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Aspect of Namira
(lore page)
Location Xal Ithix, Shadowfen
Race Dremora Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection
Aspect of Namira

The Aspect of Namira is a manifestation of the Daedric Prince Namira. She has corrupted the xanmeer of Xal Ithix, tainting the Hist's connection and causing the animal inhabitants to become aggressive. Another aspect of Namira also appears in Southern Elsweyr, as the Shadow of Namiira.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Hist tree is located to the west of the xanmeer, across a bog; it's easily visible from the xanmeer's peak. Travel to it, and then look for a pillar of stone sheathed in billowing green gas. You'll find a mound of dirt in front of the pillar; interact with it to dig up Namira's Hand.

An Aspect of Namira will appear in front of the pillar, barking,

Aspect of Namira: "Mortal worm! Get away from there!"

She wants to take over the land with her presence, but you refuse to yield to her demands:

"You're the mortal who's interfered with my creatures in the bog, aren't you? Don't bother to tell me your name. You won't need it if you continue to trouble me."
Who are you?
"Who am I? You could not hope to comprehend my true nature, filth. Think of me as an aspect of the Lady of Decay and rightful ruler of all spirits.
I claim this land and all within it. None may defy me!"
What about the Argonians who live here?
"Those cold-blooded primitives fell once; they can fall again! I will show them that their 'spirits of the Hist' are pale shadows compared to me.
Now, leave my Hand where it lies. Abandon your foolish quest."
The people of Xal Ithix asked for my help.
"What help can you give them, mortal? I cannot strike you down, but my minions are more than enough for the likes of you.
Even those foolish Hist-worshipers recognize that. They won't even approach this part of Xal Ithix."
One of those "foolish Hist-worshipers" said this relic will affect your minions.
"What? How did he know—
Mortal, if you attempt this, my creatures will overwhelm you! Nothing will stop me from taking Xal Ithix."
We'll see.

To get to the ritual site, you'll have to travel to and through a cave to the north, which is immediately visible from the stone pillar. As you approach the cave, the Aspect of Namira will call out,

Aspect of Namira: "Abandon this foolishness, and you may yet live!"

A Dremora Kynreeve will appear; kill it, and then fight your way through the churls and narkynaz in the cave.

When you get out of the cave, she will taunt you:

Aspect of Namira: "Why bother, stupid mortal? Give up."

Once you reach the ritual site, speak to the Aspect of Namira, who waits there:

"My lesser minions barely slowed you down. I'm impressed. But you're too late. I've already begun the ritual. Once it ends, my corruption will spread throughout Xal Ithix!"
You forget. I have your hand. I can use it to stop your ritual.
"Only if I give you time to use it!
Come forth, my corruption! Be manifest and destroy this worm!"

Massive creatures built of tree branches—the Manifest Corruption—will appear. You have to kill it, but three dremora (the "Corruptors") are keeping it alive: they're wreathed in blue bubbles of light, and standing in front of stone pillars. Aim at them and approach until you get a button prompt to "use Namira's Hand," and then interact with them. This will cause the Corruptors to disappear, and getting rid of all Corruptors instantly kills the Manifest Corruptions.

Once the corruption is dealt with, the Aspect of Namira will vanish.