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Uncover a refugee camp's terrible secret.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Forgotten Crypts — Investigate the disturbance in the Forgotten Crypts.
Quest Giver: Sela
Location(s): Forgotten Crypts
Previous Quest: A Family Divided
Reward: Questionable Meat Sack
High Leveled Gold
Garil's fate is finally revealed
Sela does not believe Danus's story about Garil becoming infected. Something isn't right.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

The "strange meat" eaten by the refugees; their own brethren that fell victim to the plague
  1. Find Sela's husband.
  2. Read his journal.
  3. Confront Danus.
  4. Destroy the meat and return to Danus.
  5. Talk to Sela.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

A Bitter Pill
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Garil is not at the camp. I should look for him further in the crypts.
Objective: Find Garil
Garil set up his own camp in a small tomb, but became infected himself.
Objective: Kill Garil
Garil set up his own camp in a small tomb, but became infected himself. His journal might have more evidence.
Objective: Read Garil's Journal
Garil was banished from the camp for refusing to match the depravity of the other survivors. Even in the end he believed the others could be reasoned with. I should confront Danus.
Objective: Confront Danus
The food supply should be nearby, likely attached to the main camp.
Objective: Find the Camp's Food Source
Their food supply is kept in a small tomb on the western side of the camp. Now to burn it.
Objective: Burn the Meat
It is done. The food supply is destroyed. Now to see if Danus will listen to reason.
Objective: Return to Danus
I should tell Sela of her husband's fate. I told her to escape the crypts. I should leave the crypts to find her.
Objective: Find Sela
☑Finishes quest I should tell Sela of her husband's fate.
Objective: Talk to Sela
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