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Animals comprise various mundane creatures that have no magical or weapon-wielding abilities.

The "Animals" category includes a wide variety of creatures, with different degrees of aggressiveness (some have no attack capability at all), and many different habitats. The characteristics common to all animals are that they are modeled upon real animals that exist (or existed formerly) on Earth, and that they rely exclusively upon physical attacks using their bodies (claws, paws, hooves, fangs, horns, etc.)

Animal behavior is organized into three ranks: Non-hostile, in which the animal will never attack (these also are always level 1 and die in one hit); Neutral, in which the animal will only attack when provoked by proximity or direct harm; and Hostile, in which the animal will attack on sight. Note that in certain places, an animal may be neutral while others of its kind elsewhere are hostile. There are also a few cases of two distinctly different animals having the same name. For example, the small, non-hostile spider may be killed for bait, while the large, hostile spider has more variable drops (such as Armor or Weapons).

Animal Types[edit]



An Alit

Alits are bipedal creatures similar to kagouti and guar. They are found primarily in Morrowind, Elsweyr and Black Marsh.


A Bear

Bears are large mammals found in Valenwood and Skyrim. They are dangerous predators with thick fur that is well-suited for keeping people warm.


A Bristleback

Bristlebacks are large boars found in Western Skyrim and the Reach.

Cliff Strider[edit]

A Cliff Strider

Cliff Striders are large flying reptiles found on Vvardenfell.


A Crocodile

Crocodiles are large reptiles that can be found near water. They have powerful jaws.


A Salamander

Salamanders are large amphibians that use elemental abilities to defend themselves. They live in tropical regions such as Summerset and Murkmire.


A Duneracer

Duneracers are large predators that live in desert regions. They can be found primarily in Craglorn.


A Duneripper

Dunerippers are large beasts that travel fastest by digging. They are found in desert regions.


A Durzog

Durzogs are quadrupedal creatures that are usually seen in the company of Goblins. They are found in many regions, including Morrowind, High Rock and Black Marsh.


An Echatere
An Echalette

Echateres are large mammals found in Wrothgar. They are kept as livestock and beasts of burden by the Orcs. A baby echatere is called an Echalette.


A Hackwing

Hackwings are flying reptiles found in Southern Elsweyr and Murkmire.


A Jackal

Jackals are canine scavengers that live in the desert. They can be found in the Alik'r Desert, Craglorn, Hew's Bane and Northern Elsweyr.


A Betty Netch
A Bull Netch

Netches are docile, floating creatures found in Morrowind. A male netch is called a bull, and a female is called a betty. Juvenile netches are called calves.


A Kagouti

Kagouti are bipedal reptiles similar to guar. They are found primarily in Morrowind and Black Marsh.

Kwama Warrior[edit]

A Kwama Warrior

Kwama Warriors are large kwama who exist to defend their hive. Unlike other varieties of kwama, they are bipedal.


A Lion
A Lioness

Lions are large cats that are found in Cyrodiil. Female lions are called Lionesses.


A Mammoth
A Timber Mammoth

Mammoths are large, woolly animals found in cold climates. They are located in Skyrim and some parts of Valenwood.

Mountain Bristleback[edit]

A Mountain Bristleback

Mountain Bristlebacks are large boars that are found in Southern Elsweyr.


A Nix-Hound

Nix-Hounds are insectile creatures that can be found in Morrowind. They are sometimes kept by the Dunmer as pets.


A Nix-Ox

Nix-Oxen are large insectile creatures that can be found on Vvardenfell. They are kept by the Dunmer as beasts of burden.

Sabre Cat[edit]

A Sabre Cat

Sabre Cats are large felines famous for their long fangs. They thrive in Skyrim.


A senche-tiger
A senche-leopard

Senche are large felines found in Elsweyr and Valenwood. There are many different kinds of senche, including senche-tigers, senche-leopards, senche-panthers and senche-lions.


A Skeever

Skeevers are large rodents found throughout Tamriel.

Terror Bird[edit]

A Terror Bird

Terror Birds are large birds that are found in Elsweyr. They tend to live in large groups, and are carnivores.


A Wolf

Wolves are large canines usually found in wooded areas.


Coral Crab[edit]

A Coral Crab

Coral Crabs are colorful crustaceans found on Summerset.


A Guar

Guar are bipedal reptiles that are kept as pets and livestock. They are found primarily in Morrowind and Black Marsh.


A Gravelclaw

Gravelclaws are gray crustaceans found in Craglorn.

Kwama Scrib[edit]

A Kwama Scrib

Kwama Scribs are small kwama. They are weaker than the other varieties of kwama.

Kwama Worker[edit]

A Kwama Worker

Kwama Workers are kwama that dig for their hives. They are capable of defending themselves if provoked.


A Mudcrab

Mudcrabs are crustaceans found wherever there is water. They're one of the most common creatures in all of Tamriel.


For a more extensive list of non-hostile animals, see Passive Creatures.


A Glyptodon

Glyptodons can be found in Southern Elsweyr. When attacked, they will hide in their shell, but they will not fight back. They yield White Meat when killed.

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