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Dremora Gandrakyn
Location The Great Shackle
Race Dremora Gender Varies
Health 29,870
Reaction Hostile Class Cauterizer
Daedra Hearts, Daedra Husks, Poison Solvents
Dremora Gandrakyn (The Great Shackle)

Dremora Gandrakyn are Dremora cauterizers found in various locations.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Minor Wound
A basic ranged attack that does minor magical damage.
Focused Healing
The enemy will heal any allies that are hurt, including itself. Enemies often indicate this by calling out for healing (I'm hurt!, I need healing!, Healer! etc.). This effect appears as a yellow beam connecting the healer and its target. This spell can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance.
Heat Wave
The enemy releases fire along the ground in the direction it is facing. This attack does moderate flame damage to all players hit by it. This spell can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance or simply avoided.
Fire Runes
The enemy shoots two fireballs in the air which form two fire runes when they land. The runes do moderate flame damage over time to all enemies within the red circles and should be avoided. Players should be prepared to move as soon as the attack casts as one rune will always be cast on top of you.
Rite of Passage
The enemy channels a spell healing itself and nearby allies for 4 seconds. This ability is usually used when the enemy is on low health. This spell can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance.

Generic Dremora Gandrakyn[edit]

Generic, unnamed Dremora Gandrakyn can be encountered in various places across Tamriel, including delves, dungeons, and DLC content. These Dremora Gandrakyn have varying stats, namely health. Below is a list of Dremora Gandrakyn, categorized by location, difficulty and health.

Zone / Dungeon Specific Location Difficulty Health
City of Ash II Knives of Discord Normal58,940Veteran191,386
Imperial CityImperial City Temple District; Temple of the One event 22,300
Maelstrom ArenaOrsinium Stage 8: Igneous Cistern
Stage 9: Theater of Despair
The CauldronFlames of Ambition (?) (?)


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