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Chase down and cleanse a number of cursed medallions.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Lady Arabelle
Location(s): Vvardenfell, Windhelm, Skywatch, Sword's Rest Isle, Sword's Rest Keep
Previous Quest: Ascending Doubt
Reward: (?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6761
"I should have examined the medallions more closely after you recovered them. Someone has altered the enchantment."
Jakarn and I recovered the invitation medallions and returned them to Lady Arabelle. She asked for my continued help. She wants me to deliver medallions to the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild delegates.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  • At Lady Arabelle's camp, learn that the medallions acquired in Ascending Doubt are intended as invitations for the faction leaders, and representatives of the independent Fighters and Mages Guilds, at a peace conference.
  • Just after Lady Arabelle disappears with Jakarn to hand them out to the faction leaders, hand a medallion to Arch-Magister Delric of the Mages Guild... Oh dear.
  • Dispel the curse on the remaining Fighters Guild medallion, with the powder made by Valessea, then take the powder to chase after Arabelle and Jakarn, through Valessea's portal.
  • In Windhelm, enter the palace and dispel the cursed medallion before King Jorunn can touch it, then head to the docks and get the boat to Skywatch, catching up with Jakarn on the docks, and dispel the cursed medallion intended for Queen Ayrenn.
  • Talk to Valessea's projection to discover that Lady Arabelle has lost contact while heading to King Emeric on Sword's Rest Isle. Take the boat from the Skywatch docks.
  • Fight your way through the courtyard grounds, and the basement of the keep, in the meantime overhearing that The Ascendant Champion takes orders from an Ascendant Magus, and rescue Lady Arabelle. Tell her that the medallion intended for Emeric is cursed and hand her the dispellng powder.
  • Return to the courtyard and kill the Ascendant Champion (meanwhile Lady Arabelle is driving off the Magus so she can safely reach King Emeric).
  • Talk to Lady Arabelle, head back to the courtyard and take the boat back to her camp, then talk to her again to finish the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

A King's Retreat
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lady Arabelle asked me to give the Mages Guild medallion to Arch-Magister Delric. He just arrived at the camp.
Objective: Talk to Arch-Magister Delric
When Arch-Magister Delric put the medallion on, a strange magical reaction killed him. I should speak with Valessea about what happened.
Objective: Talk to Guild Scholar Valessea
Valessea asked me to place the Fighters Guild medallion on the worktable in the camp while she prepares a dispelling powder to nullify the dangerous magic.
Objective: Place the Fighters Guild Medallion on the Table
Valessea finished preparing the dispelling powder. I should talk to her and find out what she needs me to do.
Objective: Talk to Guild Scholar Valessea
Valessea says the dispelling powder will counteract the dangerous spell placed on the medallions. I should take the powder from the worktable.
Objective: Take the Dispelling Powder
I have the dispelling powder. Now I need to get to Windhelm and find Jakarn at the Palace of Kings.
Objective: Go to Windhelm
I arrived in Windhelm. I need to find Jakarn at the Palace of Kings before he delivers the altered medallion to Jorunn the Skald-King.
Objective: Go to the Palace of Kings
I entered the Palace of Kings and a soldier demanded to speak with me. I should ask if she's seen Jakarn.
Objective: Talk to Captain Danylva
Captain Danylva led me to the invitation medallion. I should use the dispelling powder on it.
Objective: Use the Dispelling Powder
I dispelled the deadly magic on the invitation medallion. I should let Captain Danylva know it's safe to present to the Skald-King now.
Objective: Talk to Captain Danylva
Captain Danylva told me Jakarn went to Auridon. I should check the Skywatch docks for him.
Objective: Go to Skywatch
I arrived in Skywatch. I need to search for Jakarn.
Objective: Find Jakarn
I found Jakarn. I need to update him on the situation and tell him the medallions are dangerous.
Objective: Talk to Jakarn
The medallion is on the table nearby. I should use the dispelling powder on it.
Objective: Use the Dispelling Powder
Hidden Objective: Use the Dispelling Powder
Hidden Objective: Search the Landing Site
Valessea appeared as a projection and seems distressed. I should speak with her and find out what's wrong.
Objective: Talk to Valessea
Valessea is unable to contact Lady Arabelle. She discovered that the medallion Lady Arabelle carried is traveling to High King Emeric's retreat, Sword's Rest Isle, and chartered a boat for Jakarn and I to get there. I should head to the docks.
Objective: Go to Sword's Rest Isle
We arrived at Sword's Rest Isle, but there's no one here. Jakarn thinks this is suspicious. We should look around and see if we can determine what's going on.
Objective: Search the Landing Site
It seems the Ascendant Order is attacking the keep. We need to get inside and stop them.
Objective: Enter Sword's Rest Keep
I entered the keep. I should look for any signs of Lady Arabelle, High King Emeric, or the Ascendant Champion.
Objective: Search Sword's Rest Keep
We found Lady Arabelle. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
Lady Arabelle has a plan to deal with the mage while I engage with the Ascendant Champion. I need to enter the courtyard and prepare for battle.
Objective: Enter the Courtyard
Lady Arabelle and Jakarn will deal with the Ascendant Order mage. Now, I need to take on the Ascendant Champion.
Objective: Kill the Ascendant Champion
We defeated the Ascendant Champion. Now I should talk to Lady Arabelle and make sure she's all right.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
Lady Arabelle said she will deliver the invitation medallion to High King Emeric. I need to go to Lady Arabelle's camp in Vvardenfell to talk with her afterward.
Objective: Go to Lady Arabelle's Camp
Now that I arrived back at camp, I should speak with Lady Arabelle.
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