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For the note, see Fists of Thalmor (note).

The Fists of Thalmor are the military arm of the Aldmeri Dominion's government. They are not affiliated with the Thalmor or the Dominion's 'normal' army. The misconception with the Thalmor comes from their name often being shortened to the same name. The Thalmor are unhappy with how that is affecting their perception by the public and have proposed that the Fists be renamed to their previous name of Justiciars.


Named Members
Boatswain Faranya
Captain Cularalda
Sergeant Linaarie
Captain Trelano
Carpenter Curissil
Corporal Anerel
Corporal Brelinith
Corporal Fairenwen
First Mate Valion
Lieutenant Ehran
Lieutenant Yvondir
Quartermaster Erancar
Seaman Ambaran
Seaman Henaril
Seaman Sorangarion
Sergeant Dagla
Generic Members
Fist of Thalmor
Thalmor Adept
Thalmor Justiciar



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