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A member of the Ruddy Fangs

The Ruddy Fangs are a Khajiit bandit pride operating in Northern Elsweyr, led by Zayreba Sharpclaw. They have the biggest presence near the Scar, but are a scourge upon all of Elsweyr. Their main source of income is smuggling things to and from Elsweyr, and one of their biggest products is Skooma. Those within the ranks of the Ruddy Fangs are required to throw out any morals, and the only way to get out of the business is death.

Recently the Ruddy Fangs began preying on refugees fleeing the rage of Dragons unleashed from the Halls of Colossus, and have a smuggling operation in Riverhold. For more information, see the lore article.


Named Members
Zayreba Sharpclaw (Leader)
Bahzahar the BullDragonhold
Chirrdazi the Chopper
Dhanril the Dangerous
Mad Minurrun
Sallum the Sugar-Slinger
The TigersharkDragonhold
Generic Members
Deranged PirateDragonhold
Lunar-laced LoonDragonhold
Ruddy Fang BattlemageDragonhold
Ruddy Fang BowbreakerDragonhold
Ruddy Fang BushwackerDragonhold
Ruddy Fang Cannibal
Ruddy Fang Champion
Ruddy Fang Cutthroat
Ruddy Fang FreebooterDragonhold
Ruddy Fang GangbusterDragonhold
Ruddy Fang Lurker
Ruddy Fang Marauder
Ruddy Fang Mender
Ruddy Fang Pyromancer
Ruddy Fang Ravager
Ruddy Fang StormchaserDragonhold
Ruddy Fang SwashbucklerDragonhold
Ruddy Fang Tempest
Ruddy Fang Watcher
Ruddy Fang WindjammerDragonhold

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