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Location Bloodthorn Lair
Race Reachman Gender Male
Health 84984 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Bloodthorn Cult

Vardan is an associate of Angof the Gravesinger. He plans to conquer Betnikh and then Glenumbra.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Into the Hills[edit]

Vardan (vision)

As you approach the ayleid ruin, you'll see a vision of Vardan and Drusilla Nerva:

Vardan: "Now, read the scroll! The ritual it holds will send you into the spirit realm."
Vardan: "Should you succeed, I will follow."
Vardan: "In the name of the Bloodthorns, enter the spirit realm!"
Vardan: "Failure again! Perhaps an ancient curse lingers here. I will try the ritual in our lair."

Carzog's Demise[edit]

Inside the Inner Sanctuary of the ruin, Neramo will transport you to the spirit realm where you'll be able to engage him in battle:

Vardan: "You're too late! My army feeds!"

Inside the Bloodthorn Lair, you'll see a vision of Vardan again:

Vardan "At last—success! I can enter the spirit realm. The next phase of our mission can begin!"


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