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Hircine's statue in the Fallen Grotto

The Glenmoril Wyrd is a wyrd of nature-witches. They worship Hircine and have knowledge of how to cure both lycanthropy and vampirism. Their willingness to cure lycanthropy puts them at conflict with the Reachmen who revere all aspects of Hircine and view lycanthropy as a blessing.

They also have the knowledge of polymorphism. Members have been known to polymorph into ravens, while permanent polymorphism into hagravens and lamias is rarer and thus these hybrids are venerated by the Wyrd.


Named Members
Wyress Adah
Wyress Althene
Wyress Asteria
Wyress Brenlynne
Wyress Brigibeth
Wyress Calysa
Wyress Dara
Wyress Delphique
Wyress Elvyrie
Wyress Finia
Wyress Freyda
Wyress Kalia
Wyress Linnae
Wyress Mathilie
Wyress Nyronie
Wyress Rafelen
Wyress Rangifer
Wyress Rashan
Wyress Reinette
Wyress Shannia
Wyress Strigidae
Wyress Tiria
Wyress Ursus
Wyress Zalwa
Wyress Zylle
Generic Members
Glenmoril Guardian
Glenmoril Wyress




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