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Tu'whacca is the god who escorts the souls of departed Redguards to the afterlife of the Far Shores. Though a soul may have enemies who will try to keep it from reaching the Far Shores, Tu'Whacca is sly and clever, and always outwits them.
Quest Hub:
Tu'whacca's Throne
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Daggerfall Covenant
Discovery Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Consecrated Archers, Consecrated Swordmasters, Consecrated Whirlwinds, Zarrineh
MyrkwasaAlik'r Desert
Southeast of Sentinel
Tu'whacca's Throne

Tu'whacca's Throne is a ruined temple in the central Alik'r Desert, southeast of Sentinel. The Withered Hand have invaded the temple and raised the consecrated dead buried within.

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