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Reclaim Haven from pirates.
Zone: Grahtwood
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Haven — Stop the pirate attack upon Haven.
Quest Giver: Captain Jimila, Lieutenant Kazargi, Norendo
Location(s): Fisherman's Isle, Haven, The Aquifer
Next Quest: Trouble at the Tree
Concurrent Quest: The Great Tree
Reward: Jackdaw's Galoshes
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
A group of Khajiit soldiers try to recover Haven from pirates

Haven, the largest port on the Long Coast, has been taken by a powerful band of pirates!

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi.
  2. Find out where Lord Gharesh-ri has gone.
  3. Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri.
  4. Investigate the pirate leaders.
  5. Locate the Aquifer.
  6. Find a way into the fort.
  7. Open the gate.
  8. Stop the ritual in the Fighters Guild.
  9. Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi.
  10. Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After sailing to Haven, you will find yourself on deck of the prowler amid the aftermath of a fierce battle. Talking to Captain Jimila will reveal her anger:

"Haven is under pirate attack! Worse, they climbed in through our portholes and breached the hull.
I'll use their blood to swab the decks. Think they'll put more holes in my hull, do they? We had just finished repairs on the last ones!"
What can I do?
"We can't shore up the keel with saboteurs around. But we spotted a soldier nearby ... looks like Khajiit royal guard and some refugees.
We'll keep the pirates off our own backs. Head to that soldier and see if you can help the refugees!"
I'll talk to the soldier.

Talk to Khajit soldier[edit]

The soldier in question is Lieutenant Kazargi, who is on the beach northeast of the Prowler, amid a group of refugees. When you talk to her, she'll recognize the Prowler:

"That ship ... the Prowler, isn't it? I've heard tales of its captain and crew.
If things weren't so dire, I'd hope to meet them."
What happened here?
"I'm uncertain. Lord Gharesh-ri brought my unit to Haven as part of our final training. But when we arrived, the city was under pirate attack.
We worked with the fisher-folk to help the citizens escape."
Who attacked Haven?
"The Jackdaws, a pirate band that raids throughout the Long Coast.
But how could one pirate ship do so much damage? They shouldn't have taken the city at all, let alone as quickly as they did."
Who is Lord Gharesh-ri?
"The Speaker for the Mane. He brought my people into the Dominion.
I'm lucky to serve in his private guard. He sought to introduce us to other lands and people of the Dominion. I do not think he meant our first journey to be this exciting."
Where is he now?
"I do not presume to know. He ordered me to protect refugees on this island while he rallies resistance inside the town.
This one longs to fight by Lord Gharesh-ri's side, but I must follow orders."
What are these people doing here?
"The fisher-folk? They were away from the port during the attack. The rest are refugees from Haven, mostly guards and merchants who escaped the city."
Can I do anything to help?
"The Speaker hoped to locate General Endare, but we could find no sign of her garrison. He feels the city's defense is our responsibility.
But there are few of us. Please, find Lord Gharesh-ri. Help take Haven back from the pirates."
Where can I find Lord Gharesh-ri?
"This one ... I, I do not know, not exactly. I only know what I must protect.
But Lord Gharesh-ri spoke with some refugees before he left. The merchant Naaril, and Curinwe, who leads the fisher-folk. Perhaps they would know."
I'll find out what they know.

Ask refugees about Lord Gharesh-ri[edit]

Naaril can be found just east of Lieutenant Kazargi, sitting at the campfire, and he does indeed know where Gharesh-ri went:

"When I went to bed last night, I dreamed of a fully laden ship docking in the harbor.
I thought it was a good omen. Couldn't have been more wrong."
Have you seen Lord Gharesh-ri?
"He was wading through the swamp with a handful of soldiers. They looked greener than the water.
But good luck to the Cat Lord, I say."
Do you know where he was going?
"To the other end of the marsh. I've only seen the place from the Haven docks. Never thought I'd wade through it.
If you're headed after the Cat Lord, cross the marsh and make for the walls. I'd wager he's by the gate."
Can you tell me what happened in Haven?
"One moment I was nearly asleep, and the next I heard yelling. I looked outside and saw raiders with torches, so I leapt out the window and ran.
That's right. Completely nude, all the way here. The fisher-folk loaned me some clothes. Good of them."
What do you know about the marsh?
"Never seen it before this evening. I've sent apprentices there for alchemical supplies. Had I known it was crawling with hoarvor, I would've increased their stipends.
But not by much. You have to keep them in line."

Curinwe can be found north of Lieutenant Kazargi, guarding an archway.

Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri[edit]

To find Gharesh-ri, go northwest. There is no path, and the swamp is filled with Hoarvor. Along the way, you may find Eryarion, who will give you the quest Lost Treasures.

Entering the city of Haven, you will notice that a number of Ghaja's Fangs who have fortified a house just in time for another attack by the Jackdaws. Inside of the Abandoned House, you will find more Ghaja's Fangs and Lord Gharesh-ri.

"Without the weight of numbers, we can't retake Haven by direct assault. The key to victory is the fort."
Lieutenant Kazargi said you needed some help.
"Sharp clawed, that one. It's why I left her in charge.
This has been enlightening [sic] training cruise for my soldiers. I wanted to show them life outside of Elsweyr, for them to see what it means to be a Dominion citizen! I never expected this."
Lieutenant Kazargi mentioned something about Haven's garrison?
"Ah, yes. The great General Endare! I wanted to introduce my soldiers to a real Dominion hero.
Shame that she's gone. Pulled her fearsome Jade Dragons out of town before we arrived, and left the place defenseless. Seems the pirates decided to fill the void."
Why would she leave?
"A question for another time.
Right now, we need to deal with these pirates.--Jackdaws, they call themselves. We spotted a few giving orders to the others. These Jackdaw lieutenants are the key."
What do you mean?
"We must know why have [sic] the Jackdaws lingered in Haven. What do they plan for its citizens?
Take my notebook and find the Jackdaw lieutenants. Make note of anything they say which gives us a clearer understanding."
Can't I just kill them?
"I can't see why not. If they're of any importance to the Jackdaw's captain, they'll have written orders.
As long as we learn their plans, I don't care how you do it."
I'll see what I can learn.
Eavesdrop on the bandit leaders to learn about their orders

Something you will notice on the way is that the Jackdaws are almost exclusively Nord, Dunmer, and Argonian - the three races of the Ebonheart Pact.

Investigate Artificer Hlana, Warleader Yngold & Jeer-Tei[edit]

The three Jackdaw Lieutenants you are looking for, Artificer Hlana, Jeer-Tei, and Warleader Yngold, are both west of the Abandoned House. Hlana, a necromancer, is closest. Her orders are apparently to obtain materials for a ritual from the Mages Guild. Yngold's orders demand more corpses for some kind of necromantic ritual. Jeer-Tei's orders are strangest of all, demanding that a drugged Wamasu is brought into an aquifer below the city.

Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi[edit]

When you find the aquifer entrance, just northwest of Jeer-Tei's ship, Lieutenant Kazargi will already be there:

"Some of Haven's guard arrived to defend the fisher-folk and refugees. I thought to sneak along the beaches, see what I could learn. Then I saw you.
So, what should we do?"
Lord Gharesh-ri asked me to discover the pirates' plans. Here's what I found.
"Really? What are the Jackdaws planning?"
They're bringing bodies to Haven's fort for some kind of necromantic ritual.
"What? Why would pirates do such a thing? We must get to the fort and stop them!
But if they hold the fort, they must have the gates locked. How could we get in?"
There's an entrance through this aquifer.
"Good! If you can enter the fort and open the gate, I can bring reinforcements to you.
Where is Lord Gharesh-ri? I must tell him of this plan!"
He's in an abandoned house near the outer walls.
"Then we both must hurry.
Keep your wits about you, friend. We'll meet inside the fort and stop these pirates from whatever dark magics they plan."

Enter aquifer[edit]

The Aquifer's entrance is a sewer tunnel just beside Lieutenant Kazargi. You will find yourself at the south, and have to find your way to the north, fighting more Jackdaws along the way until in the final chamber you find a unique wamasu called Tsonamot being tended to by Beast Handler Mahei-Ma. North of them is a rope that you can use to climb into the fort. Unlock the gate, and talk to Gharesh-ri just outside:

Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri[edit]

"Well done, my friend! Lieutenant Kazargi brought me what you found."
What should we do next?
"The pirate leader intends to fill Haven's streets with undead slaves, but there's still time to stop them.
They're coming from the Fighters Guild. I need someone I can trust to get inside and disrupt their foul rituals. Can I count on you once more?"
Why me?
"My soldiers are loyal, but if I'm not beside them they'll fight with half a heart.
And this way, we keep the pirates' focus on the Speaker for the Mane's flashing weapons and luxurious hair. Meanwhile, you can gut them when they aren't looking."
All right, I'll do it.
Of course.
"By Alkosh's scaly nethers, I knew you'd come through!
Now, the pirates are likely to have the Fighters Guild heavily guarded and locked down."
How do I get the key?
"I hand it to you. Found it on a pirate's corpse and recognized the markings. The luck of Rajhin was with me!
I'm sure the Fighters Guild will approve of you smashing anything that doesn't belong. When you finish, inform Lieutenant Kazargi of your success!"
Stop the necromantic ritual

Enter the abandoned Fighters' Guild[edit]

Head to the Fighters Guild, fighting undead in the streets.

Stop the invaders' ritual[edit]

Though Gharesh-ri claims that the Fighters Guild will be heavily guarded, the building will at first appear to only be inhabited by Gjarma Raven-Hair, and it is only after you defeat her that the necromancers and their focus crystals appear.[verification needed — see talk page] Destroy the three focus crystals.

Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi[edit]

Lieutenant Kazargi, sits wounded just outside the Fighters Guild:

"Greetings, my friend. You did it. The undead fell in their tracks.
The pirates, they surrendered or fled. A good day."
How bad are you hurt?
"They won't tell me. That means it's bad, isn't it? I'm going to die."

You can either lie and try to comfort Kazargi, or tell the truth:

That's usually what it means.
"I see. Strange, I thought I would fear this moment, but instead I'm filled with pride that I could fight beside the Speaker for the Mane. And beside you.
[Lie] I'm sure you'll be fine.
"Truly? Your words bring me hope.

Regardless, Kazargi will ask:

Lord Gharesh-ri isn't around, is he? / Lord Gharesh-ri isn't here, is he?"
I can get him for you.
He rallies the people of Haven against the pirates. Please, do not distract him with my fate."
All right.
"If I die from wounds justly earned, I'll greet my ancestors with honor. Tell the Speaker it was an honor to serve him."
I'll tell him, Kazargi.

The pirate attack on Haven has failed. You should inform Lord Gharesh-ri that you defeated the pirate leader and her plan.

Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri[edit]

"An honor to fight beside you."
Jackdaw Pirates are being restrained after the liberation of Haven

When you talk to Lord Gharesh-ri, he will be pleased about your success:

"Ha! I knew you'd done it the moment those undead fell to tatters!
Half of the pirates surrendered on the spot. They must've thought whatever you did to the undead would happen to them next!"
The pirate leader is dead.
"This means three things. First, you were instrumental in crushing the pirate invasion of Haven. Second, the Dominion's leadership owes you a debt of thanks.
And third, I am privileged to be the one who pays it. An honor to fight beside you."

This will complete the quest, though you can tell him about Kazargi's wounds:

"I'd like to know why General Endare pulled her Jade Dragoons from Haven. Their absence nearly led to the Jackdaws' success."
Lieutenant Kazargi was seriously wounded.
"What? The last I saw, she was carving her way through undead warriors. How bad is it?"
It seemed bad. She didn't want you to worry.
"Nonsense. I'll send for Mages Guild healers to treat her immediately.
Don't you worry about Lieutenant Kazargi. She fought like she was born with six claws. There's no way she'll go without a fight."

To the Tree[edit]

Once you have finished in Haven, you may continue following The Great Tree to Elden Root. If you have arrived in Grahtwood without picking up The Great Tree, you will be offered Trouble at the Tree instead (these two quests are mutually exclusive).


At the end of the quest the location of Lord Gharesh-ri jumps about on the map. This ed' found Lord Gharesh-ri by the fountain, next to the Haven foundry.


  • When you first meet Lieutenant Kazargi outside of the aquifer and accept the quest to proceed through it to the fort, the quest marker is erroneously placed at the fort's front door, which is inaccessible at this point, and you will be unable to proceed through the sewer as intended.
    • ZOS reports that this is working as designed in that, due to certain system limitations, it cannot be easily fixed.
    • Setting a different quest to your active quest and then changing back to Unsafe Haven can be enough to fix it.

Quest Stages[edit]

Unsafe Haven
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
There's a Khajiiti soldier on the beach of a small island outside of Haven. She may know what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Khajiit Soldier
Lieutenant Kazargi arrived with Lord Gharesh-ri, one of the Dominion's leaders. It seems he has a plan to retake Haven from the pirates. I should speak with some of the refugees to see if they know where he headed.
Objective: Ask Refugees about Lord Gharesh-ri
The refugees said Lord Gharesh-ri was last seen crossing the marsh toward the outer walls of Haven. I should see if I can catch up with him.
Objective: Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri
Lord Gharesh-ri wants to learn the pirates' plan so he can figure where best to strike. If I'm unable to eavesdrop on the pirates and learn their plans, I may be able to kill them and search their bodies for orders.
Objective: Investigate Artificer Hlana
Objective: Investigate Warleader Yngold
Objective: Investigate Jeer-Tei
Objective Hint: Eavesdrop or Steal Orders
An old Imperial aquifer leads into Haven's fort, where the pirates plan some sort of necromantic ritual. If I can find the aquifer, I can use the secret entrance against them.
Objective: Locate Aquifer Entrance
Objective Hint: Search near the Docks
While searching for the aquifer entrance, I spotted Lieutenant Kazargi. I should speak with her and see what she's doing here.
Objective: Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi
Lieutenant Kazargi will bring what I found to Lord Gharesh-ri. If all goes according to plan, I will unlock the fort's front gates so the Speaker and his soldiers can make it inside.
Objective: Enter Aquifer
The old imperial [sic] Aquifer isn't completely deserted. If I can make my way through the aquifer and into the fort, I should be able to open the front gate so the Speaker and his soldiers can make it inside.
Objective: Enter Fort
Objective Hint: Search for a Way into the Fort
The pirates' necromancers have already begun their ritual to animate Haven's dead! I should make my way to the gatehouse so I can let Lord Gharesh-ri and his soldiers inside.
Objective: Open Gate
I opened the gate, and Lord Gharesh-ri arrived with his soldiers. I should talk to the Speaker about his plan to stop the pirates' necromantic ritual.
Objective: Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri
Lord Gharesh-ri will keep the pirates busy in the fort's courtyard. While he does so, I will slip into the Abandoned Fighters Guild and do what I can to stop the necromantic ritual.
Objective: Enter the Abandoned Fighters Guild
The pirate leader and her necromancers are in the middle of a strange ritual. I should stop them before the ritual completes!
Hidden Objective: Stop the Invaders' Ritual
The pirate leader is dead and her undead army disintegrated before me. I should inform Lieutenant Kazargi of my success.
Objective: Talk to Lietenant Kazargi
☑Finishes quest The pirate attack on Haven has failed. I should inform Lord Gharesh-ri that I defeated the pirate leader and her plan.
Objective: Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri