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Verita Numida
Antiquarian Representative
Home City Solitude
Location The Antiquarian Circle
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Antiquarian Representative
Other Information
Faction(s) Antiquarian Circle
Verita Numida

Verita Numida is an Imperial scholar and member of the Antiquarian Circle who can be found at their building in Solitude.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Antiquarian Circle[edit]

When you enter the building, you may hear Verita comment, "What's this? A new antiquarian in the making?"

Her introduction will differ slightly depending on whether you started the quest by picking up a flyer or not. If the former:

"Let me guess. You found one of those ridiculous handbills Reginus posted all over town. Gods, it's like we're holding auditions for children's theater.
Please understand, this is a serious commitment. You really wish to join the Antiquarian Circle?"

If you came without picking up a flyer:

"So, what brings a … sturdy hero like you to the Gwylim Annex? I can't imagine you're looking for a book.
Then again, I do see a glimmer of curiosity in your eyes. Perhaps you seek admission to the Antiquarian Circle?"
The Antiquarian Circle?
"The University of Gwylim's most prestigious historical society. We scour the continent for lost antiquities, collecting and cataloging as we go.
We've made hundreds of discoveries, thanks in no small part to our scrying tool—the Antiquarian's Eye."
The Antiquarian's Eye?
"An invention of our university's founder, Tjurhane Fyrre. It allows the wielder's mind to travel vast distances and find buried relics. Truths lost to history.
Gazing into the Eye requires no small measure of talent. How talented are you, I wonder?"


"An invention of our university's founder, Tjurhane Fyrre. It allows the wielder's mind to travel vast distances and find buried relics. Truths lost to history.
Gazing into the Eye requires both skill and talent. How talented are you, I wonder?"
[verification needed — why exactly?]
Let's find out. How do I begin?
"Admission to the Circle begins easily enough. Just place your hand on the Antiquarian's Eye.
If you possess the aptitude, you will attune to the Eye immediately. If you don't possess the aptitude, the Eye will reject you. Couldn't be simpler."

You can ask her some questions about the Eye and the University of Gwylim before starting the test.

What can you tell me about the Antiquarian's Eye?
"It's a magnificent device. Ayleid in origin. As I said before, our university's founder, Tjurhane Fyrre developed it along with countless other scholarly tools. Alas, he died before we could demonstrate the object's true potential."
What does it do, exactly?"
"It homes in on objects of historical import, much like a bloodhound … without all the baying and drooling, of course.
We still don't fully understand how it determines an item's value. Just more proof of our founder's genius, I suppose."
How many of these devices do you have?
"We recovered several from a vault in Elinhir. It seems Sage Fyrre intended for the University's best and brightest to continue his work after he was gone.
It took longer than he would have liked, I'm sure. But I fully intend to honor his legacy."
What is the goal of the Antiquarian Circle exactly?
"We seek the truth above all else.
Written histories rarely give an honest accounting of the past. So, we go straight to the source—relics, curios, even ancient bric-a-brac. Anything that can teach us more about the myriad cultures of Tamriel."
Are the relics you find valuable?
"I assume you mean commercially valuable? Yes, you can keep any relics you recover and do with them what you will. The Circle's chief concern is cataloging the discoveries and learning what we can from them.
Everyone benefits from the arrangement."
What is the University of Gwylim?
"It's a school, of course. The very best, by any credible assessment. At least it was.
Ugh. What I wouldn't give to walk those halls again. This frigid annex is a very poor substitute. Very poor indeed."
Did you teach there?
"For a time. I studied there as well.
Despite all of Cyrodiil's struggles, I really did believe we could weather the storm. But war has far-reaching consequences, even for those who want no part in it. Especially for those who want no part in it."
So, you've established a new annex here?
"Here and elsewhere. The faculty scattered to the winds when the Planemeld took hold. Fortunately, most of us survived and we write each other constantly.
I wound up in Skyrim … somehow. As frozen wastelands go, it's really quite pleasant."

Once you touch the Antiquarian's Eye, it will light up and Verita will comment:

Verita Numida: "Impressive. We rarely see such an energetic attunement."

Afterwards you can return to Vertia, who will have you take an oath before joining:

"Well, well, well. It seems I underestimated you. With a reaction like that, you may well rival Gabrielle—our most accomplished antiquarian.
I wonder what secrets you might find gazing through the Eye."
Let's find out. How does it work?
"In a hurry, are we? We'll teach you to use the Eye in due course.
First, do you vow to uphold the principles and traditions of the Circle? To catalog your discoveries for future generations and give a true accounting of Tamriel's history?"

If you exit dialogue and speak to her again:

"You have the knack, that much is certain. Membership in the Antiquarian Circle is yours, should you desire it.
So? What is your decision?"
I do. I want to join the Antiquarian Circle.
"An excellent decision. Mastering the Eye is no small endeavor. But with Gabrielle's tutelage and my rigorous oversight, we may make a true scholar of you yet.
Welcome to the Circle, Antiquarian."

The Antiquarian's Art[edit]

She will then direct you to Gabrielle to get some training in the Antiquarian tools. If you decline to start immediately and then return, you may hear her say, "All right, Antiquarian. Are you ready to begin?"

"Now then, we should begin your education in earnest.
I suggest you speak with Gabrielle Benele. I can provide some scholarly advice, but when it comes to using the Antiquarian's Eye itself, you'll find no better teacher than Gabrielle."
Where is Gabrielle?
"Downstairs poring over more maps and tomes, no doubt. Honestly, the girl never stops working. I'd almost think she was trying to make the rest of us look bad if she wasn't so confoundedly cheerful.
At any rate, she'll get you sorted."
All right, I'll go downstairs and speak to Gabrielle.
"Speak with me again once Gabrielle's taught you the basics.
I know I can come across as … chilly. But truthfully, I'm anxious to get you into the field."
Why can't you teach me how to use the Eye?
"Because I'm not a mage.
Don't make a face. I never said I possessed the aptitude. We all contribute to the Circle in our own way. You may wield the Eye, but rest assured, my skill as a writer is no less important."
How does your writing contribute to the Circle?
"Not just writing. Few can match my knowledge of ancient history. Aside from those who lived through it all like that insufferable Dark Elf, Divayth Fyr.
You may find these relics, but it's incumbent upon me to tell you what they are."

Once you've helped Gabrielle, you return to her:

"Welcome back Antiquarian. I trust your time with Gabrielle was illuminating?"
Yes, she taught me how to use the antiquarian's tools.
"Excellent. I had a good feeling about you, and as usual, I was right.
From now on, consider yourself free to pursue any antiquities that interest you. We will catalog your findings for study, and together we will uncover the mysteries of this world."


After you have join the Circle and had training with their tools, you can talk to her about the subject.

"You have a great deal of work to do, Antiquarian. Wouldn't you agree? We're all quite busy, truth be told, but I suppose I can make more time for our most promising initiates.
Is there something I can help you with?"
How should I decide what antiquities to pursue?
"That is entirely up to you. What cultures spark your curiosity? What region of Tamriel do you yearn to visit? Or, if it's simple wealth you're after, what item might fetch a prize on the second-hand market?
The choice is yours."
How can I find something truly magnificent?
"Well, your Antiquities Codex contains only those antiquities we're currently aware of. If you want to make a unique discovery of your own, you'll need to find a lead. Something that gives you a place to start."
Where can I find leads?
"Practically anywhere, believe it or not. Tucked away in chests, in the pockets of bandits, stashed in musty ruins … Just explore Tamriel as any adventurer would, and you're bound to find some."
What kind of objects will I find out there?
"The potential applications of our discoveries are endless!
You might find items worthy of display in your home, or discover a long-forgotten technique for body ornamentation. You might even recover jewelry or armor imbued with arcane power."
What's the greatest thing you've ever recovered?
"Oh, I couldn't possibly choose. In any case, my interest in these objects has less to do with their uses and more to do with their historical value.
Amalien swore she found parts of a mechanical mount, but that sounds a bit outlandish to me."