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Throne Keeper Farvad
Location Tu'whacca's Throne
HoonDing's Watch
Motalion Necropolis
Impervious Vault
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Optional during Amputating the Hand
Throne Keeper Farvad

Throne Keeper Farvad is a Redguard priest of Tu'whacca encountered throughout the Alik'r Desert.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Tu'whacca's Breath[edit]

When you approach Tu'whacca's Throne, Farvad can be found on the road leading to the temple and will warn you about the undead and the Withered Hand that have taken it over.

"Satakal's Wrath, wayfarer … unless you will enjoy wading through an army of undead, I would go no further.
The dead have taken over Tu'whacca's Throne."
Is it because they stole the Ansei Wards?
"The Ansei Wards? Stolen? There is no way … the Impervious Vault … how?
This does explain how they raised the consecrated dead, though. It also explains why Tu'whacca is so angry. He speaks to me. He says the temple must be cleansed—and now!"
How do we cleanse it?
"Oh … Tu'whacca will do the cleansing. We must only clear the way.
If you will help me light the sacred braziers, Tu'whacca will send his Breath to help us destroy the Withered Hand and return the dead to the sand."
I will help light the braziers.
"For each direction the wind blows, there is a brazier. Light the first three and meet me at the west brazier. I will light that one.
Then we will light the central brazier together, and soon see Uwafa and his Withered Hand destroyed."

You can then ask him further questions.

What exactly while Tu'whacca's Breath do?
"We do not know. There is no record of these defenses ever being used. All I can recall is reading that it is supposed to help cleanse the Temple and return the dead to their rest.
Uncertainty is part of the fun, though, right?"
How do you know Uwafa?
"This man is very dangerous. He is the leader of these Withered Hand dogs. He offered me the chance to leave peacefully ….
I wanted to protect my fellow priests, but we could not surrender Tu'whacca's sacred ground without a fight."
Can you tell me more about the Temple?
"Tu'whacca is the caretaker of the Far Shores. We will all visit him one day.
The Throne is the final resting place of our honored ancestors. Our heroes have been buried here for centuries. It is terrible that their rest has been disturbed."

After you have lit the braziers, Farvad will meet you at the Throne.

"You have done well, wayfarer. Tu'whacca is pleased."
Is he going to cleanse the temple now?
"Very soon. It is like Tu'whacca is taking in the air and preparing to send his Breath.
The Withered Hand here will soon crumble, and the particles will drift away like sand in the wind."

You will then receive the Windcaller's Sash and some gold. However, Tu'whacca still has need of you at the Throne.

A Reckoning with Uwafa[edit]

Continuing to talk to Farvad, he needs help dealing with the necromancer who caused all the trouble.

"Tu'whacca says you will have the pleasure of killing this Uwafa … with his help, of course.
First, you must light the final brazier over there, then Tu'whacca's Breath will come."
Then how do I get to Uwafa?
"Uwafa has sealed himself inside the Sanctum with my priests. I fear for them, but Tu'whacca will help us. He will unseal the doors … then you can go in and kill this necromancer bastard.
Are you ready to witness the power of a god, my friend?"
I'm ready whenever you are.

After agreeing to help, you can ask questions about the Ansei Wards.

"Go now and light the final brazier.
Do not fear the power of Tu'whacca. You and I, we are his champions in this."
What about the Ansei Wards?
"Oh yes. We cannot forget those. If this Uwafa has them, we will soon get them back.
Even with the Ansei Wards, Uwafa is no match for the strength of a god!"
Do you know the history of the Wards?
"Of course. All priests of Tu'whacca know such things.
The Wards were forged when three Ansei gave their lives to channel their spirits into their blades. They did this so that the Wards would protect the consecrated dead."
So how is Uwafa raising the consecrated dead?
"In the hands of these necromancers, the strength of the Ansei Wards is much weakened. With some magics, they might even be able to pervert the Wards' power for terrible ends.
It is good that we will soon have them back."

After lighting the last brazier, Throne Keeper Farvad will go over to the foot of the stairs leading up to Tu'whacca's sanctum where Uwafa has looked himself in. He will then appeal to Tu'whacca for his assistance:

Throne Keeper Farvad: "O great Tu'whacca, Keeper of Souls! Hear the prayer of your humble servant!"
Throne Keeper Farvad: "Your sacred grounds have been defiled! The rest of our ancestors have been disturbed!"
Throne Keeper Farvad: "I ask you to send your sacred Breath to cleanse the Temple!"
<Lightning appears around Farvad as he continues and a storm cloud is formed above his head.>
Throne Keeper Farvad: "And give us your blessing to destroy the defiler!"
<There is a thunder clap and the door opens, Farvad is exhausted from the effort.>
Throne Keeper Farvad: "He has given his blessing! Go into the inner sanctum and kill Uwafa!"

Talking to him before entering the sanctum.

"Do not ask Tu'whacca to wait any longer. He calls for Uwafa's blood. You must give it to him."

Once you have entered the Sanctum and killed Uwafa, Ansei Radan will momentarily appear and you can collect his Ward. You can then return to Farvad with it in hand.

"I am very proud. Tu'whacca says that you smote this Uwafa mightily!
You recovered the Ward of Ansei Radan as well! The Temple is restored, and Alik'r is safer! Tu'whacca is pleased."
What about the other Ansei Wards?
"Tu'whacca says you should not worry. He says you will find them. I can watch over The Ward of Ansei Radan for now.
Tu'whacca has much faith in you, my friend. He wants me to give you this. You should be honored."

The Scholar of Bergama[edit]

Continuing to talk with him after defeating Uwafa, Farvad will have more advice from Tu'whacca.

"I do not know where the other Ansei Wards have been taken, but Tu'whacca tells me that you must go east, my friend.
He says that is the next step on your journey."
I will go east, but can he tell you anything more specific?
"No. Tu'whacca is quiet now. He is not worried about you. He is more worried about me getting the temple cleaned up.
I have a suggestion though. I think you should start your search in the city of Bergama."
Why Bergama?
"There is a great scholar in Bergama. Her name is Zohreh. She knows much about the Ansei Wards. She may have the answers we seek.
Wherever you go, Tu'whacca will be with you. Of that I am certain."
I will go speak to Zohreh.

Speaking to him again at the Throne afterwards:

If you have started The Scholar of Bergama:
If you have not started Gone Missing:
"Yes. I believe Bergama is where you should begin your search for the other two Ansei Wards.
I will keep the Ward of Ansei Radan for now, but I will return it to you when you are ready."
"Do not worry. I am guarding the Ward of Ansei Radan very carefully.
I will return it to you when you are ready."

March of the Ra Gada[edit]

After traveling to HoonDing's Watch, Farvad will also be there. His greeting to you will depend on previous interactions with him.

Helped him at Tu'whacca's Throne:
First time meeting:
"It is good to see you again, my friend! Now I understand why Tu'whacca bid me to come here to HoonDing's Watch.
If you are to save the Alik'r desert from the Withered Hand, there are things you must learn from the spirits of this place."
"Hello. I am glad to meet you. Tu'whacca, in his wisdom, bid me to come here and await your arrival.
Tu'whacca says you will save the Alik'r desert from the Withered Hand, but first, there are things you must learn from the spirits of this place."

The dialogue then merges.

There are spirits here?
"Yes. Many of them. And pilgrims come from all over Hammerfell to honor them—the heroes of our greatest wars.
It is usually a quiet affair, but when one such as you arrives, spirits of friend and foe alike awaken to create a portrait of the past."
What do they want?
"To teach you. If you are to be champion of the Alik'r, you must understand the spirit of this desert and its people.
Tu'whacca says you must walk in the steps of our heroes, battle the spirits of the enemies they faced. Then you will understand."
Fair enough. I will fight these spirits.
"First, you will face the Nedic Peoples. When the Ra Gada first crashed on these shores, the Nedes were first to challenge them.
Fight the Nedic soldiers' spirits. Claim their essences, and use them to summon and face their leader, Warchief Haakon."

You can then ask him some questions about the Ra Gada and their Nede opponents:

Who were the Ra Gada?
"That was the name of our Yokudan ancestors during the exodus from our ancient homeland. After Yokuda sank beneath the waves, they sailed here in search of a new home. Their coming was not peaceful. You see, the term Ra Gada means "warrior wave."
Who were the Nedic Peoples?
"The Nedic peoples were the ancient ancestors of our human kin here in Tamriel. Those who dwelled on the isle of Herne had long struggled to resist the Elves prior to the Ra Gada's arrival. Upon seeing the Yokudan sails, they took up the sword again."
I take it they lost?
"They struggled mightily. We honor their bravery. But no, they fell before the Yokudan onslaught like all the others."
Are the priests returning to Tu'whacca's Throne? (Appears if you helped him at Tu'whacca's Throne)
"Yes, my friend, albeit slowly. Not all heed Tu'whacca's words as I do.
When the Withered Hand is no more, we will have much to do. All the corpses to be cleaned and dressed … Zeht's tears, we will need more Throne Keepers. Of that I am certain."

When you've collected the Nedic essence and defeated Warchief Haakon, Farvad can be spoken to again at some stairs further into the ruin:

"In our fight against the Nedes, we saw the raw power of defiance. We came to respect Tamriel and its warriors.
You must now battle the giant Goblinkin. The Ra Gada's long road to conquest was paved with thousands of these beasts' corpses."
I've never heard of giant Goblins.
"Such things are difficult to imagine, yes. In those times Goblins were mighty beasts, and their cruelty was not tempered by cowardice as it is now. Their filthy strongholds littered the sands of Hammerfell like a pox when the Ra Gada arrived."
That sounds horrible.
"Horrible indeed! Our Yokudan ancestors could not tolerate such a blight on their new homeland. They would suffer no rivals. And so one of their mightiest heroes, Frandar Hunding, rallied the swords of the Ra Gada to slay the beasts."
What happened to him?
"Ah … Tu'whacca claimed him during one of the bloodiest battles of the campaign. But his son Divad, filled with wrath over the slaying of his father, soon rose to take command of the Ra Gada. He swore to avenge his father—no matter the cost."
Was he successful?
"The Song of Divad tells us that he and his band of Sword Singers worked their sacred forges and consulted eldritch tomes for many long years to create five great swords. With these blessed blades, the Ra Gada forever vanquished the giant Goblins."
What is my task?
"Well, Tu'whacca tells me that you must do battle with the spirits of the long-dead giant Goblinkin. To what end? I do not know. But only fools doubt Tu'whacca's wisdom."

When you've collected the Goblin essence and defeated the Flint-Tooth Chief, Farvad can be found higher up in the ruins:

"Ironically, it was in our fight against the hideous Goblins that we came to love the desert and its simple beauty.
Now you must face the proud Orc warriors of ancient Orsinium. The fight for the Orc city proved to be one of our greatest trials."
Tell me of Orsinium.
"It is the heart of Orcdom in Tamriel, settled at the foot of the Wrothgarian Mountains. It is a city of simple things—towering and cold. It has been razed and rebuilt countless times. The Orcs are a tenacious people."
I take it that the Yokudans were one of the conquerors?
""Conquerors" is a strong word, but yes, of course they were. Ha! Our ancestors and the Bretons' laid siege to the city for thirty years before finally breaching the walls and razing the city. The Orcs proved to be fearsome adversaries."
What is my task?
"You must face the ancient Orcish spectres in battle, and then summon and defeat their leader, General Theshaga.
Tu'whacca says there is great wisdom to be gleaned from this."

When you've collected the Orcish essence and defeated General Theshaga, Farvad can be spoken to again at some stairs further into the ruin:

"The swords of Yokuda were not often sheathed. Our long siege of Orsinium taught us the value of patience.
Now you must face the forces of the Breton King Joile—a treacherous asp whose lust for power led to broken alliances and countless sorrows."
Who was King Joile?
"He was the King of Daggerfall during the Siege of Orsinium. The embers of the Orcish hold had not even cooled before he took up arms against our ancestors—his former allies. He was slain by a heroic Sword Singer at the Battle of Bangkorai Pass."
What is my task?
"You must slay the perfidious spirits of King Joile's Breton army—then King Joile himself, I suspect. Tu'whacca shall be watching."

When you've defeated King Joile, Farvad can be found at the top of the ruins:

"Joile's betrayal taught us yet another virtue: caution—wariness. We remain slow to trust, but loyal beyond measure.
You have reached the summit! The Make-Way God, sees much at this height. Have you learned the greatest lesson of this place?"
Maybe. What is the lesson?
"The greatest lesson of HoonDing's Watch is this: wars are fleeting, but honor is eternal. The dunes of time are ever shifting. Kings rise and fall, cities are razed and rebuilt, alliances are forged and broken. But honor, glory … legend remains."

Trials of the Hero[edit]

After completing the previous trials, Farvad will have another test for you:

"Your valor strikes a mighty bell! The heroes have come here themselves—Makela Leki, Derik Hallin, and both Frandar and Divad Hunding!
Their spirits have come here, to meet you, to challenge you, and to teach you."
I must fight the heroes themselves now?
"No. You will not cross blades. The Sword Singers were as much mages as warriors. They sought strength of body, and of mind.
These spirits will speak to you. Choose your words with care though. Tu'whacca says they seek to teach… and to test."
All right. I'll speak to the heroic spirits.
"You have performed very well in your trials, my friend, but Tu'whacca says the spirits of this place have more to share with you."

After completing each of the heroes trials, you can return to Throne Keeper Farvad:

"Tu'whacca tells me that the heroic spirits have returned to their slumber."
Did I pass the spirits' test?
"Ha! Only Tu'whacca has such knowledge, my friend. I could barely hear you from here. Luckily, Tu'whacca has shared some of his wisdom with me."
What have you learned?

Depending on your choices, he will offer a different assessment of your character:

  • "You show great wisdom with your choices, my friend. You pursue the deepest honor—that which is found in sacrifice. Your pursuit of the Withered Hand is proof of this, is it not so? Only know that caution is sometimes the enemy of progress."
  • "Tu'whacca tells me that you are bound to the greatest of Redguard virtues: honor and loyalty. You are drawn to great summits of glorious ends. Hold fast to that courageous spirit, but know that sometimes we must make sacrifices for the greater good."
  • "You walk the narrow path that cuts between glory and sacrifice-valor and patience. You measure your pursuit of honor with reason and foresight. To see all ends is a gift only Tu'whacca possesses. But to walk in his footsteps is wise indeed!"
Is this what I was meant to learn?

If you exit dialogue and speak to him again, he will say:

"You now know the truth of your heart."
So I was meant to learn my true nature?

Regardless of what dialogue option is taken, he will say:

"What? No. I simply thought you'd like to know what Tu'whacca thought of you. He is an excellent judge of character. No, the real lesson of these heroes is that legend always carries a price. You must be prepared to pay that toll when it comes."

Upon completing the quest he will say one of the following while at HoonDing's Watch:

"Walk with Tu'whacca."
"Tu'whacca tells me that you are bound to the greatest of Redguard virtues: honor and loyalty. You are drawn to great summits and glorious ends. Hold fast to that courageous spirit, but know that sometimes we must make sacrifices for the greater good."
"You walk the narrow path that cuts between glory and sacrifice, valor and patience. You measure your pursuit of honor with reason and foresight. To see all ends is a gift only Tu'whacca possesses. But to walk in his footsteps is wise indeed!"
"Students prove themselves through the art of battle. Any fool can win a duel, but a master knows who will challenge her, and where it will occur.
You must think as the masters did. Learn not just how they fought, but when, and why."

Amputating the Hand[edit]

While you were drawn away to Satakalaam to track down Shiri and incidentally deal with an Imperial invasion, the Withered Hand will find Farvad to take the Ansei Ward he was protecting. He can found in the Motalion Necropolis after the destroying the resurrected Alasan, however he will be distraught after being forced to protect himself from the consecrated undead:

"What have I done? What have I done? I have struck down one of our ancestors!
I have betrayed my vows, my people, my god. Tu'whacca! How could you allow me to do this?"
Throne Keeper Farvad, are you all right?
"No-no! I am not all right! Not all right at all!
I have failed Tu'whacca! First I lost Ansei Radan's Ward, and then to get it back, I was forced to strike down the honored dead! Now the Ward is corrupted, and so am I!"
Surely Tu'wacca can forgive you somehow.
"Well, perhaps ….
Tu'whacca says now that you are here, there is a way. I must cleanse the Ward, but I will need you to protect me while I do. Would you do that for me, my friend?"
Of course, but what am I protecting you from?
"The dead. That witch Shiri has set them against us.
They will try to stop me from cleansing the Ward, but if you will defend me, I can cleanse it. If you are ready, Tu'whaccca says we should do this as soon as we can."
I'm ready. Let's do this.

He will then head to an altar were Ansei Radan's Ward lies, to begin the ritual. You will need to fight off the undead which come to stop him:

Throne Keeper Farvad: "I will cleanse the blade. You keep them off of me!"

Midway through the ritual, he will encourage you:

Throne Keeper Farvad: "Tu'whacca says to keep it up. You are doing a good job."

Nearing completion:

Throne Keeper Farvad: "Yes! Yes! We are close now!"
Throne Keeper Farvad: "That's It! Just a bit more!"

When the ritual is completed, Farvad will head to the central tomb:

Throne Keeper Farvad: "There! It is done! Come quickly now! We must stop this woman Shiri! Meet me at the central tomb!"

When you arrive at the tomb with Talia at-Marimah, Farvad and Prince Azah will be waiting for you in front of the warded door. You can then speak with Throne Keeper Farvad:

"I am glad you caught up. I am glad you came to the necropolis in the first place.
Tu'whacca says you are the one who must stop Shiri from doing this dark deed."
What dark deed? What is Shiri planning?
"She is planning to resurrect her father—the necromancer Suturah.
I was much younger when this man tried to turn the Alik'r into a kingdom of undeath, but I will never forget the horror, the terror. We cannot allow Suturah to return."
What makes him so dangerous?
"He was the most powerful necromancer to ever walk these sands, worse than his children, I suspect.
Tu'whacca warns me … Suturah will be unstoppable if he is returned from the dead. He will be a great lich, or something even more terrible."
How do we stop Shiri then?
"We kill her and we retrieve the last Ansei Ward.
Shiri has sealed the tomb though. Tu'whacca says two of us will have to channel the Wards we have to open the door. The other one can go in and join you in the fight. You must choose who will come."
All right. I'll make my choice.
Throne Keeper Farvad in his red robes while your follower

At this point you can choose between Farvad, Talia or Prince Azah, each will give their reasons if spoken with. Farvad has healing abilities:

"I will join you, if you wish.
I am no great warrior. I am only a humble priest, but Tu'whacca says I can be of great assistance to you in this battle. He says it is up to you to make this decision though."
How does Tu'wacca think you can help me?
"I am not one inclined to inflict pain and suffering, but I am skilled in doing the opposite.
Tu'whacca says this will be a very hard battle, even for you. He says it would be my duty to keep you in the fight, to keep you healed."
Then I'd like you to join me, Farvad.
I need a moment before I make my decision. (Ends Conversation)

Once a companion is picked, the other two will break the barrier on the door. Dialogue is different depending on who is chosen:

Throne Keeper Farvad fighting Shiri
If Throne Keeper Farvad is selected
Throne Keeper Farvad: "Tu'whacca walks with you, and so will I."
<The Ansei Wards are channeled to unlock the door.>
Talia at-Marimah: "All right, let us open the door then."
Prince Azah: "This wall will not stand before the power of an Ansei Ward."
<The door is unsealed.>
Throne Keeper Farvad: "It is done. Tu'whacca says it is time for us to go in."
If Talia at-Marimah is selected
Talia at-Marimah: "Excellent. We shall put down Shiri as my father put down Suturah before."
<The Ansei Wards are channeled to unlock the door.>
Throne Keeper Farvad: "Tu'whacca demands justice be done!"
Prince Azah: "This wall will not stand before the power of an Ansei Ward."
<The door is unsealed.>
Talia at-Marimah: "It is done. Lead on."
If Prince Azah is selected
Prince Azah: "All right. Farvad, Talia … you know what to do."
rest of dialogue needed

After you have stopped Shiri and her plans, the Ansei Halelah will bid your three companions to go through the portal to the Impervious Vault while she talks to you.

Restoring the Ansei Wards[edit]

Throne Keeper Farvad is present during Restoring the Ansei Wards, where he attends the ceremony in the Impervious Vault. He will agree with Tu'wacca's assessment:

"Tu'whacca says this is good. He says all is as it should be, and you have done well ….
I agree with Tu'whacca. I have enjoyed walking the sands with you."