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This one sees … a shadow. The flash of steel and fell whispers ….
Hmm. Yes, your sign is well known to this one, for it dwells in the hearts of all Khajiit. You have the luck of the Thief…of Baan Dar. You are swift, cunning, and beautiful. Your dance brings wealth and risk.
Just spare this one your touch.
Baandari fortune-telling for those born under the Thief[1]

The Thief (known as the Hunter to the Reachmen)[2] is a constellation of eighteen or seventeen stars and the planet Arkay which is in the night sky during Evening Star.[UOL 1] It is a Guardian constellation, and its charges are the Lover, the Shadow, and the Tower. Those born under the sign of the Thief are thought to take risks and evade harm. Their luck is thought to run out eventually, cutting their lives short.[3]

Nedes who followed the Cult of the Stars modeled their weapons and armor after the constellations. Each part of their armaments was crafted in honor of a different constellation. Daggers and knives were linked to the Thief,"who cometh in ye dark of Evening Star" and "wieldeth the dagger as the surgeon doth his scalpel". Their daggers emulated the Thief's qualities and were linked to the luck and fortune.[4] The gemstones present in the ancient Nedic ornate clothing often referenced the Warrior and the Thief.[5]

The Thief is traditionally associated with Saint Alessia.[6] The Reachmen describe the Hunter as the wiliest of the constellations and as clever as an old fox and swift as a young one. They believe that she watches the Snake in the Stars, finding it no matter where it slithers and that she teaches them to keep their feet quiet and kills as silent as the night. Together with the Witch and the Headsman they are referred to as Reach Guardians.[2]

The constellations are present in ancient Yokudan and Redguard poetry.[7] In one of their songs The Thief "watches through the night."[8]

The Dwemer associate the Thief with the letter a.[9]

According to the Baandari fortune tellers, the Thief is linked to Baan Dar and is associated with swiftness, cunning, beauty, wealth, and risk.[1] The Thief was also believed to "guide ones steps on the road to destiny".[10]

It is said that when the Thief constellation shines brightest, bandits, assassins, and all who favor stealth and shadow breathe a little easier. Some of them were known to hope for this protection every day, invoking the Thief's blessing on their skin.[11]



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