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Corporal Brelinith
Location Wilding Run
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fists of Thalmor
Corporal Brelinith

Corporal Brelinith is a Bosmer member of the Fists of Thalmor and one of the only three survivors of the expedition who went into the Wilding Run.

Related Quests[edit]


"Run while you still can! There's no telling when they'll strike again!"

I'm looking for the missing soldiers.
"You must be insane! Guess I won't question my good fortune. The ones I've found are dead, but I haven't seen a sign of Captain Trelano or the lieutenant anywhere. There's some tracks, but they don't make any sense."
Where should we start searching?

"Surveyor's camps. Hopefully some of them made it out. I'm not optimistic. After that, we should search the ruins. We could try the overlook, but that's a far trek."

Any idea what attacked you?
"The dead. You may have noticed, but they're a lot more lively here. Put one down and it just gets up again later... hmm. If you see a corpse, signal me. I have some arrows that might do the trick." or "Keep as quiet as you can. Signal me if you see any suspicious corpses. My arrows will make short work of them."
I have some questions.
"Ask quickly. We're in the canopy without our climbing hooks. Let's not waste time."
Do you know this area well?
"I should. Been a jaqspur for many years. Joined the Fists of Thalmor when the Dominion started recruiting. Figured they would need a guide. Turns out I was right."
Is it always like this? Goodbye.
"No, but every few years this part of Valenwood gets restless. Lights in the forest, pebbles flying around ... it's different every time. I've never heard of it getting this bad before."
What was that about arrows?
"Jaqspur arrows. Useful for hiding bodies when ... well, sometimes you don't want them lying around. Tips coated in a special oil. Nothing magical, just speeds things up a little. Hard to come by. I've only a few left."
Why did you join the Fists of Thalmor?
"I served the Green Lady for years. Finoriell, the one before Gwaering. When the Dominion formed, some of us jaqspurs joined as a show of good faith. And, well, High Elves aren't exactly known for their forestry."
Do you have a problem with High Elves?
"Nothing personal... but to my ears, you're like an old mammoth stumbling in the brush. I jest. Truly, Finoriell once said that about me. I do miss her."
What did you think of Finoriell?
"Strong. Taciturn. Figured actions spoke louder than words. A true Green Lady if there ever was one. When she passed ... we all felt it. The jaqspur especially."
We should get moving.
"Good. We don't have much time."

If you speak to her after the quest, she will have the following dialogue:

"You're back! I knew you'd make it"

What happened after I left?
"I couldn't leave the lieutenant behind. I dragged him back to camp before I came looking for you."
By yourself?
"For now. Wilding Run always got a little strange every few years. Spirits, strange lights. It's different every time."
Do you know why?
"Loss, death, pain. Sometimes Daedra are to blame. It's hard to say"
What will you do now?
"Continue to scout for the Fists of Thalmor. Someone needs to look out for these mammoths in the brush. If we meet again, the drinks are on me!"

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