto with Jakarn and search for the stolen medallions.
Objective: Enter Sareloth Grotto
Jakarn and I need to search for the stolen medallions inside Sareloth Grotto.
Objective: Search Sareloth Grotto
Jakarn and I need to use Valessea's shell to locate the stolen medallions inside Sareloth Grotto.
Objective: Use Valessea's Shell to Find the Medallions
I located the remaining medallions. I should speak with Jakarn now.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
Jakarn asked me to meet him at Lady Arabelle's camp. I should make my way there.
Objective: Travel to Lady Arabelle's Camp
I arrived at Lady Arabelle's camp. I should speak with her and give her the medallions.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
I have all the medallions in my possession. I should talk with Lady Arabelle and give her the medallions.


The marker to the stolen medallions, inside the Sareloth Grotto, can some times disappear before you get the chance to take the medallion, this might happen if you are busy fighting mobs.
To fix this, you have to log out and log in again. This will give you a new chance to use Valessea's Shell to locate the coffer where the stolen medallion is.

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