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Retrieve the stolen relics.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: Fort Sphinxmoth — Help the priestess of Mara recover her lost relics.
Quest Giver: Rafora Casca, Marcella Ammianus, Crispinus Platorius
Location(s): Fort Sphinxmoth
Concurrent Quest: Prisoners of the Sphinx
Reward: Mara's Breath
Average Leveled Gold
Bandits attacked a chapel just over the border from Reaper's March. A group of temple guards and their priestess tracked them to the ruins of Fort Sphinxmoth.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Marcella Ammianus outside Fort Sphinxmoth.
  2. Find Mara's Phylactery, Circlet, Dagger and Chalice inside the fort.
  3. Return to Marcella.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

As you approach Fort Sphinxmoth, you meet an Imperial named Rafora Casca who warns you that the road isn't safe. She is tracking a group of thieves who stole from the Temple of Mara just over the border. If you want to help out you can speak to Priestess Marcella.

Continue along the path to the north. Marcella Ammianus is standing to the left of the sky shard, behind the kneeling Tertia Macatus. She says the thieves stole four artifacts: the Chalice of Mara, a circlet, a dagger and a phylactery.

The Phylactery of Mara[edit]

The Phylactery is in the first room you enter in the fort. It is in a trunk on the upper level.

The Circlet of Mara[edit]

The circlet is in the third room. Continue over the wooden bridge to a room full of crates and a note. If you enter the crocodile pit, the room is directly across from you when you open the gate into Fort Sphinxmoth.

The Dagger of Mara[edit]

The dagger is in the tower to the southwest, left of the waterfall. The trunk is behind the stairs in the tower.

The Chalice of Mara[edit]

The Chalice is in a room with a bear pelt. You get to this room by using the lever to the left of the gate with curtains on it. The lever and gate are to the left in the fifth room, the one you enter after leaving the area with the waterfall.

Returning to Marcella Ammianus outside Fort Sphinxmoth completes the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

An Affront to Mara
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Enter Fort Sphinxmoth
Objective: Find Phylactery of Mara
Objective: Find Circlet of Mara
Objective: Find Dagger of Mara
Objective: Find Chalice of Mara
Objective: Exit Fort Sphinxmoth
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