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Help a Bosmer find her lost companions within gryphon nesting grounds.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Miranrel
Location(s): Gryphon Aerie, King's Haven Pass Wayshrine
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Rescue Miranrel's companions from the defending Gryphons.

Miranrel and her companions were attacked by gryphons after entering their nesting grounds. She's offered me a reward if I help find her lost friends.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Miranrel.
  2. Find Miranrel's companions within the gryphon nesting grounds.
  3. Talk to Miranrel.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Miranrel[edit]

Talk to Miranrel to start the quest. She can be found south of the Gryphon Aerie, and looks troubled. Upon speaking to her, you will find that she became separated from her companions when traversing the aerie.

"Whoa--hey! What are you doing in this neck of the woods? Not that you don't have the right to be here, that is! It's just, well, a gryphon nesting ground doesn't tend to be the best place for a stroll."
If this place is so dangerous, what are you doing here?
"Me? Why, I just got a little lost, is all. I would have left already, if not for my friends. We were separated, you see, running away from those damn beasts. I'm not much of a fighter, so I'm just hoping they'll make their way out."
I could search for them.
"Really? I have to warn you, the gryphons in there are quite nasty. They'd do anything to protect their nests from invaders. But if you're willing, I'd be mighty grateful. Even pay you for your efforts!"
I'll search the gryphon nesting grounds and find your friends.

After ending your conversation with Miranrel, you will need to head northeast, until you come across Aralem.

Miranrel's Companions[edit]

The corpse of Aralem, surrounded by the Gryphon Fledgelings.

Upon approaching Aralem, a pair of Gryphon Fledgelings will flee further into the aerie, where a white Gryphon will swoop down and defend the nest. Examine the corpse of Aralem to retrieve the Gryphon Egg, and then defeat the Gryphon guarding the centre of the aerie. Afterwards, head to the northwest cliff edge to speak to Gwinolas, who is sheltering behind some jagged rocks.

"I haven't run … that hard … in a long time."
You're safe now. Miranrel is waiting for you by the road.
"That rootarse best still be by the road. She owes me for this!"

Once you have finished speaking to him, you signal him over, to which he stands up and begins to limp away. Then, head west into the cave at the back of the aerie to speak to Ethodan.

"I can't believe I was nearly pecked to death. Nothing is worth this sort of trauma."
You're safe now. Miranrel is waiting for you by the road.
"Oh, I'll go back to Miranrel all right. And give her a piece of my mind! This was all her idea in the first place."

You will then signal Ethodan over, and he will run away from the aerie.

Return to Miranrel[edit]

Now that all of Miranrel's companions have been found, head west to the King's Haven Wayshrine, where you will find Miranrel alongside Ethodan and Gwinolas. Speak to Miranrel.

"Y'ffre be praised, I can't believe you were able to pull that off. You're something else.
And don't worry, Gwinolas told me about Aralem. It's a damn shame he had to die, but at least my other companions are safe."
I found this gryphon egg on Aralem's body.
"You did? Well, I'll be taking that. Wouldn't want it to go to waste, after all.
Thanks again for all you've done. These two would have never been able to make it out, if not for you. This reward isn't much, but it's the best I can do."

The quest can then be completed.

Quest Stages[edit]

Gryphon Grievance
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should look for Miranrel's companions within the gryphon nesting grounds.
Objective: Find Miranrel's Companions: 0/3
☑Finishes quest I found Miranrel's companions. I should return to her and collect my reward.
Objective: Talk to Miranrel