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Kinlady Helenaere
Location Sunhold
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Kinlady Helenaere

Kinlady Helenaere is the Altmer ruler of Sunhold, seeking aid to reclaim it from the Maormer.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

"As kinlady of Sunhold, I implore you to hear my plea.
My city has been overrun by the Maormer, and Admiral Viscarne declares only my death will stop this attack. He hates my family and demands my head, but I know surrender will not save my people."
Why does Viscarne hold a grudge against your family?
"For centuries, Sunhold has been the first line of defense against Maormer raiders. Many of their soldiers have fallen by my family's command. And now, with our fleet gone and soldiers depleted, they've decided to strike.
I need your help."
What do you need me to do?
"Destroy the Maormer's supplies, gathered along the shore. Rescue any citizen you find captured. And free Sunnawel, a gryphon, from capture. She's not only the city's symbol, she's also the best weapon we have at our disposal.
Will you help?"
I'll help save Sunhold from the invading Maormer.
"Khavid and I shall head to the merchant's district. I need to investigate the area and see where the Maormer may be holding Sunhold's nobles prisoner.
Meet me there when you've completed your tasks, and we'll assess the situation."
Can you tell me more about Sunnawel?
"Gryphons have always been our city's symbol. Majestic, strong, fierce. Sunhold is often the first line of defense against invaders, and we need gryphon's strength.
Sunnawel just happens to embody that spirit, as her ancestors did before her.
So Sunhold has a ... pet gryphon?
"Not so much of a pet as a representation of the city's spirit. The ruling family has always kept a tame bloodline of the creatures. Well, tame as a gryphon can be.
I was practically raised alongside Sunnawel. She's like a member of my family."
How can she help us fight against the Maormer?
"Gryphons are fiercely territorial. As soon as she's freed, Sunnawel will hunt down those she perceives as invaders. And as the symbol of Sunhold, she'll also inspire my citizens to keep fighting.
What Sunhold needs is hope, now more than ever."
How did the Maormer invade Sunhold?
"An invasion isn't too unusual for Sunhold, given the city's location. It's why we hold one of the best naval fleets in Summerset. However, most of our ships have been sent to help the war effort.
And now it seems our worst fears have come to life."
Is the whole city captured?
"Yes, though it pains me to admit it. My city burns and my people are in chains.
If only we could turn the tide, we might have a fighting chance to resist this invasion. At least until reinforcements can arrive."
Who is Admiral Viscarne?
"Admiral Viscarne's cunning as a leader is the reason this invasion has been so successful. His death could turn the tide of battle, but he's far too protected to strike against.
It is who calls for my blood, as Kinlady of Sunhold."
Why does Viscarne want you dead in particular?
"As Kinlady, I am the ruler of Sunhold. My death would leave my citizens without a leader to guide them.
Even so, I would quickly give my life, if I thought it would save my city."
But you think the Maormer are lying.
"Only a fool trusts a sea snake. My death is only to sate the Maormer's hatred of those who have triumphed against them. A victory against Summerset.
But as Kinlady, I also cannot hide while my city suffers. We must fight back."
"Thank the Stars you arrived. I thought my life forfeit.
Viscarne was ranting before you came. Burned supplies, released prisoners. A gryphon now roaming the skies, picking off Sea Elves like the rats they are. Tell me, was that your doing?"
I've dealt with the Maormer, just as you asked.
"With Admiral Viscarne dead, now is the time to strike. I shall rally my people and call Sunnawel to my side. We'll form a resistance the likes of which these sea snakes have never known.
Thank you for making this all possible."
"With the Maormer down and Admiral Viscarne defeated, I'm sure my citizens will join together and fight. All we have to do is keep Sunhold standing until help arrives."
Khavid told me where to find you. He's wounded.
"I'm glad he's all right.
To think, not so long ago I argued against opening Summerset's borders. And yet, without the help of newcomers, Sunhold would never have survived. I'll forever be grateful for the deeds you've done today."