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The Legion of the West Weald are an Imperial Legion from Colovia led by General Lavinia Axius. They have annexed Arenthia Vale in northern Valenwood and settled in the city of Arenthia, and are involved in operations to take over most of the Northern Woods of Reaper's March.


Named Members
General Lavinia (Leader)
Captain Volso
Centurion Gavo
Centurion Oranius
Colonel Festius
Fausta Arius
General Quintilius
Gratidia Arius
Laelius Ahala
Scout Jerae
Sergeant Sanga
Soldier Dinas
Generic Members
Highland Arcanist
Highland Archer
Highland Assassin
Highland Battlemage
Highland Cryomancer
Highland Enforcer
Highland Infantry
Highland Knight
Highland Marauder
Highland Mauler
Highland Mender
Highland Nightblade
Highland Predator
Highland Pyromancer
Highland Ranger
Highland Ravager
Highland Sentry
Highland Soldier
Highland Spellsword
Highland Striker
Highland Vanquisher



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