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Search for any surviving Thalmor soldiers at Wilding Run.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Objective: Wilding Run — Rescue the surviving soldiers from the undead invasion.
Quest Giver: Nilaendril, Sergeant Dagla
Location(s): Wilding Run, The Hunting Grounds
Reward: Ulthorn's Regret
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
Gamekeeper Ozzai torments Captain Trelano in The Hunting Grounds
Fists of Thalmor were attacked by strange creatures in Wilding Run. While many were slain, there may be survivors.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Nilaendril.
  2. Search the attack site.
  3. Search the camps and ruins.
  4. Talk to the Shade of Ulthorn.
  5. Rescue Captain Trelano.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

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You can speak with him to begin the quest.

"Are you with the Thalmor? Thank Y'ffre, I knew they'd send help!
They wiped our camp out. When the patrol disappeared, I thought … wait, where are the rest of you?"
Who were you expecting?
"The Fists of Thalmor! They sent a patrol, but they were attacked. I couldn't watch. There was nothing I could do! If you're not with them …."
Is it possible they survived?
"I don't know. When they attacked, it was a rout. We couldn't defend ourselves, but the Thalmor … it might be possible.
This is a lot to ask, but could you have a look? Maybe someone's still alive in there."
I'll see what I can do.

directions required You'll end up finding Corporal Brelinith during your search.

"Run while you still can! There's no telling when they'll strike again!"
I'm looking for the missing soldiers.
"You must be insane! Guess I won't question my good fortune.
The ones I've found are dead, but I haven't seen a sign of Captain Trelano or the lieutenant anywhere. There's some tracks, but they don't make any sense."
Where should we start searching?
"Surveyor's camps. Hopefully some of them made it out. I'm not optimistic. After that, we should search the ruins.
We could try the overlook, but that's a far trek."
Any idea what attacked you?
"The dead. You may have noticed, but they're a lot more lively here. Put one down and it just gets up again later … hmm.
If you see a corpse, signal me. I have some arrows that might do the trick."

You can ask her some questions about the situation before leaving. Regardless, tells you that you should begin your search at the surveyor's camps and offers to let you use her arrows to take out the undead during your search.

You may also stumble across Sergeant Dagla.

Eventually, you'll stumble across the Shade of Ulthorn.

"He's trapped. Captured with a snare of Daedric magic. He will be made into the ones you have fought, or killed if proven too weak. If you wish to free him, be warned. You may take his place!"
Who are you?
"One who is eager to end the horrors of this place. I am a shadow of Ulthorn, the one who is called the Hound. I seek to make amends. We should make haste. He slips further away with every breath."
Take me to him.

Speak to it and be transported to the Hunting Grounds. You may inquire further once inside.

"Are you ready to free your friend? Not much time left."
I can't see anything.
"Allow me to clear your eyes.
There. A bit more in … focus."
Where are we?
"A prison of the mind. Built for who I once was. Hircine gazed into my soul, turning memories into a torturous labyrinth.
One part of me escaped. And Hircine made it into a weapon."
Where is Captain Trelano?
"Deep within the prison, where Gamekeeper Ozzai cracks his mind like a nut. If she succeeds, she will hollow him out and make him into one of her servants.
His shell will roam Nirn, hunting and killing everyone he ever knew."
How do I get to him?
"Simply pass this barrier. See the items on the table? Three memories, meant to steel a Hound's resolve.
Choose correctly and the barrier falls. Choose poorly … and her servants will have fresh prey."
Who are you?
"An echo of Ulthorn, before he became the Hound. When he left this place, his hunt for the Green Lady consumed him. Exactly as Hircine intended.
Everything else was left behind. I was left behind."

You'll need to pass through three barriers to reach Captain Trelano. details on the puzzles and their solutions Eventually, you'll find Gamekeeper Ozzai tormenting the captain. Defeat the Daedra, and the Captain will vanish. Talk to the Shade of Ulthorn

"At last! Gamekeeper Ozzai is defeated! The tortured souls, now avenged!
Long have I waited for this day!"
Where did you send the captain?
"Back to Wilding Run where he'd be safe. I couldn't stop her from capturing him, but I can undo the damage she's done.
He won't remember much. I know the horrors Gamekeeper Ozzai can wreak upon an unprotected mind. None should have to endure that agony."
Can you send me back?
"Of course! You need only ask. After all you have done, this is the least I can do."
I'm ready to go.
"You've saved countless souls. Gamekeeper Ozzai's army threatened to engulf all of the Valenwood. Its people can ill afford another threat in these troubled times.
Farewell, friend."

The Shade will return you to Wilding Run, where you must speak with Captain Trelano to end the quest.

"Where am I? The attack … the lieutenant was injured. I pulled him into a bush to hide.
After that … voices, dead ones! I struck at them … the lieutenant! He isn't …?
Alive, last I saw, and with your scout. Goodbye.
"My scout? Corporal Brelinith! Then Sergeant Dagla may still be alive! She'd be camped at our fallback position.
I must go to them. Thank you for all you've done! I'd be dead if you hadn't come!"


  • After accepting the quest from Nilaendril, you are pointed to the attack site down the road. However, if you get close to Dagla's camp further north, a quest marker will appear for her (which doesn't appear on the zone map, only the compass), and disappears when talking with her, though talking with her at that point is not required for any objectives.
  • Zombies killed by Brelinith's arrows don't give exp or loot.
  • While Ralion's body exists before the quest, Marafi won't exist near her until starting the quest and reaching the related objective.


  • It's possible to bypass the displacing effect of the Hunting Grounds' first barrier by dodging through it. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Ties that Bind
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Nilaendril asked me to search the road where the Fists of Thalmor were attacked.
Objective: Investigate the Attack Site

Sergeant Dagla asked me to keep an eye out for her fellow soldiers. Investigating the scene of the attack might yield clues to their whereabouts.
With any luck I'll find the scout there, as well.

Hidden Objective: Find Sergeant Dagla
I joined forces with a scout searching for her comrades. She identified several campsites and other areas of interest to our search. In her possession are some specially treated arrows that can destroy the undead before they rise.
Objective: Find Captain Trelano
Hidden Objective: Search the Northern Camp
Hidden Objective: Search the Central Ruins
Hidden Objective: Search the Southern Ruins
Hidden Objective: Search the Northern Ruins
Hidden Objective: Search the Overlook Ruins
Hidden Objective: Search the Southern Camp
The lieutenant is injured and Captain Trelano appears mesmerized by some manner of spirit. It doesn't appear hostile. I should find out what it wants.
Objective: Talk to the Shade of Ulthorn
After speaking with the Shade of Ulthorn, I was transported to a wooded glade. I should talk to the Shade of Ulthorn and determine what must be done to find the soldiers.
Objective: Talk to the Shade of Ulthorn
Hidden Objective: Left the Hunting Grounds
The Shade of Ulthorn offered to lead me to Captain Trelano, who is being held by a Daedra named Gamekeeper Ozzai. Three barriers lie between us. With luck, he'll survive long enough for us to reach him.
Objective: Rescue Captain Trelano
Objective Hint: Lower the First barrier
Objective Hint: Lower the Next barrier
Objective Hint: Lower the Final barrier
Objective Hint: Kill Gamekeeper Ozzai
Objective Hint: Talk to Shade of Ulthorn
Finishes quest☑ Gamekeeper Ozzai is dead and Captain Trelano is free. Maybe he can shed some light on what happened here.
Objective Hint: Talk to Captain Trelano
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