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ON-icon-achievement-Homeowner.png Homeowner
ON-icon-achievement-Homeowner.png Freeholder
ON-icon-achievement-Homeowner.png Citizen
Type Housing Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Obtain and enter [any / at least three / at least five] of the following staple homes.

Citizen and its preceding achievements are awarded for purchasing the smaller sized homes, namely:

Zone Home Price Unfurnished Furnished
Auridon Barbed Hook Private Room 0001100011,000 Gold 00600600 Crowns 00800800 Crowns
Deshaan Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret 0001200012,000 Gold 00640640 Crowns 00800800 Crowns
Alik'r Desert Sisters of the Sands Apartment 0001300013,000 Gold 00660660 Crowns 00800800 Crowns
Bal Foyen Humblemud 0004000040,000 Gold 021002,100 Crowns 026002,600 Crowns
Grahtwood Snugpod 0004500045,000 Gold 021502,150 Crowns 027002,700 Crowns
Khenarthi's Roost Moonmirth House 0005000050,000 Gold 025002,500 Crowns 031003,100 Crowns
Malabal Tor Black Vine Villa 0005400054,000 Gold 022502,250 Crowns 028002,800 Crowns
Glenumbra Captain Margaux's Place 0005600056,000 Gold 023002,300 Crowns 029002,900 Crowns
The Rift Autumn's-Gate 0006000060,000 Gold 023502,350 Crowns 029002,900 Crowns
Stormhaven Hammerdeath Bungalow 0006500065,000 Gold 024002,400 Crowns 030003,000 Crowns
Stonefalls Kragenhome 0006900069,000 Gold 025002,500 Crowns 031003,100 Crowns
Malabal Tor Cyrodilic Jungle House 0007100071,000 Gold 025502,550 Crowns 032003,200 Crowns
Bangkorai Twin Arches 0007300073,000 Gold 026002,600 Crowns 033003,300 Crowns

You will need to purchase any five of these to get the largest achievement, which will run you a minimum of 00121000121,000 Gold or 061706,170 Crowns, or up to 00338000338,000 Gold or 1550015,500 Crowns. Since houses are shared between all characters on your account, your other characters need only enter each of the homes you have purchased to also receive the achievement.