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Location Ruin near Northglen
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Laetille is a Breton and a survivor of the Dark Witnesses attack on the settlement of Northglen. She didn't escape unscathed however. While she was unconscious, she was afflicted with a strange sickness threatening to kill her at any moment. The Glenmoril Wyrd members are trying to figure out a way to cure her.

Related Quests[edit]


Before Wyress Delphique starts her last-ditch attempt to cure her, you have the opportunity to ask Laetille what happened to her.

"I pray the Wyrd can help me. I don't know what the Reachmen did to me, but this darkness they speak of …. It's as if I can feel it. I've never been so scared."
Can you remember anything?
"I remember the terror of the Reachmen dragging me down the stairs. And the face of their leader, Duraeg. He grinned at me. I felt myself being lifted up and then … the pain. It was too much.
I passed out. When I woke, I was tied up in the chapel."
What are the Wyrd doing to you?
"They told me to stay in this circle. In case … I turn on them! What's going to happen to me? What do they think I am? Nothing has worked so far, nothing!
Wyress Delphique has one last hope. Please. Stay with me. I feel so alone here."

Unfortunately for Laetille, Delphique's last attempt is a failure and Laetille turns into a Bloodthorn Zombie and the wyress is forced to kill her.