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This article is about the mount. For the creature, see Mossheart Indrik (creature).

Summerset scholars state this indrik, which comes into being at the base of the oldest tree in the forest, possesses an air of profound agelessness. Those riding these magical creatures find that weighty matters ease away.
Mossheart Indrik
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Mossheart Indrik
Type Cervine
Default Name Sagacity
Acquired From Evolving a Nascent Indrik with Fragments obtained during Events

The Mossheart Indrik is obtainable by combining four different Mossheart Berries with a Nascent Indrik mount. The Indrik's default name is "Sagacity".


"One of four Legendary Mossheart Berries. Acquired from the Impresario for a limited time."

The last time all four Mossheart berries were available was during the New Life Festival 2020 event.


  • The Sapling Indrik pet is the smaller equivalent of the Mossheart Indrik.