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Manelord Nightmare Senche[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Manelord Nightmare Senche.png
King of the Nightmare Pride, this night-black senche-tiger has burning paws and flames hissing from its face; rumor says Mehrunes Dagon is responsible.

The Manelord Nightmare Senche is the lion version of the Nightmare Senche mount. It has a flaming mane and tail alongside the features it shares with its panther counterpart. Its default name is "Pride King".

Masked Bear[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Masked Bear.png
Both swift and strong, the Masked Bear of the Jerall Mountains is a popular mount along the high passes between Bruma and Falkreath.
Masked Bear

The Masked Bear is a large black and white bear mount available from the Crown Store for 025002,500 Crowns, or in Flame Atronach crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Bandit".

Masqued "Unicorn" Steed[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Masqued "Unicorn" Steed.png
Is that the famed and incredibly-rare creature of legend, the true Unicorn from Hircine's Oblivion realm of the Hunting Grounds? …Well, no, it's a horse with a golden horn attached to its forehead. But the effect—it's just so magical!
Masqued "Unicorn" Steed

The Masqued "Unicorn" Steed was available in the Crown Store from March 29 to April 2, 2018. Its default name is "Rainbow".

Meridian Sabre Cat[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Meridian Sabre Cat.png
"Some accounts of Meridia's plane of the Colored Rooms describe a menagerie of light-imbued spectral beasts elevated from Nirn and 'purified' by the Lady's holy light." —Sayings of Valasha
Meridian Sabre Cat

The Meridian Sabre Cat will be available in the Crown Store from April 11th through April 18th, 2019. Its default name is "Saffron".

Midnight Steed[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Midnight Steed.png
Capable of keeping an even pace over long distances, this beast's spirit never flags.
Midnight Steed

The Midnight Steed is a black horse mount available from stablemasters for 0004270042,700 Gold. Its default name is "Rambler". This mount was originally called Gaited Horse before Update 6, and had 10 extra points in Stamina training, hence the description. Since the introduction of Riding Skill in Update 6, the only difference between this mount and others is cosmetic.

Mind-Shriven Horse[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Mind-Shriven Horse.png
With its equine psyche stolen by Daedric magic, the mind-shriven horse is a docile yet terrifying mount.
Mind-Shriven Horse

The Mind-Shriven Horse is a gray Mindshriven horse with wispy blue veins. It was previously available from the Crown Store for 2,200 ON-icon-store-Crowns.png, and was released alongside the Imperial City DLC. It is also available in the Storm Atronach Crown Crates as a Legendary-level reward. Its default name is "Voidwatcher". The Mind-Shriven Horse has unique sound effects.

Mind-Shriven Wolf[edit]

ON-icon-mount-Mind-Shriven Wolf.png
"You might think Mind-Shriven Wolves are fragile beasts, but their environment has instilled within them a hidden strength. "—Warlock Aldaale
Mind-Shriven Wolf

The Mind-Shriven Wolf was available from September 5 to September 16, 2019 for 022002,200 Crowns. Its default name is "Windrunner".