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Historian Phedre
Location Player Housing
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Antiquarian Circle
Historian Phedre

Historian Phedre is an Imperial member of the Antiquarian Circle and a houseguest. She was distributed as a reward for the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event.


Phedre loves history. A lot. Give her a place to study, and her gratitude nears "eternal"—as does her wish to share what she learns. After adding Phedre to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Historian Phedre
ON-icon-houseguest-Historian Phedre.png
Historian Phedre
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Lost Treasures of Skyrim reward


Once she is placed within your home, she can be spoken to.

"Listen closely. This is very important. The next time you visit a dungeon, don't forget to read anything you find—plaques, scrolls, dusty tomes. You never know what you're going to learn from the words of history!"
"Most scholars turn to the Mages Guild when they want to conduct significant research, but I've found the Fighters Guild to be a surprising treasure trove of information.
And Outlaws Refuges. But leave your gold pouch at home if you decide to visit."
"What is this word? Sky's-Horn or Sky-Shorn? What would that even mean?
Sometimes academic endeavors can be so perplexing!"
"Lady Laurent. Her writings are certainly exciting, I'll grant you that. But the academic quality of her conclusions leave much to be desired."
"You completed the training? That's … wonderful. I'm still not qualified for most fieldwork. Oh, I have the requisite knowledge. It's the courage that's lacking.
You can measure my bravery with a small spoon and still have room for pudding."
"Oh, I am so disorganized! I could use an assistant to help me catalog all my books and letters.
Any chance you're avail—no, no, forget I mentioned it."
"Fascinating! It seems that Herminius Sophus is doing some significant work out in the Alik'r Desert. I so wish I were a field scholar sometimes.
Of course, every time I attempted it, the results were disastrous."
"Definitely my handwriting, but this makes no sense at—oh.
Pages are out of order. Don't mind me."
"I think I found a lost fragment from Alanya of Alinor's "Tamrielic Calligraphy," but I'm just not sure.
Know anyone else who would have written about Khajiiti ink-making?"
"I received a letter from Verita Numida herself today. She actually read my essay!
She disagrees with every one of my findings, of course."
"Cup, porcelain. Recent Cyrodilic style. A strange residue at the bot—
Oh, never mind. That's last week's tea."
"Tell me about your latest discovery, my friend! Let me live vicariously through your explorations as an antiquarian. I envy your ability to do real archeology!"
"I came across a gold chalice covered in Chimeri inscriptions once. Unfortunately, it was in a cave full of poisonous mushrooms. With walls that dripped with molten lava. And guarded by a horde of Goblins.
So, no, I wasn't able to translate it."
"Historical vandalism! The author of this piece cited his sources in the absolutely wrong format!
What do they teach at the universities these days, I wonder?"
"I'm afraid I depleted my supply of paper and ink. And also quill tips. And sealing wax.
Bring some with you the next time you visit, please. A historian is nothing without the tools of her trade."
"Don't just stand there. What's the name of the sixth king of Camlorn?
Quick, now! This is important!"
"My work as a historian involves reading dusty books and searching through old scrolls. But you! You unearth antiquities that real people used in the ancient past. That's not history—that's adventure!"
"This is interesting. An academic from House Ravenwatch took an interest in my work.
Funny, I never knew a noble house to be interested in scholarly pursuits before."
"Look what I found on the Mages Guild shelves! It's a genealogy of the Anequina monarchs. There are hundreds of entries to—
Wait, you're not listening to me, are you?"
"You'd think historical figures would do a better job of writing down their reasoning before they commit some epic mistake to paper. You would think.
Alas, no. And it falls to historians such as I to clean up the mess."
"I need to ask a few questions of a historical figure. Unfortunately, she's been dead for quite a long time.
Any chance you happen to know a friendly necromancer who charges reasonable rates?"
"Sigh. Why do Nords have such terrible handwriting? And Argonians! Don't get me started on the quill work of Argonians!"
"Oh, where did I put that map? It's ridiculously ironic to misplace a map, don't you agree?"


  • The Lost Treasures Event tracker instead called her Antiquarian Phedre.
  • She resembles Eveline San, a fellow Antiquarian who used to be found near various towns in Tamriel.