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Virmaril the Betrayer
Location Skyreach Catacombs
Species Lich
Health 462877 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Virmaril the Betrayer

Virmaril the Betrayer is a High Elf lich found in Skyreach Catacombs. In life, he was an advisor to High King Durac, the ruler of the Nedic tribes in Craglorn.

Despite having served his king faithfully for many years, Virmaril felt betrayed when Durac forbade him from marrying Princess Saradin, the King's daughter, citing that Virmaril was neither a Nede nor of royalty. This, alongside Saradin's rejection of his pleas to run away, is what drew Virmaril to betray the Nedes and kill their rulers when they convened in the Skyreach Catacombs to discuss on how to repel the Yokudan invasion. After this, Virmaril turned himself into a lich, but he was unable to take further action; remnants of the Nedic army ensured he paid for his betrayal, using soul magic to seal him in the catacombs.

There he would slumber for ages, until he reawakened and corrupted those who were left behind to act as his guardians. This activity caught the attention of the Scaled Court, who unearthed the entrance to the Catacombs in an effort to harness his power, only to be slain by the undead inside. This in turn came to the attention of Crusader Dalamar, who requests your aid in entering the catacombs and putting Virmaril to rest. However, even after being defeated, Virmaril claims that he can never truly be killed, a sentiment that is also echoed by Crusader Dalamar.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Necrotic Spear
A basic ranged attack that does minor magical damage, and can be blocked or dodged to reduce damage.
Defiled Ground
A rune that is cast on the ground, indicated by a red circle. Standing in it will snare the player and do moderate magical damage over time to him or her. Stay out of the red circle to avoid this.
Soul Cage
Virmaril will summon three to five lich crystals from the ground around him, as indicated by white cracks on the ground. Standing near the crystals as indicated by the red circles will do moderate magical damage over time to the player. This attack is always followed by Soul Rupture. Stay at range when this spell is cast to avoid the lich crystals. Virmaril will summon the crystals in three waves, instead of the standard two that other liches utilize.
Soul Rupture
After a short time, the crystals explode, dealing moderate magical damage to all players within the red circle. Getting hit by the exploding crystals will cause the player to be lifted above ground briefly; the player can break free from this.
Virmaril summons a magical chain that stuns the player should it hit, requiring you to break free.
Summon Ghosts
Around 50% of his health, Virmaril will summon a wave of ghosts. Additional ghosts will keep on spawning, as Virmaril uses his other attacks. Getting hit by the ice attacks of the ghosts is not advised as it would make dodging the Soul Cage attack very difficult.


You will hear him talk as you progress through the dungeon. When you approach the first chamber, his voice rings out.

Virmaril the Betrayer: "Ah, more guests? Welcome. The others have already started their meal."

When you enter the chamber in the Upper Catacombs containing the Nedic Kings, he says:

Virmaril the Betrayer: "Please, enjoy my collection. The fallen kings are among my most prized possessions."

When you enter the Gravelord's chamber to the south in the Upper Catacombs, he tells you all about it, and challenges you to defeat it.

Virmaril the Betrayer: "Gaze upon my most magnificent creation and prove to me the power of your soul. Destroy my Gravelord—if you can."

When you enter the Lower Catacombs:

Virmaril the Betrayer: "How considerate, delivering your soul into my waiting hands. Join me in the depths and I will teach you to embrace death."

When you enter the Cavern of Lost Souls:

Virmaril the Betrayer: "Come closer. Prove the strength of your glorious soul. Reach me, and I will free you from the shackles of your mortal flesh and grant you a superior form."

When you enter the Tomb of the Dead Watchers:

Virmaril the Betrayer: "The foolish Watchers pledged to make sure I never awoke. Now, even they serve me."

When you reach the Soul-Warded Gate:

Virmaril the Betrayer: "Ah, I forgot to mention. The Nedes warded this door, using their curious brand of soul magic. Allow me to provide the souls you need to proceed."

When you defeat him, he reveals that this may not be the last time you see him.

Virmaril the Betrayer: "Foolish mortals! You never learn. To one such as I, death is never the end—it is only the beginning! You have achieved nothing. I will return."


There is one Achievement associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png Vanquisher of Virmaril 15 Defeat Virmaril the Betrayer and his undead legions within Skyreach Catacombs.