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Collect mudcrab apples in the Festival Arena during a fight for a Brewer.
Zone: Stormhaven
Quest Giver: Jad'zirri
Location(s): Hammerdeath Arena, Festival Arena
Concurrent Quest: A Foe Most Porcine
Reward: Jester's Festival Box
Sparkling Mudcrab Apple Cider (1-4)
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Collect mudcrab apples for Jad'zirri
This quest is only available during the Jester's Festival
(First Time)
Jad'zirri needs help gathering fermented mubcrab apples to brew into a special festival cider of her own design. They have all been harvested for King Boar in the Festival Arena and I'll need to compete with the hungry boar to get them.
(Subsequent Times)
Jad'zirri has asked me to return to the Festival Arena and find some Fermented Mudcrab Apples before King Boar gets to them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Gain entry to the Festival Arena.
  2. During fight gather Fermented Mudcrab Apples.
    • Optional: Prolong the fight and gather more apples.
  3. Return to Jad'zirri.

Detailed Walkthough[edit]

Jad'zirri is a cider brewer who can be found at the Hammerdeath Arena. Speaking with her, she'll offer to give you some of her special Mudcrab Apple Cider if you can get her some fresh ingredients. The thing is that the animal handlers from the Festival Arena have taken all the available fermented apples for King Boar to eat during his fights in the arena. So the only thing you can do is fight King Boar yourself and take his apples.

This quest can be done at the same time as A Foe Most Porcine, and so you may have already been signed up to fight by Rozette the Rapscallion. For efficiency it is recommended you do the quests together. Anyway if you agree to help, Jad'zirri will hand you a Special Arena Pass which guarantees you entry to the arena. The entrance to the Festival Arena is the north, and once inside the King's Herald will announce his majesty and the fight can begin.

Within the ring will be three baskets and three Arena Handlers, periodically during the fight one of the handlers will go over to their basket and fill it with Fermented Mudcrab Apples and call King Boar over. The filled basket will glow with red light and you will have to reach the basket and take the apples before the boar does. So your specific goal is to fight until the some apples become available.

However, with some apples in hand you now have choice. You can leave the arena immediately, continue to fight and slay King Boar, or prolong the fight some more. If you are doing the concurrent quest, the second option is your end goal. But by prolonging the fight, you have the option of gathering more fermented apples (Maxium Four) and Jad'zirri's reward will depend on how many apples you bring back.

Once you have left the arena with the apples, you can bring them back to Jad'zirri. The number of apples you bring back will decide how much cider she will reward you with:

"Did you have any luck snatching some fermented mudcrab apples out of King Boar's mouth?"
Yes. Here are all the apples I was able to collect.
Mudcrab Apples Response
One Mudcrab Apple "Just one apple won't make much, but every little bit helps. Jad'zirri will give you a mugful anyway, she is certain once you try it you will work doubly hard for apples in the future!
Two Mudcrab Apples "These should be juicy enough to start a new batch, though Jad'zirri will need a few more helpers to keep her supply up.
Drink up! Once you are refreshed you'll be ready to bring this one twice as many apples, yes?"
Three Mudcrab Apples "Oh ho! You bring Jad'zirri a heaping handful! Something she can really dig her toes into! Don't worry she strains the juice very thoroughly. No choking on claws, jaunter.
But let us get your own juices flowing. Take these as your just reward!"
Four Mudcrab Apples "What a bountiful bushel you've brought! Jad'zirri isn't sure her tub will contain all the juices if she tries to plunge into so much mush. Rest assured, this one will not waste a drop of this odoriferous extract.
And for you an equally juicy reward!"

In gratitude, Jad'zirri will hand you some gold, a Jester's Festival Box and 1-4 bottles of Sparkling Mudcrab Apple Cider.

Quest Stages[edit]

The King's Spoils
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Enter the Festival Arena by obtaining a King Boar Invitational ticket.
Objective: Enter the Festival Arena
Collect fermented mudcrab apples by gathering them during the King Boar challenge in the Festival Arena. Gaining access to the Arena requires an Invitation.
Objective: Gather Fermented Mudcrab Apples
I gathered some fermented mudcrab apples, I can gather more or return to Jad'zirri to see if she can use them.
Objective: Bring the Fermented Mudcrab Apples to Jad'zirri
Optional Step: Leave the Arena
Optional Step: Gather Additional Fermented Mudcrab Apples: 0/4
☑Finishes quest I have fermented mudcrab apples for Jad'zirri. I should speak to her about getting my cider.
Objective: Talk to Jad'zirri