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Trash are items found while adventuring (typically by killing certain types of creatures) whose sole purpose is to be sold to vendors for gold. They all bear the same description: "Sell to a merchant for gold." Loot items are leveled, so items of the same name but with different value may be found in different zones. Only items with the same type and level will stack, so remember to sell off these items or they will fill up your inventory over time.

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Item Found   
ON-icon-food-Wisp Floss.png Ash In burnt crates and barrels,
and urns
ON-icon-misc-Carapace 01.png Carapace Most bug-like and
chitinous creatures
ON-icon-gem-Sardonyx 01.png Charcoal In burnt crates/barrels
ON-icon-misc-Dwemer Gear.png Clockwork Oscillator Factotums, Fabricants
ON-icon-misc-Daedra Husk.png Daedra Husk Lesser Daedra
ON-icon-misc-Shiny Dwemer Gear.png Dwarven Gear Dwemer Constructs and
containers in Dwemer ruins
ON-icon-misc-Ectoplasm.png Ectoplasm Ghostly undead
ON-icon-food-Flour.png Elemental Essence Atronachs
ON-icon-misc-Monster Pelt.png Foul Hide Hostile beasts such as bears
and wolves
ON-icon-achievement-Bone.png Gnawed Bone Urns
ON-icon-misc-Membrane.png Membrane Netches
ON-icon-misc-Taproot.png Supple Root Spriggans, Lurchers,
ON-icon-food-Scramble.png Vampire Dust Vampires
ON-icon-misc-Vampire Fang.png Vampire Fang Vampires


Some daily quests in Clockwork City require the player to turn in several trash items.

Below is a list with items and where they can be acquired.

Morsels and Pecks[edit]

2 Elemental Essence
Reaper's March, near Willowgrove Atronachs
3 Supple Roots
Coldharbour, on the Moonless Walk Spriggans or Stranglers
3 Ectoplasm
Stonefalls, near Davon's Watch
(alternatively, wafts in The Shadow Cleft)

Nibbles and Bits[edit]

4 Carapace
Stonefalls, near Vivec's Antlers   Dreugh
3 Foul Hides
Eastmarch Wolves or Bears
The Rift Wolves or Bears
Reaper's March Senches
Malabal Tor Senches
5 Daedra Husk
Alik'r, Hollow Waste Dolmen Daedra