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Valkyn Skoria
(lore page)
Location City of Ash II: Red-Zeal Keep
Race Dremora Gender Male
Health Normal2,800,000roundedVeteran5,409,287 (Identical in Hardmode) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Valkyn Skoria

Valkyn Skoria is a minion of Mehrunes Dagon. He leads the attack on the graht-oak city formerly known as Whisper Grove in Greenshade.

Related Quests[edit]


The Valkyn brandishing his sword in combat

Valkyn Skoria has several combat abilities.

Flame Strike
Skoria can summon a gout of fire that blooms outward from where he summons it.
Fire Stab
He uses light and heavy attacks with his claymore.
Platform Detonation
At certain points during the fight, he will move to the center of the platform he's standing on and drive his claymore into it, breaking the platform and forcing players to migrate to a new one to avoid the lava.
Magma Prison
After each platform break, Skoria will hold his greatsword high in front of him, the tip pointing skyward, and barrage the group with flames.
Flame Bolt
Skoria will sometimes target a player and channel a fireball in one hand that will knock back (called Flame Bolt Knockdown) its target if it hits.
Summon Flame Atronach
He will summon a few flame atronachs after going to a new platform.

Additionally, his lava pools cause "slag Geyser" and his atronachs have a unique ability called "Lava Geyser".


When Urata is defeated:

Fingaenion: "Gilraen! You look—are you all right?"
Fingaenion: "What did they do to you?"
Gilraen: "Never mind that. How about you try not getting yourself killed? The Valkyn and his pet Titan—we're going to slay them before they do the same to us."
Valkyn Skoria: "I will see to it the Golden Flame erases you."

Arriving at the Ash Titan:

Valkyn Skoria: "Your skins will make fine banners!"
Monynen: "What is that, up in the sky? It's like no fowl I've ever seen." (The titan lands and breathes fire at him)
Ash Titan: "This is the end of the line. Valkyn Skoria wants you dead."
The Valkyn awaiting battle in front of his keep

Reaching Skoria during Return to Ash:

Valkyn Skoria: "You don't need to come down here for me to hurt you."
Gilraen: "No! Fingaenion!"
Gilraen: "Tear his heart out! I'll tend to my husband."

Combat dialogue:

  • "Mortals—Always scampering about."
  • "Let the fire and brimstone purify you!"
  • "A new day dawns amidst earth and fire!"
  • "You cannot escape the fire."
  • "Nowhere to run."
  • "Burn!"
  • "Halt and burn."
  • "You will burn!"
  • "This will consume you!"
  • "Be still while I end you."
  • "I will turn you to dust, and you will forget."
  • "Mortals smell better charred."Does he say this?

Breaking a platform:

  • "Mind your surroundings!"

Group wipe:

  • "The Golden Flame will find you, wherever you go."
  • "Death is a new beginning."
  • "Utter foolishness. You should not have come."


They have several achievements associated with them:

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png City of Ash II Vanquisher 10 Defeat Horvantud the Fire Maw, the Ash Titan, and Valkyn Skoria in City of Ash II.
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png City of Ash II Conqueror 15 Complete Veteran City of Ash II by defeating Horvantud the Fire Maw, the Ash Titan, and Valkyn Skoria. Sigil Orange
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Deadlands Savvy 50 Complete the following achievements associated with City of Ash II. Title: Deadlands Adept
ON-icon-achievement-UD Skill Master.png Deadly Deadlands Survivor 50 Defeat Rukhan, Marruz, Akezel, Urata the Legion, Horvantud the Fire Maw, the Ash Titan, and the Daedra at the bridge to Valkyn Skoria, before defeating Valkyn Skoria himself in Veteran City of Ash II without suffering a group member death.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Speed.png City of Ash II Assassin 50 Defeat Rukhan, Marruz, Akezel, Urata the Legion, Horvantud the Fire Maw, and the Ash Titan; reassemble the bridge; and defeat Valkyn Skoria himself in Veteran City of Ash II, all within thirty minutes. Timer starts when players enter the Inner Grove.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Undaunted.png A World On Fire 50 In Veteran City of Ash II, make a pact with the Frigid Tome, then defeat Valkyn Skoria.


  • Scoria is a type of volcanic rock.