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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help liberate Fort Virak from the Covenant forces.
Zone: Stonefalls
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Fort Virak — Repel Covenant forces from Fort Virak.
Quest Giver: Sergeant Gjorring
Location(s): Fort Virak, Fort Virak Ruin
Prerequisite Quest: The Coral Heart
Previous Quest: To Fort Virak
Next Quest: Evening the Odds
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 3632
Between this world and the other
The Covenant has seized Fort Virak. They're serving under the command of General Serien. The Pact's army—led by the Indorils, Holgunn, and Walks-in-Ash–has besieged the fort in an attempt to retake it.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Garyn Indoril.
  2. Kill and inspect three Covenant soldiers.
  3. Bring the evidence to Garyn.
  4. Unlock the door in the catacombs with the help of Walks-in-Ash's transformation potion.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Sergeant Gjorring is south of Fort Virak. Speak with him to begin the quest.

"Well met! I'm on duty, friend. Speak with Garyn Indoril straight away."
What's going on here?
"The Covenant has taken Fort Virak and reinforced her walls. Strong Nord reinforcements are waiting for us in The Rift, but this fort keeps them bottled up.
Our catapults can't crack the walls, and they've repelled every attack so far."
How can I help?
"Garyn Indoril is leading the charge. You can find him at the command tent west of here. Word is we've got General Serien backed into a corner.
May Kyne speed you. Split some Covenant skulls for me!"
I'll head to the command tent.

Garyn is in the command tent west of the sergeant. He asks you to inspect the fallen bodies of Covenant troops for anything suspicious. The front lines are to the north. On the way there, you may notice zombies mixed into the Covenant troops. You find old bandages, a putrid eye, and a necrotic hand on three of the dead soldiers. You return with the evidence to Garyn and confirm his fears: the Covenant is raising its dead soldiers to continue fighting.

"Did you find anything suspicious?"
The soldiers fighting our troops were ... rotting.
"Now you can see why I had you investigate. I didn't want to panic my troops.
After each day of fighting, we've allowed the enemy to collect their dead, out of respect. Serien is raising them at night to face us again the next day."
How do I put a stop to this?
"That old lizard, Walks, came to me with a plan to infiltrate the fort. I told her it was too risky. Now we're fighting a losing a battle.
It's time to take a risk. Walks-in-Ash and an elite squad are in the ruins under the fort. She'll explain the rest."

You need to join Walks-in-Ash in Fort Virak Ruin.

"I've gathered some of our most skilled fighters here. We're poised to infiltrate the fort as soon as the way is open.
You're the perfect fit for my plan, my friend."
What's your plan?
"My grandsire was a powerful shaman. He passed down an ancient formula for an elixir that allows a traveler to walk in the 'otherworld' between the living and thee dead.
It works on those who've become attuned to the realms beyond."
And you think I'm already attuned?
"You're different. You must know that. Not all of you is with us, yes? That makes you the perfect candidate for the elixir.
Using the elixir, you can pass through the catacombs beneath Fort Virak. Find the door, open the way, and end this siege."
Do you want me to drink the elixir?
"Yes, drink it. Then you'll be able to go where we cannot.
Of course, not all in the otherworld will welcome you. Contact with the beyond could be unpleasant, so avoid any creatures you see there. Good luck."

Because you are missing your soul, you are able to use an elixir her grandfather created to pass through the Fort Virak catacombs and end the siege. After drinking the potion, enter the hole in the wall. Travel through the tunnels to the other hole in the wall. Pay attention to the ghosts! If you get hit by them, you will be sent back to the real world, and will need to drink another potion.

Once you've found the other hole in the wall, the door will be to the left. Pull the lever to let the rest of the troops through. Speak to Walks-in-Ash for your reward.

"Like eels through seagrass, we're inside. Well done! As we speak, my troops are attacking the fort's main yard."
So the fort is ours?
"We still have plenty of work to do. Without reinforcements, these troops won't last long. And I'm sure Serien won't give up without a fight.
The real battle has just begun."

Quest Stages[edit]

Breaking Fort Virak
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A perimeter guard instructed me to speak with Garyn Indoril at the Pact's siege camp.
Objective: Talk to Garyn Indoril
Garyn doesn't believe General Serien has the soldiers he needs to hold Fort Virak, yet the Covenant is still holding the fort. He's asked me to look for anything odd.
Objective: Examine Dead Soldiers: 0/3
Hidden Objective: Collect a Putrid Eye
Objective Hint: While I examined this soldier, it's [sic] eye fell out. It must have been rotting for several days.
Hidden Objective: Collect a Discolored Limb
Objective Hint: A soldier's hand is covered with necrotic lesions. It must have been dead for several days.
Hidden Objective: Collect a Rotting Heart
Objective Hint: Found a Rotting Heart
I collected a number of putrified [sic] body parts from dead Covenant soldiers. Strangely, these specimens appear to be long dead—several days old, at least. Perhaps Garyn will know what it means.
Objective: Talk to Garyn Indoril
I should enter the ruins to meet Walks-in-Ash.
Objective: Enter the Ruins
I should speak to Walks-in-Ash inside the ruins.
Objective: Talk to Walks-in-Ash
Walks-in-Ash has instructed me to drink the Transformation Potion.
Objective: Use a Transformation Potion
I stepped between worlds. Walks-in-Ash has instructed me to enter the ruin [sic] corridors beneath the fort.
Objective: Pass through the Wall
I'm in the ruined corridors beneath Fort Virak. I must avoid ghosts prowling the "otherworld" while making my way to the area exit. I should be able to leave the ghost-infested corridors through the far broken wall.
Objective: Sneak through Ruined Corridors
Hidden Objective: Avoid Detection
Hidden Objective: You Left The Area
I'm in position. I should open the door for Walks-in-Ash and her troops by pulling a nearby lever.
Objective: Unlock the Door
Finishes quest☑ Now that we've entered the fort, I should speak to Walks-in-Ash.
Objective: Talk to Walks-in-Ash
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